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Should we have a kid president

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Started: 5/30/2018 Category: Politics
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We need to have a kid president-AND a normal president. No age limit, well above 8 but think I think of ways to help homeless people all the time! its just I can't do much because why? I'm just a dumb little kid!


No underages should be governing a country, and yes you might be right, you cant do anything about it exactly because you are a kid, a few reasons for you not being able to:

1. Adults frequently know way more than kids when it comes to politics and economics, so the ways of helping the poor you mention might just be doing harm to the country's economy in general, and then basically everyone will be poor because you helped the poor, kinda ironic.
2 . Underaged people are often filled with bias created by their parents and that stuff, it takes time for you to create your own opinions and actually challenge your parents' opinions.
3. Underaged people are not fully developed yet, and that would be the main reason I guess, their brain is not as developed as the people running for president and dont understand that the world isnt perfect and everything can have an easy solution, that being said, if you stick to your ideas till you are over 18, you should run for whatever job you pick, wish you luck.
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