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Should we stop making drugs for people?

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Started: 4/21/2017 Category: Health
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Drugs are the cause of many academical failure and it makes people go insane, which causes people to harm, rape abuse and get other people addicted. It tears down families as well. Also, people drive their car recklessly, which hurts other people if they crash into other cars. It also can kill people. There should not be any drugs in the world.


Since Pro has failed to define anything in their opening argument, I will define the key points. I assume that what you mean by stop making drugs, you mean stopping the production of drugs and I assume you mean in all aspects. I am defining 'drugs' as a substance that has a physiological effect when ingested. This means that the moot which would stop making drugs, would also stop the production of medicine which is used to help people who are sick. I would understand if you had said that there should be no illegal drugs in the world. However, you said, "There should not be any drugs in the world." This means that your model for the moot is to stop the production and remove all drugs for people. Drugs also includes medicine, since it is a substance that has a physiological effect once ingested. These medicine's are a key part world health, as they are very effective when it comes to relieving everyday pain and with more serious illnesses. To remove all drugs from the world would be to remove all medicine from the world which would affect the lives of people in the world in a more negative way than positive. Removing medicine from the world would result in the world losing its simplest way of dealing with illness and would result in millions of people going untreated and would cause any condition they have to continue to thrive which would result in more serious illnesses and diseases, making them require possible surgery and possibly, cause them to die.
Although I agree with you in saying that some drugs are bad and have bad side effects, I believe that the best course of action to combat that is to crack down on drug laws. But to remove all drugs from the world is simply preposterous.
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Posted by btrxscopez 2 years ago
It depends what you mean by drugs, are we talking all drugs or just illegal drugs? If we are talking about all drugs then no as many drugs are used for medical or recreational use and without them many people would die. Even if wen are talking about just illegal drugs then there is still the problem that many normally illegal drugs are used for medical reasons.

There is also the problem that even if Governments stopped there production of any type of drugs it wouldn't stop the supply as many drugs are made illegally. In any case stopping legal production of drugs simply for the few that accidentally die off of them will only raise the death count.
Posted by Jammie 2 years ago
What do you mean by 'we'?

If the supply for something is enough, and the demand can be met, the demand will be met, no matter what.

So, bottom line is people will always make drugs, as the demand is there, and at the moment they can be made.
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