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Should vampires really exist?

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Started: 6/29/2018 Category: Religion
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Yes, they should exist in real life. Vampires are immortal and therefore wouldn't die from aging, other natural causes, or even from diseases or viruses. Imagine living forever for billions of years. After becoming a vampire, you'll no longer have to worry about death nor getting injured from most weaponry and such. You'll no longer have to go to hospitals due to regeneration abilities you'd have as a vampire. I really want vampires, their society, culture, tech, etc, like in Seraph of the End/Owari no Seraph franchise . So yes, vampires should exist in real life. >:)


Vampires should not exist. Clearly they would be very lazy non-contributing members of society. They sleep all day (literally) and just hang around all night. (Literally in Humanoid form chillin or bat form from the rafters). They would eventually add to over population since they don't easily die. And if they were folded into civilization for real, I am sure it would be agreed they could not legally kill people so its not like they would reduce the human population. They would have find alternate means to satisfy their hunger. Animals, human blood donors, beet juice, etc.

Plus the anatomy of a vampire is retarded. They are prone to skin cancer with very little exposure. Yeah they have to be able to regenerate because their bodies are actually pretty darn fragile. They act like its the end of the world, heaven forbid a little holy water or garlic touches them. And they are deathly scared of toothpicks and other common household wood products.

Mentally they are not that bright as well. They have the ability to 'compel' but I have never seen it work out so well for them. I have seen several documentaries where the vampire.... with a little brains.. could have outwitted and outlived the humans trying to kill them. But in the end.... they usually end up dead.

Also most Vampires are ugly. Or would be. If you wanna glamorize Vampires and think they will all look like the movie stars you are wrong. Most Vampires (originals look like demons) and bitten converts look like the humans as they were when bitten. Same bald fat ugly size, age, etc. So unless a Vamp attacks Hugh Hefner's Playboy mansion, you are gonna have to settle with middle aged McDonald's fattened stereotypical fatties. Men, women, children.

And just where would they fit into society? What would their contributions to society be?

Vampires is just another bad idea to let into our world. They would be lazy and take up space.

What we need are werewolves. In human form they can work and contribute. Pay taxes. Etc. When in wolf form, they are easily house broken and can be put on a leash or kenneled. They can even fetch a newspaper with proper training.

Just sayin.
Debate Round No. 1


Hollywood makes them out to be things like sparkly beings who suck on blood. Or maybe ancient creatures that have committed heinous crimes against humanity by killing people.

But, humanity kills its own kind as well. They wage wars, steal from each other, create lies and deception for power. Humans hurt each other more than any supernatural being could ever achieve.

"The vampires suck blood. They're gonna kill and/or turn us all into monsters and overpopulate the Earth!" you say.

Well, that's false. For one, they only drink blood because they need it to function. If they didn't they'd shrivel up and die. Stop thinking you humans are the only things that have blood. Plenty of other creatures have blood. What's to say a vampire can't just drink animal blood?

Also, vampires are low-key creatures. They ain't gonna bite people willy-nilly. Because once you bite a human, and they turn, then you're basically it's undead parent.

Do you know, have any idea, how much work and responsibility it takes to raise a child? And what if the vampire bites multiple humans?

Yes, that's right. A hell of a lot more package comes. You gotta teach it what to do, what not to do, how to control their new powers, etc. It's super stressful to say the least.

So, yes, I think they should. Because if they exist, how many other supernatural myths are actually out there. It would explain a lot of weird things.


Did you even read this.... what are you arguing...

If not Hollywood sparkly beings or ancient creatures.. what DO they look like? Do tell... you offer no counter to my argument for NORMAL looking people.

So what if humans kill each other. No doubt. Over dumb reasons too. But you only made another argument for ME why humans should never have access to vampire abilities. It would just get worse.

You quoted me saying something I never said. "The vampires suck blood. They're gonna kill and/or turn us all into monsters and overpopulate the Earth!" you say. Never said that. Implied that sure. But never said that. Should not misquote in a debate.

Did you not read my argument. I feel like you didn't. I didn't say they can only drink blood. In fact I offered solutions.. This is how you quote buddy.. what I said was "They would have find alternate means to satisfy their hunger. Animals, human blood donors, beet juice, etc." So not sure of your point there

How do you know they are low-key. You have zero proof. You don't even know if they exists, what they look like, but you are going to preach to me about their personalities. hahaha... Funny.

Regarding biting multiple humans and raising them..... Not a problem. the only good vampire is a dead one. Call it government run birth control. Every time one is found or made, the humans will send VICE (the Vampire, Immigrant & Criminal Enforcement )team. Put a stake through their heart and call it good.

Are you asking 'if' they exist or stating they 'should' exist. We are not trying to explain weird things. The argument from you is you believe they SHOULD exist. I gave you good reasons why they SHOULD not.
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Posted by straightshooter 3 years ago
Dang. You ARE intelligent. I always thought your handle was more of a joke. NOPE... you are bonified super smart. Thanks for straightening us out. I feel silly now.

But for the record, waaaay before that happens, its likely the humans will figure out a way to conquer space ( and probably time) and will have colonized other planets. Then vamps and wolves could live on unscathed by our suns evil intentions.
Posted by Im_Intelligent 3 years ago
Well you see, i like something you have heard about, its called THE SUN, and four billion years later that baby will be so big and hot the damn crust will probably melt.
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