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Should we create clones of extinct animals?

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Started: 11/16/2016 Category: Science
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I believe so because We can bring them back for what us as humans have done.


I don't think we sholuld do this for example we clone a wolly mamoth then what where do we put it wecan't put it in africa and india where elephants are it is way to hot and humind where will we put it and think about the cost and the research of clone an extinct animmal. we can't have ice age animmals in in the weather there is now a days and as for humans creating there extinction it was mostly due to the ice age ending and glaciers melting and flooding for example the greate lakes used to a be glaciers.
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Posted by kylet357 2 years ago
I think for the reason of getting more accurate information in terms evolutionary placement of organisms, it would be a great opportunity. Imagine the ability to finally sequence the DNA of an ancient dinosaur, or an older aquatic animals. Sequencing older hominids would allow us to see exactly which hominid species were on our ancestral line would be incredible. We might be able to tell how life was started if we could clone animals that are extinct today. We might even be able to slightly reverse animal endangerment, as well as limit it.

I don't think we should start raising entire populations of course. For the animals that went extinct due to natural events, they were naturally selected against. Just as Dr. Malcolm in Jurassic Park said "[They] had their shot, and nature selected them for extinction." But maybe animals that were wiped out due to human activity, such as the Dodo, could be brought back.

However, there is a flip side. It would be quite interesting to see how these animals would be in a modern world. How they would survive, seeing how they acted in the wild, etc. Imagine being able to actually watch live raptors and seeing how they behave.
Posted by TheBenC 2 years ago
Animals are extinct for a reason. That reason is they are not suitable to the modern world. Leave them alone instead of giving them the tortured life of the modern age.
Posted by JoeDaJoe 2 years ago
I belive that if we do, we can bring back, the log extinct, berinie sanders' life in about 2 days
Posted by straightup.gong 2 years ago
Jurassic Park
Posted by acmanjr 2 years ago
i agree we should. within safe permitters. we should start simple with things that don't have a possibility of killing us right away. we should also respect nature in some aspect and keep the in a large area that would be somewhat natural so that we don't disturb things to much.
Posted by madness 2 years ago
You would never release a mammoth back into the wild, but if you did it would go in Antarctica. Whoever managed to clone a mammoth, would win a noble prize. It would e a testament to human advancement.
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