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Should women have rights

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Started: 5/19/2016 Category: People
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I see so many people saying women are dumb, women arent human, women cant do anything but cook for men. Well, you are wrong. There are women in NASA that work really hard, they get thi gs done! There are women that are scientists that work hard, they make the world a better place! The people. Saying women dont have rights are mostly men! What whould your mother say about that! She put you in the world! In fact men cant reproduce, so without women the human race would die out! People say we have equality now. Well, we dont! Women may be allowed to vote and work, but they get payed less, people dont care about their oppinion at all! I am a Twelve year old GIRL that want to become an author, not a slave that makes food for men all day long! Women are human, they have a brain, a heart, THEY. ARE. HUMAN. People have said there shouldnt be a debate about this, well there should, because i dont want my rights taken away from me when i become an adult! People tell me that i am just a stupid kid, well this kid can understand when things are not fare! You teach us as kids to not fight, to keep things fare, that equality is important! When in reality adults start wars. Adults dont keep things fare! ADULTS LIE TO KIDS ABOUT HOW THE WORLD IS!!! SO I THINK I KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT!!!


Thank you for the debate topic. For the information of the voters and Pro, this is my first debate on and I have no problem with women's rights, I simply want to have a fun debate. Thank you again to Pro for the topic. I accept this Debate, let's do this!

To settle the objective of the debate as Pro has failed to use to her advantage I will do so myself.
In this debate, Pro will have to use her present knowledge and acquired knowledge throughout the course of the debate to keep her points active that women as a whole should have rights. I, as Con, will need to rebuttal those points and bring her reasons for arguing that women should have rights down. At least half of her points must stand for the debate to be hers to win.
The winner of these rules will get the vote for: Agreed with before the debate; Agreed with after the debate.
The other points apply as they usually would.

"The people. Saying that women dont have rights are mostly men!" -the majority of the feminist movement is female. This is just common sense.
"I am a twelve year old GIRL that want to become an author, not a slave that makes food for men all day long!" -If you are on the earth you cannot legally become a slave, so this is invalid.
"I see so many people saying women are dumb, women arent human, women cant do anything but cook for men. Well, you are wrong. There are women in NASA that work really hard, they get thi gs done!" -In this statement, woman is a term used to cover many people, unless you find some research article that says that the majority of women have a higher IQ than their male counterpart, this doesn't apply.
"people dont care about their oppinion at all!" - I am a person, by definition, and there are many women whose opinions I care about. So this is invalid.

Many of these points don't even contribute to the fact that women as a whole deserve rights. I expect a more polished argument in the future. I look forward to your response.

Slavery in the world 1)
Debate Round No. 1


Lizzy_Redfox forfeited this round.


Please state that you forfeit the entire debate, or if you choose to debate please extend.
Debate Round No. 2


My oponant is very good, i quit enjoy this debate! While i see that he used some clever ideas, really good actually, you dont state any facts yourself, you used rebuttal, but you yourself did not state things yourslef. While this is very short, i think i proved my point in round one. This debate has been very interesting :P.


Its been a fun debate, a little short but it'll do. My opponent has failed to understand the meaning of BoP (Burden of Proof). To my opponent: You did not state who had the BoP, so I put it on you. This means, quite literally, you have the burden of proving that women should have rights, when I must either prove women shouldn't have rights, or prove that you are false with my rebuttals, which I chose to do. Thank you for the debate.

To the voters: Since my opponent's points do not stand, and she had the BoP, I therefore win the debate. Vote Con!
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by caty44444444 2 years ago
Lizzy_Redfox may I guess, you are indeed not 25, but are a good debater anyway. Good debate, but next time maybe include some better and stronger arguments!
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Reasons for voting decision: "My oponant is very good, i quit enjoy this debate!" Pro FF, misspelled opponent and did not capitalize I.