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Should trans gender people be legally recognized as the gender of their preferred gender?

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Started: 5/5/2017 Category: People
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Recently,a problem has been stirring up. People who are partly male/female, or a person who wants to be recognized as Male/Female. But due to complicated reasons transgender people want to be allowed to change the gender they want and they are getting furious due to a few transgender people not allowing to certain toilets. Personally, I feel like they shouldn"t be legally recognized. Firstly, I personally think that people will start to exploit this power. Perverts will try to change their gender to go to places they can"t go. For example, A man turns himself into a woman. This might giving him access to places he cannot go as a man. Secondly, it would be too troublesome. If people become part woman and man, a certain toilets or place have to be made. This could cost lots of money and could be a waste of time. I think they shouldn't be allowed.

(Please Forgive Spelling Mistakes and Grammer Mistakes)


Hello Hyper1453, I am happy to debate this topic with you with no hard feelings over it. I will begin by laying out my thesis, I believe that transgender people should be legally recognized as their identified gender under a couple basic guidelines

A) The recognized gender of any one person cannot be changed until a considerable amount of time has passed
B) The gender that the person wants to identify as must align with the biological "binary" genders
C) The person must get medical approval from a reputable doctor saying they are indeed a transgender
D) The person mustn't have committed any violent crimes before (s)he legally changes their gender

I came up with these conditions off of the top of my head, so my second round debate and forward will be much more organized and clean.
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you Cakerman, I also wish that we will have no hard feelings after this debate. But I would like to considered a few questions.
A) Will countries accept this? And will they go with it? If not what would happen? Not only that, how about passports?

B) How long will it take for countries to accept it? It might take months or years for them to get along with this.

C) Not only that, some people will believe this is abnormal. And this might start a commotion. How will you minimize this?

D) Finally, what if some doctors refuse to change a person to their preferred gender?

Otherwise, it might be too confusing to handle. And also will it be worth time and money to do this?

Note: Please Note that I need this for a project and I want to get some ideas. Don't go full on me. Thank You
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Posted by Hyper1453 3 years ago
Pls no harsh
Posted by Hyper1453 3 years ago
I am going with Pro, but I need more ideas to help with go with it so I went to Con to get answers from the opposition. I believe it should be allowed so I hope there is no offense to you guys.
Posted by Hyper1453 3 years ago
It means alot as this is my first debate.

Posted by all_hail_the_glow_cloud 3 years ago
Getting to use the bathroom/locker room of your choice isn't a "power," it's a right. Cakerman, best of luck in this debate and thank you for sticking up for justice, wish I could vote for you.
Posted by TheUnexaminedLife 3 years ago
Here is a radical idea: gender neutral toilets?!?
Unless they have gender surgery, trans people ought not go into changing rooms of the other sex. Issues like that are usually solved by identifying the person by what they biologically are and have. Someone who has had the surgery is clearly not pretending to be a trans because they are a pervert. It may offend some transgender people to use changing rooms that they don't sexually identify with, but there is a practical reason why they must.
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