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Should we allow the use of Artificial Intelligence for military purposes?

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Started: 11/2/2015 Category: Technology
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Note: This is not an acceptance round, the reason it is larger is to allow for the debate to encompass every thought and argument. This is a philosophical debate that can bring in many arguments.

The reason why I believe Artificial Intelligence is perfect for the army is due to many different factors. We live in an age now where it is possible to have a fully autonomous self driving car, at the moment only as an autopilot software update. Many of our devices also use Artificial Intelligence such as the Siri software on our iPhone and iPads.

Now it is time to realize that the ideas that Artificial Intelligence is bad militarily are false and prejudged. If anything the idea of AI soldiers can be the best reason for defense we have ever thought of. Right now there are predator drones flying all over the USA and Yemen who are trying to stop terrorism and keep our borders safe.

Artificial Intelligence doesn't have to have emotions, the idea of the self-driving car can easily be applied to a self-patrolling drones. Right now, we have hired military staff who are controlling the drones from bases. If anything we can imagine we are actually vulnerable due to the fact that we have computers that are directly controlling these drones. All computerized and can be used for very dangerous things, such as hacking into Las Vegas internet networks (

However with a fully autonomous Artificial Intelligence based drone that might not be the problem at all! You see Artificial Intelligence doesn't exactly rely on the internet so much as a series of sensors and satellites. Satellites that are programmed to specifically circumnavigate the earth in order to collect information based on where streets and roads cross ( same satellites have also been used to find Osama Bin Laden were all from space.

A very important point that needs to be told is the fact that the Artificial Intelligence of a GPS satellite does not function on wifi, it mainly functions on radio waves that are traveling at 300,000,000 meters per second. So it is completely hacker proof ( You see radio waves do not have the same frequency as wifi waves. While Wifi waves operate on an even higher frequency then UHF level( 300-3000 MHz), Radio signals from a GPS satellite only operate on the VHF level of frequency between 30-300 MHz.

What we would be doing with this is going back to the old days of the 1940's when people used to use radio waves in order to contact one another.As for the Enigma Code hacking though, that was the only time in history where a code was hacked against the Nazis and that was all on very basic forms of computers.

Although I have got off point for a second, I only did that in order to have my opponent and audience understand the dynamics of what kind of software Artificial Intelligence is dealing with. It is not the same as the Wifi Links which we all love to think.

My next point is explain how Artificial Intelligence works. Artificial Intelligence is basically a very organized pattern of sensors and logic controls that are used in order to simulate a human mind. For Siri, we like to have Siri speak to us in a certain manner but what people don't notice is that Siri actually only has a few commands EG "Siri, search for table on google". But for most things we say Siri is actually quite useless and does not fully understand or accidentally mistakes another word. As for the "Siri will you marry" phrase those are just joke commands specifically for light hearted humor.I'd like to also point out that one of the simplest forms of Artificial Intelligence is the spelling check right on your phone and computer, we have all wrote the phrase "I'm so ducking mad" before. So what the point I'm trying to make is, yes Artificial Intelligence is similar to a human being but it is still completely the same thing as a machine. Artificial Intelligence has no means in order to think or feel emotions that are not specific to it's design. We shouldn't be worried if robots think because they can't for themselves in a million years.

As for Geopolitics, the two main countries that we fear most of getting this technology militarily, China and Russia, are actually not as bad of enemies as we like to think. China has no interest in destroying America and neither does Russia. Russia has many of it's own issues with the depleting birth rate and economy. What Putin wants to do is recreate Russia to where it was in the Russian Empire and that's it.

And as for China, why would China want to destroy one of it's best customers? That would be like a restaurant owner stabbing his customer to death. The only people who have to worry about having a war with them is the United States for having this aggressive foreign policy of where we have to defend Ukraine or we have to defend Japan, who wants it's own military.


The reason I took up this debate is not to argue that Military apparatus should operate itself, :

by suggesting that the Device is Intelligent, indicates it makes it's own decisions, which could impair it's function efficiency.

A device controlling itself, based on intelligence (the topic of discussion) indicates that it thereby forgoes another function to proceed with a new procedure.
Missed data, tricking machines, and incredible lapses in errors and bugs would make the process ridiculously perilous, and in the mean while... for no really good reason.

The devices can simply be coded to do what they are supposed to do. there is no excuse for intelligence in military application.

