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Should we have homework?

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Started: 3/16/2016 Category: Education
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Students in high-achieving neighborhoods who spend too much time on homework have more health problems, stress, and alienation from society. Homework can effect a students life in a drastic and terrible way, they suffer depression, stress, anxiety, and other health problems. Homework can cause psychological problems. Homework interrupts with family, social and extracurricular activities, and it can induce bad behavior. Children should not have to be given homework.


Homework is used to ensure that the students understand what they are doing, as some students may not focus as much as they should inside a classroom.
Homework actually helps students in other ways, not solely for studies, to help them learn what procrastination is a help them to have the ability to dedicate and fix their focus onto something knowing that there can be a consequence (although it not being necessary)
Students must know the importance of their studies and homework is just to assure that there were no doubts (hat have been concealed during class time) lingering in a students mind. Homework is literally just insurance that the students learnt a cr*p about what was said in the classroom.

So you (assuming you are a student) should either suck it up because its for your own benefit;

Or come up with a better argument than me "\_(- _-)_/" Your pick mate.
Debate Round No. 1


There are bad mental effects in the student while doing homework. The pressure of having to complete homework every night is quite daunting for most children and they need time to refresh their minds and bodies. Almost every night a student has to do a sheet of homework. This student can experience a lot of stress while doing this sheet of homework. This causes many psychological problems with the student if he/she needs to always be thinking about doing a sheet of homework that's due the next day while he/she is trying to relax. Also, students already have seven hours of school. You start school at eight and go home at three. That"s a full day of school, most adults work similar lengths of time at work and come home exhausted. Most students switch classes to go to different subjects in school. Each of those classes can give out its own homework sheet. So if each hour a student had a class and the same class gave one sheet of homework, that would be considered a packet of homework and each paper is for a different subject making it more difficult and stressful for the student. Then, homework can cause depression in students. When a student is given homework that he/she spends a lot of time doing at night, he/she doesn't have the energy to do it the next day. This makes the student depressed that they have to spend all of their energy on doing homework and going to school because he/she can't go anywhere with their friends, or be with their family. There are very bad mental effects in homework.


Homework does not deprive sleep or relaxation time. When a student receives his homework he is not given 1 day to complete his task. Throughout the week is not the time for a student to relax, students have weekends to do this. Homework is better to be completed during the week so that students can have the weekend to themselves.

The time to relax is not on school nights.

This thing about homework being too much for students is nonsense, for students to feel that the homework is not as much is for them to know how to control their time and organize when to do what. It is all a state of mind that makes students think that the time spent on homework is unnecessary.

-Explains that there is about 3.5 hours of homework time spent inside a house. I don"t believe this is true as it is not necessary for a student to complete all the homework given to him , inside school, in one day as students are more likely to be given a couple of days or maybe even a week to complete the given task. So this article is not all that accurate.

My point is that no anxiety disorder will occur if a student has his/her things planned and organised the way they should be. If someone was to have an anxiety disorder it would would be because they were not prepared for the homework, the only way to not be prepared for homework is because of a lack of organisation and planning, meaning the student was procrastinating (

A lack of such would mean procrastination, and by what you have said I think you mean that students should be given more time to do things they want, non-study related, away from the point of going to school, and procrastinate.

The school week should be for study, holidays and weekends are for relaxation. Therefore you can not argue on having time to yourself at night, during a school week. Even if you were to, like I said earlier " it is not necessary for a student to complete all the homework given to him , inside school, in one day " meaning that it takes less time, than you may think, to complete homework.
Debate Round No. 2


Homework can also induce bad behavior. Children might become hateful. Studies show that children become very hateful when given excessive homework. They begin to hate school to a point where they will become rebellious and not do their homework at all. This causes disputes in the family and with the teacher(s). Furthermore, too much homework can encourage cheating because students end up copying off one another in an attempt to finish all their assignments. When the student is exhausted from doing their homework, they tend to cheat from a friend or a random person next to them in class, not only does this encourage the child to do it more but it creates conflict between the child and the teacher when he/she gets caught. In addition, the student might get extremely frustrated with homework. It's only a matter of time before the student snaps and gets angry when doing homework. Once a student is stuck on an assignment, they begin to get frustrated the more they look for a solution. Once the student is fed up, they might break something or cause self harm by accident. Homework can cause very bad behavior.


***I will reference to your phrase "Studies show that children....". I would like to see these such studies, you have given us no proof of the resources used for any of your arguments. You keep talking to us about a certain party having certain problems. We need sources.At the moment nor I or the voters have any reason to believe in anything you have said in this debate.

