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Should we ban cyclists from using the roads?

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Started: 6/15/2014 Category: Society
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Now this is a big topic in the whole of Australia and maybe even America. Should we ban cyclists from riding on the roads.

Firstly, no I don't think we should. We don't have the right to say "oh cyclists should be banned" and stuff like that because if anything, we as people in cars are causing most of the catastrophe. The show "Today Tonight" on the seven network of Australia recently did a news story about the relationship between cyclists and cars and they took the story to police and the police say the the cars are at fault not the cyclists. Now I'm not saying that cyclists are perfect sure there are some flaws in the "cycling etiquette" but not as many as Perth drivers are making. I leave with that.


First of all, cars are not causing most of the catastrophe: as long as cyclists stay to their lane (which the majority do not), it would be fine - then cars could actually overtake them.

Secondly, cyclists are tax-dodgers. They cause a lot of havoc and at the same time do this at no cost. Cyclists pay no road tax and if you think they shouldn't because they are helping the environment, they are not because there is not enough of them - In my opinion, It think that there will never come a time when all people will suddenly stop driving and opt for bikes.

If people are cycling for exercise, it is much easier to buy a cycling machine and drive instead. My last point is that if they cannot drive, take a bus instead!
Debate Round No. 1


Firstly "road tax" does not exist. The tax your looking for is "vehicle excise" tax. This tax is only eligible for motorists and drivers because the tax is calculated on emissions created. Because a bike creates no emissions it is not liable for the tax. Secondly, the money from vehicle excise tax does not go directly to roads. As we all should know and I don't know how you don't know but Cyclists and everyone else in the country pays council and income tax which pays for public services like Roads. Also study finds that %87 cyclists drive their cars regularly which means that they pay vehicle excise tax as well.

Secondly, if we were to ban cyclists on roads where would they go. I'm not sure if you this but riding on footpaths is illegal since I think the 1980s, and there simply is not other place for them to ride other than bike paths but they don't go everywhere.


I surrender
Debate Round No. 2


Well uuuum GG


joshbike10 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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