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Should we ban guns?

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Started: 3/7/2018 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Clearly, we can not ban guns! There was an assault weapons ban from 1994 to 2004. Did you see a decrease in school shootings? No, because there was not, there was no decrease or increase in school shootings. We can not and will not ban semi-automatic weapons because people fist off do not know what that even means! They are any firearm which you push the trigger one time to shoot one bullet then click the trigger again. This would be almost all pistols, hunting rifles, and other rifles! Many statistics show we need perfect background checks everywhere, I personally believe in a 30 day waiting period, and no mentally deranged people having firearms! When people are afraid, they give up their rights! We are afraid of the shooting so we give up our rights for protection!?


There are better ways to defend yourself Guns are a plague in the USA, i believe that they are completely wrong. The fact that i can walk into a gun shop and buy a weapon that really belongs in the army for under $1000 is complete nonsense. One of the arguments I'm hearing is this "guns don't kill people, people kill people" this is true, HOWEVER, having a gun makes it very, very easy to do so, if your assailant has a knife or club, you can at least run or reach for something to hit back with, also any injuries sustained will be relatively minor compared with a gunshot wound, it is easier and CHEAPER, to simply get some basic self defense classes, which educate you on how to defend yourself and those around you, and it is NEVER out of your reach.

Think of it this way:
an assailant enters my house with a gun, i reach for my gun and shoot him, i am left with the emotional and psychological trauma that will potentially scar me for LIFE


if an assailant enters my house with a knife/bludgeoning weapon, i can (with some very BASIC training) incapacitate him/her, call the police and ask them to make an arrest, i have not wasted a life, i don't have to live with severe mental trauma.

Ban the guns, stop the crimes
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Debate Round No. 1


I appreciate your opinion, and will try to break down my proposals/interpretations for you! First of all, I would say that guns are the best way to defend yourself in your home. if someone comes into your house a knife would not be as suitable as a pistol or other weapon. Next, when you say that you can walk into a store and purchase a firearm for under 1000 that belongs in the military is false. No military style or caliber weapons are legal in the USA. You may hear that an AR like the AR-15 is a military grade weapon but this is completely false. It is a sort of branch off of the M4 which is a MUUUCH more deadly weapon and was used in the military! Just because it is associated with this firearm does not give it all of its capabilities, for example, the M4 is fully automatic! I do agree with strengthening (because there are) background checks, a waiting period (which there is), and most importantly keeping weapons out of the hands of dangerous and/or mentally deranged people. You pointed out that some say people kill people, not guns which are true but the evil in people will not go away because of their access to guns. They will use other weapons! I would like to point output that if someone has a knife, or a bat, or something of this nature, even with proper training it will be very difficult to stop them with only your fists! There was an assault weapons ban from 1994 to 2004 and school shooting and other gun crimes did not decrease at all because the weapons are majorly not attained legally! This is exactly why your example is inaccurate! Just because you ban the gun legally does not mean it won't be used! They were banned, and used, no difference applied. Also if we ban guns in these United States our violent crime will go through the roof: rape, stabbings, muggings! This was clearly shown in England, other countries in Europe, and Australia! There is statistical evidence to show that when the assault weapons were illegal they were not used less! (1994-2004) There is statistical evidence to show that when banning these firearms violent crime goes through the roof! There is nothing (quite the opposite) showing that banning guns will keep us safer! The CDC estimates from a minimum of 500,000 - UPWARDS of 3,000,000 people saved every year because of guns. Yes, 12-16 thousand people die because of them, but is someone stabbed, or killed in another way less important? More people are saved than killed! Banning guns will do nothing because people are evil. They don't care if its legal or illegal they want it. And whether they are killed by knife or gun does not change that fact that they are gone! So us banning guns would keep us less safe, and raise violent crime, and then on top of that, we couldn't defend ourselves from violent crime. In the Southerland Springs shooting in Texas, there was a shooter in a church! A man who worked I believe for the NRA (worked or something like that) lived close and heard about the shots! He turned back into his house, opened his safe and pulled out his AR-15! He killed the shooter and saved who knows how many people! Saying that he shouldn't have had to save anyone if the man had not had the weapon is clearly outrageous because I believe he got it illegally, and even if he didn't: if he couldn't get it legally he WOULD have gotten in illegally! We cant stop the hate, and the evil in people, so we must protect ourselves! We must stand strong, we must stand courageously, but most importantly, we must stand united!


