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Should we use well-known or local celebrity endorsement for a multinational company

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Started: 7/24/2014 Category: Education
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A well-known celebrity has more impact on consumer rather than a local famous person.


A well known celebrity runs the risk of being a high risk high reward situation. The price of a well known celebrity could reach several hundred thousand dollars for a appearance that may or not work. If a well known celebrity is used and it does not create enough revenue to pay the celebrity and get a decent profit then the well known celebrity endorsement becomes a failure.

Another problem of the well known celebrity is their popularity might hide the very message that the advertisers wanted to send. Celebrities popularity can and often overshadow the product and cause one to never remember the product. Hence it hurts the ROI (return on investment).

Meanwhile it would be far cheaper to get a celebrity that is locally known as they would be far cheaper and the ROI would be far higher while the risk would be far lower.
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Sunnyle forfeited this round.


Because sunnyle has forfeited the round, i will forfeit this round as well and extend my argument
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Sunnyle forfeited this round.
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