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Should voting be mandatory

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Started: 1/21/2018 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Voting is done to elect the governement and govt is for people if more people vote it will be their benefit so voting must be compulsory.


Voting should never be compulsory! Encouraged? Of course. Forced? Never! When a government forces its citizens to vote you see the first step towards autocratic rule, where a dictator becomes the only name on the ballot and every citizen in your utopia is forced to vote for him. It is through this method that rulers such as Kim Il Sung and his son have stayed in power. Instead of the populous being able to show that he is a sham governor they are forced to give his regime legitimacy.
Debate Round No. 1


What if all the people in your country dont vote or what if there are people who dont even bother to look what is happenning in their country and just sit idly looking forward that they will accept the decision that others are going to take......If voting s mandatory and strict actions have been taken against those ho dont vote it will make a proper government and there wiull be no one blaming the government. There are people who dont even know how to play crickert but say that Kolhli should have rotated the strike or he must not have bowled this way. This situation is the same as seen , There are people who dont even vote and then blame the government for bringing wrong or irrelevent schemes. Therefore looking forward for voting being made compulsory is for the benefit of people.


OK, you brought up cricket so I'll develop the metaphor. I have no interest in cricket, only played it in my imagination, I don't know the rules, I am uninformed about it and I have no interest in being a referee in a match. What you are proposing is that I should be the referee to "kohli" but not only that, but that I MUST be the referee.

Many of my friends could list a millions things they find more interesting than politics or governance. However you want to destroy their rights, strip them of their right to freedom, you want to force them to judge who should be running their country when they have no idea.

I don't know who or what kohli is therefore I should not be the one to decide whether he/she/it should be the cricket player of the year. I am more than happy to "accept the decision that others make" with regard to cricket player of the year, or who should win the balon d'or because I am ignorant in those fields. To force me to vote in either of these situations takes away from the real meaning of the contest, because I've no idea what I'm talking about.

You stated that there would be "no blaming the government" if everyone voted? So I'll ask you this, if everyone in America voted in 2016 and Hillary won, do you think that NO Trump supporter would criticize the policies of the democrats?

As I've said, people will blame and rebuke the government for anything, nowadays blaming the government is an easy way to deflect blame away from oneself, however criticising the government is crucial for the safe continuation of the government as an entity.

Finally I'd ask you, is forcing me to decide if kohli or joli or poli should have rotated the strike really the most fair, to me and to kohli but also the morally right thing to do? I think not.

To force one to vote is the first step to dictatorship and is morally unacceptable.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by Lookingatissues 3 years ago
Voting for our representatives who will determine how the country functions shouldn't be left to those who can't even manage their own lives nor provide for themselves and their families but who depend on politicians who are more than willing to buy votes using the responsible working citizens taxes to furnish welfare to buy votes.
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