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Should we have "Single Sex Schools"?

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Started: 11/19/2017 Category: Education
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I think, confidently, I can explain to everyone why we shouldn"t have single sex schools, reason being; Socialising, we cannot proceed to seperate the 2 different genders into single gender schools without being able to communicate with the opposite gender of whom you are. In the future, if you were to have once been in a single gender school, what chance would you have at communication with the opposite sex, the chances would not be as high as to if you were in a school whereas the two genders socialise. By picking a single gender school for a child, you are saying that "We want our kids to be separated from girls/boys".

I can understand, that sure, normally boys get along better with boys, and girls get along better with girls, but later on in life, it doesn"t matter who you are getting along with or what gender they may be. But constricting the genders into single sex schools may take much of their social interaction away for the opposite gender of yourself.

This will not prepare your family for a full proper happy life in your future, this does not socialize students to be less sexist, and promotes gender stereotyping.

Good luck to my opponent, I hope this will be a helpful debate to those who onlook.


Throughout your entire argument, your main concerns were with sexism or that it wouldn't prepare you for a relationship
However, statistics show that many millennials lack confidence in a relationship, whether it be appearance or such. It is clear then, that because a majority of these millennials attend a school that supports both genders in the classroom, that co-ed schooling is not successful in bringing about confidence or any social skills within relationships.
As per your sexism argument, I would like statistics showing how a single-sex school encourages sexism.
Based on this definition of course; prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination, typically against women, on the basis of sex
To begin with, single-sex schools would actually reduce the amount of stereotyping affiliated with students. In a girls' school, female scientists and mathematicians can offer their experience, and girls can be assured they wouldn't be provoked for how they dress. Likewise, boys can be more confident in talking about discussions they would shy away from had it been a co-ed school.
The following is from a study in 1993 by Myra Sadker and David Sadker
It would also give boys a more tailored education. Relative to the gender, a course could be tailored to them specifically. It would allow for teachers to fully educate the students potential. For example, a story like Lord of the flies, a coming-of-age book about BOYS specifically could be taught whereas girls could have different ones that better suit them. While Lord of the Flies is a curriculum in co-ed schools, it could be more open and concentrated to the specific gender.
Studies suggest that when boys are in a single-gender classroom, they find more success in school and are found to be more likely to pursue a wide array of interests and activities. Whereas girls who learn in an all-girl environment are believed to find more comfort and respond to questions while sharing their opinions (Also found to more likely pursue subjects like math and science).
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Posted by lIlIlIllIIIIllIlI 2 years ago
The study is only specific to the last paragraph, the other wasn't
Posted by YakovF 2 years ago
If you ban single sex schools, you're also banning some peoples belief on religion. Also, BAN the schools? Are you crazy?
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