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Should video games be considered a sport?

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Started: 12/16/2016 Category: Games
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Chess is a sport. It requires strategy, is played worldwide, and is a competitive game. Those same principals can, and are - applied to video games. In my personal opinion, gaming takes much more mental prowess than say chess. You have to learn how your opponents play, you have to practice, and you have to understand the rules of each game - and how each game works. Unlike other sports, such as football, soccer, basketball, and etc. - gaming is not focused on one specific game. There are hundreds upon hundreds of individual games, all with completely different styles and methods of playing. From FPS' to RTS', both that are almost completely unalike - but they all go under the name of 'gaming'.
Although some may not like it, gaming is now the most popular form of entertainment in the United States, going ahead of the movie and music industry. That's quite a feat to accomplish. The difference between movies, television, and music - is that you aren't experiencing something that someone else is doing, but rather - you are the one interacting in a world where everyone is sharing the same experience with you. If we take all of this in, and add in the facts that there are formal teams, holding formal championships, and with monetary stakes and titles at hand, it would be absurd not to say that videogames are a sport. The definition of a sport is: An activity requiring skill or physical prowess and often of a competitive nature, as racing, baseball, tennis, golf, bowling, wrestling, boxing, hunting, fishing, etc. Notice it isn't a sport only by one part of the definition: physical prowess, but video games require skill, and are competitive. Some video games even do require physical prowess.
Regardless of video games being considered a sport or not, Activision"s business venture of one day making such genres of gaming like first person shooters (FPS), strategy games and mass multiplayer online games (MMO) into an ESPN segment for professional video games will not be an easy task. However, in the past decade, many games have created huge competitions in which the winning team or player gains prize money that can add up to millions. For instance, the popular MMO strategy game "League of Legends" has given away $1 million in prize money to last year"s champions in the National League of Legends tournament. Thus, Activision is investing $40 million towards the endorsement and creation of major league gaming on ESPN. Can video game popularity from audiences going to tournaments and tuning in from websites such as YouTube be re-created on TV? Only time will tell.
Video games being considered a sport seems difficult to believe but widespread popularity of the genre may change the public"s perception, especially with Activision"s creation of Major League Gaming. In order for MLG to become a national sensation, Activision is going to have to reach an audience other than the spectrum of young players who have created the initial market for professional gamers. If the government defines the people participating in esports as professional athletes, this should be the definitive answer that esports are truly a sport. While esports may not fall under the traditional definition, esports have so many similarities to traditional sports that they might as well be defined as such.


Pro has plagiarized virtually their entire debate from the following two sources:

As such, he has not presented any arguments of his own. I feel no need to do so myself. Vote Con.
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Posted by johnvella 8 months ago
in this scenerio my vote is to be cons
Posted by johnvella 8 months ago
As such, he has not presented any arguments of his own. I feel no need to do so myself. Vote Con.
Posted by WithAllDueRepsect 1 year ago
Well I would not underestimate the mental prowess that chess requires. On the other hand I also think that some games could and later in the future will be considered as sport, even though calling the genre e-sport seems to be much more fitting. Playing professionally League of Legends for example requires a great deal of skills and practice. The performance presented by those professionals is really an outstanding example of mental and on a certain level physical prowess (good hand eye coordination, rapid movements with the mouse has a physical component small it may be). It is not by mistake that competitive gaming became a phenomenon with increasing prize pools and popularity. But right now it is still fitting to consider them apart from traditional sports in my opinion.

Copying is not cool though, I have to join the others before me. Put in some work and formulate the ideas with your own words even if you can find a formulation that explains the same ideas you have in mind. If you don't do that you cannot expect your opponent to do so either.
Posted by Dirty-Morgs 1 year ago
You are one of those "cod athletes" bird man warned me about.
Posted by RussellMania741 1 year ago
If I wrote a paper like this and I handed it to my teacher, I would consider myself lucky if I recieved just an F on the paper. My teacher would call this plagiarism. My college professor was willing to work with you, but she said if see ever caught someone that just copied and paste something off the Internet, then see would flunk them.

This is my advice: pick a debate or topic that you know a lot about, then Write everything in your own words.

I don't believe video games is a sport. If that's the case, then Pokemon Go should also be a sport. You also have games like magic the Gathering. A lot of people they this game, but it is not a sport. We also have Texas Holdem. More people watch Texas Holdem on ESPN.

Do you notice something different about my argument; I wrote these ideas from scratch. If you had to coly and paste this yourself, you probably don't even believe video games is a sport. I started a debate (Iphone is better then android.), I didnt need to do any copy N paste
Posted by sboss18 1 year ago
It's not your opinion, it's other peoples' opinions. You did not formulate an original argument. Yes it DOES have to be in your own words, unless you properly cite your sources and use quotes. You can take ideas from other places, but your thoughts and words should generally be your own. So no, I don't feel I had an obligation to post a counter-argument since there was no original argument to counter.
Posted by xNodensTheGreatx 1 year ago
oh OK... i had the definition of plagiarism wrong in my head then... sorry

but my debate is things that show my opinion. nobody said it had to be my words. so the least you could have done is said your opinion.
Posted by sboss18 1 year ago
Plagiarism - "the practice of taking someone else's work or ideas and passing them off as one's own."

I did a 10-second Google search of your post, that is all.
Posted by MakeSensePeopleDont 1 year ago
@xNodensTheGreatx -- You are not defining "Sport" correctly. Sport does not require physical OR skill based activity. Sport requires physical AND skill based activity. Also, those guys that are playing in professional gaming leagues don't have to learn a bunch of different games. They have their one, two, maybe three games that they specialize in and that's all they focus on. Professionals actually have contracts now that legally limit them to specifics games, on specific consoles, on only specific teams, and even restricts the type of character they can use, as well as the specific tactics they are and are not allowed to use. Within their specialty game, and specialty character type, and specialty play style; leagues only use a handful of maps, sometimes even 1 map; this is done to emphasize skill and and competitiveness. So none of what you said is at all how it really is bro. You should probably do a bit more research on your topic before debating it.
Posted by xNodensTheGreatx 1 year ago
OK, I copy pasted from other debates of the same subject.... they are not copyrighted material, therefore no knowing plagiarism

also how would you even know about those websites...?
do you have a bot or something?
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro clearly plagiarized the argument and therefore has violated several ethical codes, and by default con wins the debate.