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Should we ReColonize Africa or at least reconsider doing it? (Minus Slavery of course)

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Started: 9/15/2017 Category: Society
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Why the hell would you want to Re colonize Africa?! You might ask , well I have a simple idea which works like this currently much of Africa is starving and dieing of disease , they don't come as well along as we Westerners do , Africa looks pretty similar as it did 500 years ago (Not really I know but hear me out) They still have lots of tribes and tribal disputes in Politics , "democratic" is not what I would describe an average African Country as they usually abuse their powers.

Now I don't mean certain things with "Re colonizing Africa" what my main idea is that the Africans could certain give up their country so that we could improve their situation and make them or at least help them to become close to something what is similar to a Western Society obviously it would take bit of a Decade to get it all working since yeah you can't just simply take over a country and start building roads here and here and all the problems are gone.

People obviously want to help other people , and I just thought why bring them to our country and etc when we can go to theirs and help them so they can stay there and enjoy our type lives under our government or a type of Colonial government.


I want to leave this first argument short and sweet.

It sounds like what you're saying is you want the US to handle this. Here is why your plan won't work:

Hedgemonic transition periods have been known to be the most destabilizing, meaning, handing this over to the US would be almost impossible to do in an orderly fashion.

The US has enough on it's plate and in what world do you think Trump would want to handle something like this? After everything we're dealing with do you think we have to time to even consider RECOLONIZING Africa? I think not. Maybe make some minor adjustments to help those in need but if you want to do that, You should be handing this problem over to something like the UN but definitely not the US.
Debate Round No. 1


I didn't really see any negative reasons from you're argument as to why we couldn't "take them over" + I wasn't thinking about the US but mainly about Europe but the UN could actually be even better (I think) at doing that.

Obviously one single country couldn't be capable of just taking over a country and help them build up that's obvious, but if the UN or Europe could help the divided African countries it would be great in my opinion as mentioned in my previous argument.

I could go even more into the depth about the main issues about Africa , for example its democracy where mostly "elected" Ministers or Presidents use their power to sometimes help their own Tribe cause yeah Africa has tribes but that's not the main point I'm here for , I'm here to find out what con arguments there are as to NOT Colonize Africa again.



I DID explain why it wouldn't work, that was like, half my argument.

You cannot take my idea on the UN, because that is my counter plan which brings me to the next point.

I have a counter plan and all I have to do is prove that yours won't work, or offer a better solution.

I don't think all of Europe would agree on this topic.

You also agreed saying the UN would be good so let's leave it at that. My solution is better, I win case closed. Unless... you want to take BACK what you said???
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Posted by Debating_Horse 2 years ago
I think that would be unnecessary. Just leave the continent alone and let the people their take care of their own affairs while you and others stay concerned about yourselves.
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