**I will take another reference "..when given excessive homework...". The debate topic is "Should we have homework?" and that reference has nothing to do with such. We are supposed to be talking about the reasons for homework, the use of homework but not about having TOO MUCH homework. We are not debating on the amount of homework, we are debating whether it is needed or not, despite the quantity.

*This is my final point before getting to the debate. Throughout the debate you have been stating reasons of why homework should not be needed. Yet still you have not responded to any of my arguments. I think that is a debating tip you should know, i would also prefer it so i could confirm that you are human and not taking theses arguments from a third-party.Please take these notes in consideration for round four.

Although i have no reason to believe your argument, i will debate against it anyway.

1. Teachers don"t care

You said that students would start to do homework together because they were too lazy to do it on their own. THAT IS A GOOD THING.

By writing down and reading whatever they are taking from their friends worksheet, they are also learning it. And teachers see this as a good thing, children are still getting their homework finished and on time. Like i said before "Homework is to help students dedicate and focus on what they should be doing"; if children have the time to copy from another student, it"s because they care about their grade and how well they do in school.

Before i even REMARK upon the rest of your SOMEWHAT of an argument, i must reference the beginning of your arguments story:

"Children might become hateful. "


You based your entire argument on a hypothesis, that is your mistake. Therefore i do not have to comment on the rest of your argument. Your argument is a simple list of Hypotheses;.

Ref."Homework can also induce"
Ref. "Children might become hateful."
Ref."Furthermore, too much homework can encourage cheating"
Ref." When the student is exhausted from doing their homework, they tend to cheat from a friend"
Ref." In addition, the student might get extremely frustrated"
Ref."they might break something"
Ref."Homework can cause very bad behavior.

The argument IS a Hypothesis. As the first sentence is one. So i cannot argument against it as "technically" it isn"t an argument in the first place.
Debate Round No. 3


Homework interrupts with family, social and extracurricular activities. Family time is especially important to a growing student and without it social problems can crop up and a family unit can be compromised by a lack of time being spent together. When a child is growing up he/she needs time to spend with family, when the child is not spending a lot of time with the family it causes a lot of relationship problems the family, such as the child suspecting that the family never cared for them or the parents would get angry at the child for not doing any family activities. Also, young students are busy. Children develop a social life at a very young age so it's crucial for them to find friends to play and hang out with. Homework limits that a lot. Some children don't have any time of the day at all to develop a social life if they have large packets of homework. Sure kids can develop friends in school, but the majority of that is interrupted by class time. Lastly, it interrupts a lot with extracurricular activities such as sports and clubs. Children and teens alike are sometimes given so much homework that they can't go to a certain club or sports meeting. It's very stressful for a student if he/she has to maintain a connection with the family, go to an extracurricular activity that could last about an hour, and maintain a social life. Homework interrupts a lot of crucial events in a students life.


**You didn"t take any of my advice, so i have doubts that you are human, and may be computer"**

Homework does not take up social time. The main place in which students socialize is "in the school premises!"
Debate Round No. 4


Some people may think that schools should give out homework because it helps the student. They think that it shows mastery to the teacher and it points out how the teacher can do better to help the student. It helps the student understand the topic and the student gets good practice from it. However this is all disproved because the student can just cheat off of Google or cheat off another friend so it makes the homework pointless. It convinces the teacher that the student is doing well on the subject, and thus the student doesn't get any better from the homework.


It is good for students to take answers from google. Teachers approve of them researching this.

I don not want to debate you anyomore because you are cheating. BYE!!
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by BlessedPaim 2 years ago
Thank you Dpowell for your choice of vote :)
Posted by Dpowell 2 years ago
I made four votes.
Agree with before: Pro
Agree with after: Pro
Better Conduct: Pro
Made more convincing arguments: Pro
Used more reliable sources: Pro

All other sections are tied.

Con argued that homework causes mental and behavioral issues and that it doesn't accomplish anything, but Con didn't list any resources that support his claim. Con also ignored Pro's arguments as well as Pro's tips, and continued using the same argument over and over again. Pro, rebutted their best, providing links to support their arguments and provided different points as to how homework is useful.
Posted by BlessedPaim 2 years ago
Please read all rounds of this debate before voting
Posted by BlessedPaim 2 years ago
ALERT: Everyone who votes on this debate, please do not vote on it randomly.
You are a student and you don"t like homework, so you automatically choose "CON" and don"t even bother reading the debate"

I would just like this to be a fair debate.

Sincerely, Blessed Paim.
Posted by softballpro0802 2 years ago
I am a vary serious softball player and when homework gets in the way of that, it makes me mad.
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