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Should torture be abolished?

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Started: 5/24/2018 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I survived torture, so yes. These are my mind and body, I have the absolute right to choose whether I suffer torture or not. I would rather be dead than be tortured.


Let's say a terrorist killed a whole ton of people and was captured and was linked to an organization that needed to be stopped. They won't get him to crack by tickling him. Now I have no idea what you mean by you got tortured, I do think that torture for small crimes is dumb but it shouldn't be abolished for good. Please explain what you mean by you got tortured?
Debate Round No. 1


Don't play the emotion card with me. I was tortured, and it was cruel nd unsual punishment. This is my mind, my body, and my right to choose. The Constitution speaks against cruel and unsual punishment. Torture is NEVER moral or just, and the fact that you support it says a lot about you. You have used the appeal to emotion fallacy/


Please explain how you were tortured to see if your definition even falls under it. Provide context.
Again, they get the worst of the worst to crack with it.
Take the movie "Central Intelligence" for example. The Rock was tortured via pain and the breaking of bones to try to get him to crack about betraying the nation. In the bloopers, the agent tickled him. Tell me, which one do you think is gonna make a traitor crack?
Once again, please provide context on how you were tortured.
Debate Round No. 2


That's none of your business. I don't have to share that information, now stay on topic. No one should be so phucking miserable, they wish they were dead. The solution to evil is not more evil, it is following Jesus, and He would never torture some one.
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Posted by 32doni32nido32 3 years ago
I 100% agree.
Posted by Im_Intelligent 3 years ago
He is on topic -_- he's asking you because there is a difference between getting tortured, and someone who thinks they got tortured and estrapolate it.

Take for example actually getting raped
Then take the girl who posted a video saying she got raped when her dad yelled at her mom

In other words not actually raped
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