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Should we really be targeting men?

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Started: 5/19/2018 Category: Society
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Part of the feminist movement seems to be targeting men for almost anything. Some women complain that there's "toxic masculinity" and that men should feel free to express their emotions. Meanwhile, the people saying that are sipping coffee out of their "male tears" mug. I agree with this to some extent, but the myths and/or ideas about men being worthless is getting out of hand. Yes, I can understand wanting men to express emotion rather than being all "tough", but many articles I've read seem to imply that all men are this way. When those ideas of what men are like are applied to someone like me (who is part of a small minority of boys who actually AREN'T trying to be "tough" and "cool"), one could understand how that can be extremely frustrating.
An article in my school newspaper was recently published that claimed that boys watch 40 hours of TV a week, play 15 hours of video games, and watch 2 hours of inappropriate videos (and I think one can guess what I'm trying to say here). When that's put somewhere for any student to read, people are going to remember that and possibly think about that in the back of their mind when meeting or talking with a guy. Frustrated, I had sent my friend this text:
"Saw school newspaper today. It doesn't say ALL boys do this, but still; it's ludicrous. Their ideology is completely asinine. I shouldn't be a victim of this and discriminated against because of someone else's wrongdoings and, to put it nicely, idiosyncrasies. The idea that men are trash simply because testosterone is just so ridiculously stupid it makes the person seem like the incompetent trash they accuse others of being (SEEMS like, not that they actually are). These days it seems inevitable that people would think this but the idea is just so inconceivably ridiculous."
My friend then sent this:
"Uneducated opinions from ignorant people."
I responded back:
"Uneducated opinions from ignorant people are unnecessary, gratuitous, and irrelevant, but arguing against the feminist movement is both fruitless and complete social suicide."

Maybe I can have a debate where my opponent and I can actually come to a conclusion about men being trash and toxic masculinity. I'm fine with talking about other things (wage gap, rape culture, societal pressures, etc.) if my opponent truly wants to.

I'm mostly debating this to see a feminist's take on this. I totally understand if I lose no matter what I say; debating this topic is social suicide as I said earlier.

Additional note:
I support women's rights, however don't really know what it is they're lacking now. Overall, I consider myself an egalitarian and will support equality for almost any group even if I don't completely agree with them.

Yes, I'm a boy talking about feminism so I simply MUST be uneducated about the topic. However, the movement will inevitably be challenged. Besides, feminists are protesting to (mostly) men, so you have to educate them somehow.
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Posted by 32doni32nido32 3 years ago
So true though...
Posted by RMTheSupreme 3 years ago
If a chick says 'men can't do this' or 'men are so dumb' it's all fun and games.

guy says 'women can't drive' RIP
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