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Should we legalize abortion

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Started: 2/9/2017 Category: Society
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I think they should,because abortion can cause mental disruption. Abortion is also killing innocent lives. Based on the word "fetus","embryo" and "zygote" are living organisms.
Thus abortion is harming a living thing. Furthermore, abortion is a choice made by the mother. If you force the mother to abort the birth, it is against the law. But the mother should just deliver the baby and raise him/her just like any normal human being.


I choose to accept this debate. Not because I am pro abortion, but (to a extent) pro choice. I believe that there should be a limit to abortion, however completely banning it would be mindless. If the Mother or Child is in danger, then it should be a option, and plus don't forget over population. The Foster Care system would explode. And we won't face any danger by doing this obviously, far more mothers choose to keep their child than choose abortion. If they are in danger or the child is, it should be provided as more like a sort of mercy kill, both of them would die the other way. No one is saying that the mothers are forced to choose abortion, but if either one of them are in danger, it is the better choice. I will await your response
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Very well, it depends on what danger the child or mother is in.If the danger can be subdued by medical care, the i don't see any reason for abortion.Second, 151600 people die everyday, it is normal for a baby to take their place in this world. To support that statement i just mentioned, rising birthrate is slowly crawling its way up, and to prevent that, parents should be wise whether to have another child or not. Moving on, abortion not only kills an innocent life, it also terrorizes the mentality of the mother, her parents and husband respectively. Lets say a baby has zika virus, it is still wrong to abort his/her birth, until the baby is born. If the disease doesn't harm the mother, then you should not proceed with abortion. I would like to hear your rebuttals please.
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