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Should we remove Music. Ly (and anything they've created) from the internet?

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Started: 9/13/2018 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Music. Ly is a plague on this planet


No one is forcing you to look at Music. Ly.

I'm sure a lot of people find it quite entertaining.

Maybe you just have a superior musical intellect, That requires a more profound form of stimulation.

I myself am very choosy in the music that I listen to and would not bother to subscribe to Music. Ly.

Nonetheless I would consider it quite arrogant of me to attempt to demean other peoples music preferences.
Debate Round No. 1


my rebuttal to your arguments:

The thing is, I am being forced to look at music. Ly. Every single apps uses their ads, And this includes youtube. I can't even open up an app without having a washed up version of vine (which also sucks) being shoved down my throat.

The people who use music. Ly are just as bad. Everyone one the app is either paid by the app to be there, Or a 7 year old white girl

I really don't have a superior musical intellect, But at least i didn't make "dame tu cosita" widespread

Thats fine if you use it, Just don't be a walking music. Ly ad

People already demean others for music preferences, It's incredibly common.


And is it fair that your personal opinion should be the basis for a multilateral decision.
You make a lot of reference to modern technological information and entertainment forums.
But no one forces you to look or listen.
Perhaps it is you that has the problem.
Music. Ly ultimately is only an inert information and entertainment medium.
You are the one that reacts negatively.

Why not switch off and attempt to interact positively with the world.
Do you think that you would actually have the ability to do this?
Debate Round No. 2


While you make a good point, The problem isn't my attachment to technology. The problem being debated is what they're doing that is inherently wrong. If i change my ways, That won't make them change their ways


Switch on or switch off, That's your choice and everyone else should have the same level of choice available to them.
From the small amount of research that I've done, It appears that approximately 90 million people are keen to switch onto music. Ly. They clearly don't share your angst.

They're probably not going to change their ways, So it's probably best that you change yours.

Have a nice day.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by itdobelikethat 2 years ago
in hindsight things have gotten worse now then they were
Posted by NetherZain 3 years ago
True. It's a bunch of ten year olds lip syncing(poorly might I add) To some bad pop garbagio.
Posted by itdobelikethat 3 years ago
thank you for having a brain
Posted by picklerickfaggotboi 3 years ago
music. Ly is a cancerous website for gay babies and white girls
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