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Should we have P.E. lessons?

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Started: 11/25/2017 Category: Education
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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For last few years at my University I heard a lot of people arguing should we have P.E. lessons or not. Personally I see P.E. lessons as a great possibility to stretch, especially for those, whose studying includes a lot of sitting. It is also good for your health, if you exercise.
On the contrary, my groupmates always argue that they can spend this time to do something more important, but I think, that 2,5 hours (for lesson and to get there) isn't such a big deal.


I don"t think we should have PE lessons. They make us do activities we don"t want to do. Some people do think it is fun, while some other people just can"t stand PE. It is important to exercise, and if we wanted to, we could do it outside of school, and do whatever sport/exercise we want. If there is PE, the coaches should grade it differently. Some people don"t have the strength to do it, and it is not fair to those people. I don"t believe PE is necessary, and if the students wanted to exercise, they can do it outside of school. Also, it could be optional. The people that wanted to do it could, and the other students could do study hall or something like that.
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Yes, I agree with you. But still there are people who won't do any physical exercises if you don't make them to do this. If person wants to do something he will always find the way out. But I still think it's good for those, who are too lazy to do anything.
I can speak even about myself in suh way. If I won't be made to do something sometimes I won't do it at all.
Yes, we have problems with organization of lessons, as sometimes they won't be usefull at all, but maybe if to make them diversed to suit needs of all, that will help?
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Posted by Flats 2 years ago
Just because it's called PE (physical education) doesn't mean you exercise. Its there to educate you about how the body works and why/how you should take care of it.
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