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Should we ensure Internet anonymity?

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Started: 4/5/2018 Category: Society
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I think we shouldn't ensure Internet anonymity. Because It can be used for crimes. Bit coin is a code currency, so it is used only by entering the gift certificate coupon number as it is a code bank note, not a bill. Accordingly, due to the anonymous characteristics, anyone can use the coin only when the password for the bit coin is leaked, and it is impossible to trace the coin back. In addition, when the bank's accounts are hacked, a large number of assets are stolen. It is a legal means of money laundering illegal corporate slush funds, illegal political funds and crime funds such as Mafia. Since there are huge amounts of illegal funds hidden from government regulation around the world, the amount of bitcoin transactions could be very large.
If Internet anonymity is lost, we can trade bitcoin safer than now. Because their trading information is released, the chance of being misused by Internet crime such as money laundering and black market is reduced. Also, If we disclose your real name, you"ll be able to trace it back to the person you trade with.


We SHOULD Ensure internet anonymity, since we don't want people stalking us in real life. The internet is supposed to stay on the internet. Also, I don't see the point in bitcoin. Don't you have to BUY bitcoin? it doesn't make sense. Back to internet anonymity. If someone were to steal the money, the government should handle that, not ordinary people. I think we should keep it like it is- leave it to the government. Sure, they're not doing a very great job, but , they're doing a greater job than we ordinary people will ever do. sooooooooorrry this is my first debate should i have done this one :(
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