If you asked for my personal solution, I would answer, "Get rid of them completely." But I"m also a realist. I understand that will not happen. There are too many exceptions" police, military, etc."to make that a reality.But wait, if guns are allowed, almost anybody can access to it, including the BAD guys, so not only the good guys would have a gun, so you decide, which would be more dangerous threat? A robber holding a knife? or a Robber holding a gun? By the way, I knew you are about to say in order to get guns, they have to check your criminal record. But most of the robbers would have no criminal record before they did the crime or steal the guns from innocent owners. I"m also aware that guns are but one piece of a much bigger puzzle we have to figure out. The violence that is rampant in our society has numerous issues behind it, such as mentalhealth and economic issues.

Well, my opponent said that "Guns don"t kill people, people kill people." Technically, that is true. But when those guns get in the hands of people with mental-health issues and criminals, people who feel hopeless, or people who are numbed to violence for a vast number of reasons"our media included"we have a major problem. And we have tragedies here in the United States such as Columbine, Aurora, and Newtown, among others.
Debate Round No. 2


I understand your opinion, and I understand where you are coming from! One thing I would like to point out is that your example with the robber is completely unreal! If we ban guns in all, or even just assault rifles, the robber wouldn't come in with a knife. You pointed it out yourself, they are evil, maybe they have mental health issues, or maybe economic issues so they will not stop. They will get the guns illegally!

I was speaking with someone the other day and they said look at some countries in Europe; they have very little gun crime rate, they don't own many guns, and for a long time they haven't! While this is true, first of all, America is not Europe. Mainly through their violent crime rate, spiked and is very high for their population! Terrible crimes, stabbings, muggings all take place at an exponential rate. So yes, while they might not get shot they still die at a very high rate.

I understand that people with guns kill people, but people with guns save more people than kill! CDC statistics showed that from 300,000 to upwards of 3,000,000 people are saved per year because of guns! It is a terrible thing that people use guns to murder innocent people, but just because we are afraid, or mad, or scared does not mean we give up our rights! There is proof that we can live in a society with our gun laws and not have many casualties! In Switzerland, up till about 40 years ago, every man was required to have an automatic weapon! Now it is only if you want one! They have many guns, but also very powerful weapons! Therefore we can live with guns and be safe, but the other way around; living without guns and being safe is truly just not true! If you took away those 3 million peoples guns they couldn't have protected themselves, and not from other guns, but from violent crime!

Lastly, I would mainly like to point out that 84% of gun murders are with illegal guns in gangs! 95% of gun murders are with pistols! 90% of black people killed by guns are killed by other black people. 70% of white people killed by guns are killed by other white people. The police killing you is the same chance as being struck by lightning! We do not have a gun problem, we have a people problem! We shouldn't give up our right to protect ourselves! No, you cant protect yourself with a dagger you got at Dick's! You can not assume that because something is illegal people will not do it! If we ban guns, it's not like you no longer have your gun and the robber doesn't either. They are willing to go to drastic measures to kill, or to steal! Us giving up our protection would only make it so much easier! If you think about the situation logically it makes sense! We are law-abiding citizens who might need a gun in some case to protect ourselves. But taking an advantage or at least chance away from yourself does not take it away from your enemy! Life is not something which should be left up to chance! We must protect ourselves because if we don't, nobody else will. (I understand you are looking at this like a fair situation. If I get my gun taken so will the robber. No, he won't.)
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by soanm 3 years ago
Americans use their gun protection like stupid idiots so they should ban it
Posted by DessieTheNessie 3 years ago
It's not the guns fault, it's the persons fault. When someone kills someone by running them over you think the person, not the car. So shouldn't it be the owner of the gun? Plus most of the time when bad people get guns they get it illegally so how is banning guns going to stop them?
Posted by DebateAllTheWay 3 years ago
Con is a bit messy/clumped, but I like his arguments. Pro has to counter the evidence Con presented.
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