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Should we deport illegal immigrants? (Not just from Mexico)

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Started: 2/1/2018 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Yes. I believe that we should deport illegal immigrants from the United States. For starters, many of the people that move illegal to the United States are unskilled and illiterate. Some illegal immigrants can also be dangerous criminals escaping from their country of origin to the United States. Though the process for gaining citizenship is rigorous, it should be enforced, as it improves the nation as a whole. Due to their lack of skill, many illegal immigrants are poor and cannot take up jobs to support themselves. In response to this, many are forced to go to food kitchens or use food stamps. The increase of food stamps and the food in food kitchens has resulted in the government raising the taxes of legal immigrants (aka. citizens), and families that have been living in and supporting the country for generations. I am not against immigrants moving to the United States, but they must be able to contribute to society. If we allow people to go around breaking the laws that has held this country together for generations, whats stopping people from breaking other laws. We take a firm stance against murder and other crimes, and we must do the same with our laws on immigration. Many of the immigrants are also children and are unable to contribute to America as a whole. These children must be sent back to the country that they came from. You may say that some immigrants are smart, and just don't have any money. Well, in that case they can apply for citizen ship. My own mother moved here (America) when she was 21, with no money. It took her 16 years to get her citizen ship, but it payed off. We cannot allow those who just come here illegally to stay and bring down our society.


What would happen to the young immigrants that came here as babies? Would anyone have the heart to kick babies out of America? Yes for today immigrants are taking our jobs but they need money and places to live and take care of their young ones. Illegal immigrants should have the same rights as us Americans, unless someone like the government see's individuals as a treat the society, I believe that some immigrants move into the U.S.A. because they don't like where they are living and need a better place to raise their children and help the elders who are sick and dying. Shutting them out is like saying no to a hungry homeless child begging for someone to help them. We should start thinking and put ourselves in their shoes and ask ourselves how would you feel if you were deported and shut out from a better living area.
This is not just my opinion but facts and some truth is combined into my debate.
Debate Round No. 1


What I am saying is that immigrants need to get their citizenship legally. I am not against immigrants in the slightest but I believe that they need to come to this country legally. As for babies, I believe that there is an easy solution. A special building, for the infantile illegal immigrants would be built, and eventually they would be up for adoption by families. They could then learn to speak English and go to school. They would be considered citizens. I do believe that immigration laws are here for a reason. I have read up, and out of the 11 million illegal immigrants that have moved to the United States, of which 820,000 have been convicted of a crime. I think that all immigrants need to apply for citizen ship for the safety of us all. I am not saying that all illegal immigrants are criminals, or that they are more prone to commit crimes, but we need to do background checks to make sure that no immigrants are criminals who would endanger our society. That is why we have a process of citizenship that people need to complete to become a citizen. Now, I think that all illegal immigrants who have been discovered should be forced to apply for citizen ship. If they have nothing to hide, they will accept, and if they are able they will become a citizen. A large percentage of illegal immigrants in the United States have been living here for an extended period of time and that means that they should have adjusted to our society and would easily pass the test and receive their citizenship. They would receive another attempt should they fail the test. If they fail it again, then they are not fit to be in society. The laws of immigration are here for a reason, and those who do not follow them must be reprimanded (deportation) or inducted as a full fledged citizen.
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Posted by Zarium 3 years ago
Interesting.. by your definitions all who stand underneath the United States should be considered an illegal immigrant.
Native americans had laws for their land - such as to not take more than is needed, not to hurt for fun, to respect your nature and surroundings. All have effectively been broken by all who stand under the United States constitution - as to get this, they had to forcibly force the "legal" citizens of that country to legislate their own.
Additionally, at the time of legislation (ie. when the Constitution was written) a large portion of the population was considered illiterate - Should we go back and track every 'citizen' of that time that couldn't read (Even if they learnt the SKILL afterwards) as they were not 'contributing' to the society?

I can see you have made a personal appeal to the situation saying that you were here first and thus you require balance in your land - However you have completely disregarded the fact that to get to the point of high literacy - Legal and Illegal citizens are simply around a higher education system for longer (Note: I am not stating it is an effective education system). Basically you were illegal there longest therefore you can complain when others do the same after - as it makes your life a little bit harder right now.

I would be happy to debate this topic with you - please let me know if you are interested.
Posted by DontArgueWithMe3333 3 years ago
I think that you are interpreting my argument wrong. I am only referring to illegal immigrants who are uneducated. Sorry for not being more clear.
Posted by Eunoiad 3 years ago
So? Just because their not citizens doesn't mean they're not allowed in the United States. I have friends who are only citizens of Canada and live in the U.S.. They're not illiterate. You're acting like all foreigners are illiterate and, quiet frankly, stupid, which isn't true.
Posted by SecularMerlin 3 years ago
Give me your poor your hungry your huddled masses. We are a nation of immigrants.
Posted by jrardin12 3 years ago
Yes. They are not citizens.
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