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Should we allow schools to install security cameras in classrooms?

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Started: 4/6/2017 Category: Education
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Security cameras in schools are in direct violation of the human rights declaration by the United Nations. Article twelve of the Human Rights states one of the human rights as "Freedom from Interference with Privacy, Family, Home and Correspondence." Privacy is the point that is being directly violated. Should we allow kids to feel like they are always being watched? How would you like it if someone could video tape everything you do and post it on social media and embarrass students and allow teachers and students the feeling that they are always being judged on how they think and act. Could we allow children and teachers to feel this vulnerable?


Let me begin by saying that I respect and understand your opinion. However, security cameras in classrooms could minimize bullying and potential threats to a school. If there is a student being harassed inside a classroom, the teacher is not always around to see it or notice it, but the camera will always be there. If this was the case, all the principal would have to do is look at the tape and see what was going on, and then punish the bully. Another good thing about having cameras in the classroom is to hold the teacher accountable. I have encountered many situations where the teacher has treated a student unfairly, but the principal will go off of the teacher’s word before the student involved. This should not be the case in any situation. With the help of the cameras that were installed, once again the principal would just have to take one look and prove that the teacher is guilty.

We have cameras in restaurants, streets, and banks, along with many other places. Should we take away these cameras? Absolutely not because it adds safety to each place. A school is no different. These students are not going to have their actions posted on social media because anyone that has access to this film does not want to embarrass the child or the teacher that is being filmed. Another topic that you brought up is the student or teacher being judged for how they think and act. The cameras that are placed into schools are not for that reason. Cameras are placed in schools for the safety of the students and the faculty. School is meant for students to learn how they think and how they act around people, so there is not judgement from anyone who was to watch the video off of the camera.

Let's contemplate a situation that happens quite often in schools. There is a student that tells and shows another student that they have a knife or a gun on them If there were cameras in the room that the students were in, the cameras could prove that this event happened rather than going solely off of what another student said.
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Posted by LikaRecovery 3 years ago
I agree with Pro on the argument. I believe that schools should install camera's i n their classrooms because I come from that background. When I was younger my teacher once said, "If their were a camera in this room, would you be proud of your behavior". The quote from my teacher showed that she was against the behavior of the bullies and stereotypes that I was surrounded by. Although the usage of camera's is violation of privacy it allows the teachers to know which students are paying attention.

Lets use my scenario:
Say a teacher is not paying to much attention to one side of the class and on the other side there is some trouble. I know that there are some students with integrity, but it isn't a gift that everyone has. So what can student do if there is no proof the lesser classroom behavior
Posted by Fabersara 3 years ago
One more thing in favor of Con's view: If Pro is referring to the cameras in Public Schools, the cameras are not violating their privacy. (Note: PUBLIC schools are PUBLIC areas.)
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