Am I against AI, no. in fact I encourage it. Do I think it has a valid application: No.
anything resembling AI that has actual applications, can simply Not be AI and be 100% as effective as AI.

thank you.
Debate Round No. 1


Well I'd like to first thank my opponent for a serious debate but now let's begin!

Missing data is something you don't have to worry about at all, there is something already similar enough to what I'm talking about. I'd like to talk a bit about the Israeli defense weapon known as the Iron Dome. A mobile missile defense system that has a missile tracking radar ( The radar senses a heat emitting device that is traveling at a certain speed, the Iron Dome calculates exactly when to shoot off a rocket that can have it explode in mid air. This is a clear example of Artificial Intelligence that is used in order to defend citizens from constant rocket attacks from Hamas.

Artificial Intelligence does not think for itself mainly because it is not intelligent in a human form, all Artificial intelligence is, is a combination of sensors that are able to activate a series of motors. Think of Artificial Intelligence like the sensors equivalent to a large factory of motors and PLC's. In a factory such as Coca Cola, for example, PLC's (Programmable Logic Controls) can create a program that times a motor to be able to put a certain amount of chemicals into a solution which then creates the product of coca cola. What Coca Cola basically does is drives a conveyor belt through a series of timed motors. Now apply that combination to sensors and that's what you have is Artificial Intelligence.

The idea of Artificial Intelligence is to match the senses of the human body not the brain.The body has 5 senses, hearing, taste,touch, sight and smell. All Artificial intelligence does is tries to copy those senses into a fully designed body. A great example of this kind of complicated Artificial Intelligence is the Google Self Driving car.

So now the next reason why we need Artificial Intelligence in the military is due to the dwindling numbers of people actually joining the military. The US army has been noticing a decline in popularity due to the senseless wars and the way we treat our veterans. If we don't have an army of people then why not an army of AI Automated robots ready to defend us from ISIS?

Artificial Intelligence is a constantly researched and growing field that will only get better overtime. By 2020 Elon Musk expects that there will be 10,000,000 self driving cars on the road, so once the AI mode is mastered the next step will be to put it to the next level of defending us. If you don't want to fight and die for your rights then why not have a robot do it for you?


I argue my opponent doe snot know what AI is.

The Iron Dome is not a valid example of AI and thus I have concluded that all his reflections on the topic are ill-placed.

If however you wish to debate that the Iron Dome is a valid example of AI, well then I would forfeit upfront.

regardless. I stipulate that AI does not account for objects which do not make decisions. The Iron dome does not decide what it shoots at. It shoot when it detects what it was programmed to shoot in the manner it was programmed to do so. It doesn't take into account all the information and decide what Losses Are Acceptable debris, damages and causality.
Debate Round No. 2


I argue my opponent is an idiot who is only forfeiting because he has no argument anymore clearly the Iron Dome is an example as you can see here in this article ( In the article it even gives the example of the Iron Dome:

"This is a timely symposium for AISB 50 as the issues concerning these weapons have been dramatically highlighted by the international community in 2013. Some states already use a number of automated weapon systems that intercept high-speed inanimate objects such as incoming missiles, artillery shells, mortar grenades or saturation attacks on their own. Examples include C-RAM, Phalanx, NBS Mantis and Iron Dome. "

So please do not believe anything he says, he is just a moron who has no credibility to what it is. All he can do is just throw insults like a little girl.


My opponent has taken it upon himself to request that you do not listen to me.

So I will make it very clear.

Computer guided Rocket system, Anti-air and all other forms of technology used in the Military currently and in the foreseeable future are not AI.
The Computer does not decide ~ It is not intelligent.

The computer code has a button. Like a link on a computer screen. When the missile crosses the radar, that button is pressed: as though it was not recognized as a neutral or allied unit by the Launch team at the takeoff site. or by the team managing this so called "intelligent device".

the device did not do anything special or resembling intelligence, it was activated by at the click of a digital button.

As you can see. My opponent has a poor understanding of his side of the debate. The computer does not demonstrate intelligence in any manner. My argument was that, "AI has no place in the military", the fact that my opponent's examples are not AI, remains redundant.
Debate Round No. 3


danonspark21 forfeited this round.


lets begin voting. to see whether we agree about the definition of Artificial Intelligence.

The Debate was based on discrepancies between what qualified for AI.
so please lets note... the real winner was whomever was right about that.

and see what people think.

Thank you Pro. audience. :)
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by danonspark21 2 years ago
Worthless and pathetic, my opponent can not even bring up any evidence to back his argument up. He's an arrogant and worthless piece of crap who can not do anything more then just insult his opponent
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