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Should we Obligate big companies to donate to poor countries (for health and education)

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Started: 2/9/2018 Category: Economics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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t first the idea seems highly logical, after all big companies that mainly operate in the western world are obviously much richer than then many poor countries and it wouldnt take them a large amount of their resources to greatly help those countries in the long term, however this argument only works if you assume that donating would cause the country's economy to benefit in the long term and stay richer than they were, this is not always the case:

take north korea as an obvious example, we can see a clear difference that happened over time between it's economy and the economy of it's neighbor... and simply throwing more money at it wont stabilize their economy or make everything better... because what's broken is the system itself.

in conclusion i would say that in most cases throwing money at the problem like you suggest wont solve anything.
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Big companies don't owe them anything. There is always a reason why poor countries are poor in the first place. They probably wasted money on something usless, instead of using it on education, hospitals...


you are oversimplifying the problem, countries become poor/rich for many many more reasons than that... for example the economic system that is used, the distribution of wealth, natural resources, etc... that was my entire point, just donating to the country isn't gonna solve the root of the problem and is only of temporary help if any.
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Posted by WOLF.J 2 years ago
at first I thought it read obliterate big companies!, but anyways I don't think companies, whether big or small, HAVE to donate, its not illegal not to, so why do it if the number one goal of a company is profitability. Sure you can have your CSRs and PR, but making it a legal requirement is financially unsustainable.
Posted by Surgeon 2 years ago
No. To oblige such an action is immoral in and of itself. Whatever the respective morality of the intentions, the proposal advocates taking wealth by threat of force from one sector / firm / economy / society / country and allocating it arbitrarily to a different sector / firm / economy / society / country. If this is done on a voluntaristic basis by the company"s shareholders then that is for their conscious and not for non shareholders to interfere with. But to compel it is legalized theft.
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