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Should we have a military draft

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Started: 1/16/2018 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I believe we should have a military draft because I believe that everyone should have to do their part to support the country. Without it, there simply would not be enough volunteers for the army in order to sustain the military.


I would like to thank my opponent for sending out this challenge and I wish him luck as this debate progresses.

Contention 1: Individual Rights

1) People as a Means, not an end

In a civilized society, we as humans must live together peacefully. One key issue is that we should move to create a Kingdom of Ends. The Kingdom of Ends is where people are treated as an end of themselves, not a means [1]. This is important as it is part of the soceity that we should strive to as it maximizes human equality and the ability to live together peacefully. The Kingdom shows that many people can live together under common just laws as they are able to live as ends instead of means. At the End, they are able to live together as citizens in this Kingdom to be treated as ends and this will lead to an equality through individiual rights [2]. The Draft violates the Kingdom of Ends as it forces rational beings into the military to serve their country. These individuals are being forced against their will to preform a task that does not treat them as an end. This makes the draft an unjust law as it violates the rights of Rational Being and destroys the ability to fully establish the Kingdom of Ends.

2) Objectivism, the Right to Life.

Dangers that occur with the draft is that they attempt Altruism where they abridge the rights of the individual for the gains as a whole [3]. One thing that is over looked is that without the individual, there can be no society. Each man has the right to life, where they have control of their own destiny. The Right to Life must be acknowledge as it spurs people to do and create an innovative world where they could even make it a safer one. The draft, on the other hand, abridges this right as the State takes control of the individual for the draft and forces them to preform whatever task that the government so chooses. By enforcing these people to do as the government wants enforces Involuntary Servantude upon all individuals where they have to serve in the military against their own will [4]. These individuals face death or potential injury where they would not have if they had the right to control their own lives. This creates an image that the individual is disposable making it a harmful world.

Contention 2: Draft harms Soceity

1. Harms the military

When we look at the generally military we must observe how it is affected by such an investment. Instituations as well as Top military officers have noted that when comparing these two groups, that a force of voluntiers is way better than those who have been drafted, forced against their will, into the military. "The all-volunteer force has had immense success in drawing highly motivated individuals... America's military leadership is adamantly opposed to instituting a new draft. The generals and admirals argue that a draft would weaken mission capability and create enormous structural and management problems. Morale and force cohesiveness would suffer intensely, particularly with a two-caste military. [5]" This kind of system in the military shows that there is a strong opposition amongst military leadership that this will create this system in the military that harms those who were drafted into it, which would later alienate those who had been in the military previously.

2. Harms the Family Unit

This is continously pulled against as a key example occured in World War 1, where 17 million people who were registered for the draft were able to pass tests for the draft, but 8 million filled for exempt status [6], showing that nearly the majority strongly pushing against it in anyway they can. Several draft riots have occured throughout US history due to the harm of the family. Many of these riots have turned bloody as generally the lower class and minorities tend to be sent off to the military in the draft while the rich are exlcuded [7]. The issue occurs when the women in the family have their husbands have to leave to go into the military and have an increased chance of death severally harms themselves, but also their household income. From the Civil War to the Vietnam War, the widows have been put into poverty. To make things worse. The draft has been shown to increases crime rate by 4% [8].

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Posted by Debating_Horse 2 years ago
AGAIN, we witnessed the effect in the 1960s, we do not need to do it again. People who call for drafts should take their nonsense elsewhere, people should not bleed, weep, and suffer through pain for a country like this today. The president is not the problem, the problem is anti-Christians, ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter, Leftists and Democrats, Un-American Colin Kapernick for kneeling (while veterans overseas salute the flag with honor and respect, even being wounded), what is it worth putting forth your life for this country today? Another time but not now. Even with that, people are not property, no government should make a man die for a country, in a war THEY did not want to serve in. Conscription is stupid, it will only cause rebellion and crime, just because you think people serve in wars does not mean they actually follow your foolish beliefs. "War is organised murder, and nothing else" ~Harry Patch
Posted by lannan13 2 years ago
Please change it then I will accept.
Posted by DeletedUser 2 years ago
Oh, yes. So sorry about that.
Posted by lannan13 2 years ago
I think you meant to put yourself as Pro in this debate.
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