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Should we help the beggers?

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Started: 1/9/2014 Category: People
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No! helping such people will only make them lazier! and others will say "oh! just sitting around and earning money? sounds easy and fun!"
plus! what happened to the Self-respect and all?


I guess I will defend the rich lazy baggars.

Do you think these people choose to be homeless just so they could be lazy and mooch your money. I mean who doesn't want to smell like liquid garbage have pneumonia and no teeth? As long as i can get 5 dollars a day to live on for free it seems like the perfect life!

I'm sure most would not object to a good family, support and education. But the world is not a fair place. So I would not call them lazy scum just because they were dealt a bad hand. I am not surprised they have no self respect with people like you.
Debate Round No. 1


In the debate's title, from "help"ing, I meant giving them money.
Is 5 dollars going to Change anything in their lives?
Imagine this, daily, 100 people pass this beggar and each will help him a dollar. at the end of the day he has 100 dollars.
He is not in need of money anymore! He thinks to himself i can earn daily 100 dollars. why should I work?
or let me approach it this way.
Imagine you help them 10 dollars and your the only one who did in 1day. at the end of the day, he can buy a Mcdonalds or something cheap, just to solve the hunger problem. did your 10 dollars do him any good? NO!
he survived for 1 day but who knows what will happen in the coming days?
what if instead of helping them with money, we provided them a suitable job? or increased the "working spirit" in them?
stuff like you wash my car, and I will give you 10 dollars and a meal each time you do so. or mower my yard and i will give you a room to stay for 1 night (for the case of the homeless).


fidelacchius forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


g_bakhtazad forfeited this round.


As you can see Pro and Con of this debate are lazy.

I'll stick by my radical view that beggars are not all slime and drug addicts. I might even classify them as human's. (see pretty radical).
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Sam-v 6 years ago
I am pro help beggars:
The con of the debate presumes 'help' to mean 'give money' and used the arguments:
1. Giving money to beggars only keeps them as beggars (i.e. $10 gives a beggar macdonalds for one day and that's as far as the 'help' goes)
2. Help should instead be in giving employment such as you wash my car and I'll pay you.

My criticisms would be -

1. Help is still help no matter how temporary it is . Someone who is starving and obviously needs food would welcome a macdonalds. This wouldn't be wasted because it would keep them to live another day. It may not get them out of their situation but it does keep them going - which in turn may lead their situation being changed.
2. The first thing that came to my mind about this is perhaps I want to see the homeless fight each other - so I will give them money to fight or do something embarrassing or disgusting for my amusement. It's employment - they're being my toy; but it is surely unethical and does not help them either.
Linking to the previous criticism as well, this also is temporary and does not solve their situation. So I do not feel giving them work is a solution to their problems - unless you are an employer and can give regular work and wage.

My pro argument is that homeless people are humans and have quite often fallen into despair because of abuse or broken hearts - such things that could happen to anyone. For this reason helping them to live on is a human duty. The way in which to help beggars is a difficult issue but it is clear they should be helped either with money, food or support.
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