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Should women have rights?

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Started: 12/5/2016 Category: People
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Right. Keep in mind, when I say 'rights', I mean the sort of thing, like, the right to work, the right to travel. Those sort of things aren't rights. Rights are things that are unnaturally imposed on others for "humanitarian" purposes, which has no basis on reality.

This isn't a matter of freedom, either. It's a matter of what's good for this country. We nearly lost the election over those dumb voting chicks who "Went With Hillary". We can't afford to let America rot from the inside out just because the majority of dumb, liberal women vote for the next 'Woman For President'.

Because it's not about who runs, or what their experience is, or how they'll improve America.

It's about the image. The idea. The spectacle. It's all a lie, a fabrication.

In Austria, a far-right nationalist candidate lost over a far left feminist candidate. This wasn't a democratic election, as they had to purposely bring in foreign voters just to prevent him from winning. It wasn't moral or just, and this is just proof of that.
Women should not be able to vote. They shouldn't have ever gained that ability, but we became soft as a people and allowed this to happen. Now, they're tearing up the democratic system, always, ALWAYS voting left. ALWAYS voting Democrat. Always.

They can't think ahead. It's inherent in their biology. It's not such a bad trait, but women are quickly trying to do things that they simply can't. They cannot grasp what's good for a country, and they can't think strategically (despite what the US Army wants you to think!).

My views are very simple, in that I feel that women should not be able to vote, should stay at home, and need to take care of their children.

Men cannot raise children on their own, and neither can a woman. But there's a delicate balance between both that needs to be nurtured, grown, for the child to be successful. They need to be told 'no'. They need discipline. They also need a father figure to look up to, and in turn, a mother figure. They need proper idols that don't obsess over sex, or openly do degenerate actions or things that turn them into unhealthy adults without inhibition and self control.

That's what this generation is lacking. A good moral compass and self control. And every day that we don't enforce these things that I've pointed out, will only lead to further woodrot within the system. As long as we forget where our roots lay, and where we need to go as a society and as a people, we'll always be lost, easy to tamper with and to warp to others' needs.

Women are at the heart of the next generation. They bear the seed and give birth to their children. It's in everyone's best interests that they do not forget about their sole duty to mankind, to reproduce. We cannot allow ourselves to go extinct over gambling and silly notions of 'Women's Rights' and 'Feminism'. Egalitarianism is for the weak and stupid.

Further more, I'd like to note that while feminism is taking it's last breaths in America, the cancer it is, is alive and well in Europe, pushing nationalism to the far back of the spectrum.

I'd like to emphasize this, again. Egalitarianism is a Marxist idea that leads to cultural dissonance and chaos. It was made by the Marxist to poison the youth' minds. Feminism is just Egalitarianism with a hint of female superiority complex.

By saying all this, I do not mean to say that I "hate women", or that I disrespect them in any way. They have their harmless charms, but in the end should stick to that, and only that.

No personal attacks. Keep it civil.
Make each reply short and concise, for easy reading.
Try to look at things from the other person's viewpoint. Sometimes, people can be right, even if you personally disagree with them.

Let the games begin.


I am accualy for my brother did this how do I forfeit? I am very for we,one rights because I am a women.
Debate Round No. 1


You have to wait until the timer ends on your end. Then you can forfeit.


Ok so I read your argument and I do agree on some things but women should be able to do what ever they want in terms of freedom like they still should obey the law but they should work go places and ya know..... Anything!
Debate Round No. 2


I misclicked, meant myself to be 'con' myself.

It's been shown, though, that women ALWAYS vote Democrat. Why should we allow them to vote if they always vote for the party that gets America hurt?


Ok but that doesn't mean ALL women vote democratic I for one was NOT going to but let's not he into that. What I mean is that women should be able to vote and should go places and not be coupled up in a house. It is not natural for a human being to be locked up some where either in their house or some where else. Women are just as equal as men but are different in body structure.
Debate Round No. 3


Not all, but the majority do. This is my entire point.

Suffragists are just women who can"t get a man, according to this postcard. (Courtesy June Purvis/History Extra)

Just as support for women"s suffrage was on the rise by the 1910s, there were equally as vehement opponents to those expanded rights. The anti-suffragist movement based its objections on several points that adhered strongly to the stability of civilization and the traditional roles of women.

On March 22, 1914, the anti-suffragist Grace Duffield Goodwin laid out several commandments for rejecting the right to vote in a column in the New York Tribune " and in listicle form, no less. These points are derived from a 141-page treatise she penned entitled Anti-Suffrage: Ten Good Reasons which you can read at the Internet Archives. (One example from the book " Chapter One: The Ballot Is Not A Right)

1) "Because the basis of government is force " its stability rests upon its physical power to enforce its laws; therefore it is inexpedient to give the vote to woman. Immunity from service in executing the law would make most women irresponsible voters."

Women were not allowed to serve in juries or in the Armed Forces in 1914, and very few sought out roles in traditional law enforcement. Goodwin"s thinking is that if women can"t actually enforce the laws, they should not be able to determine the laws.

2) "Because the suffrage is not a question of right or of justice, but of policy and expediency; and if there is no question of right or of justice, there is no case of woman suffrage."

Goodwin echoes the feelings of many Americans back then that the right to vote and to elect leaders was not a fundamental right of Americans. Keep in mind that just 125 years before her, many believed that only land-holding white educated men should have the right to vote.

3) "Because it is the demand of a minority of women, and the majority of women protest against it."

And really, Goodwin argues, women don"t really want the vote anyway. Goodwin thankfully avoids mentioning many of the offensive characteristics suffragists supposedly possessed.

4) "Because it means simply doubling the vote, and especially the undesirable and corrupt vote, of our large cities."

Voting procedures in America were already so distorted by corrupt political machines, adding voices to this mix would only make it worse. Keep in mind that political machines were still greatly in control in most places in the United States, locally and nationally. Swelling the numbers of voters would only give machines like Tammany Hall further opportunities to corrode the process. (As for the "undesirable" vote, I believe Mrs. Goodwin"s classism is shining through here.)

5) "Because the great advance of women in the last century " moral, intellectual and economic " has been made without the vote; which goes to prove that is it not needed for their further advancement along the same lines."

Women can simply piggyback upon the decisions made by men on their ascent through professional circles. Many are already benefiting greatly from this adjacency. So why change anything?

6) "Because women now stand outside politics, and therefore are free to appeal to any party in matters of education, charity and reform."

Mrs. Goodwin dances around a salient point here " the idea that being outside of politics allows somebody to get things done that would be impossible within the constraints of government. Of course, this isn"t a justification for simply women; today many choose the sidelines as a place to affect change.

7) "Because the ballot has not proved a cure-all for existing evils with men, and we find no reason to assume that it would be more effectual with women."



While you have every right to your opinion, you do not have the right to push it on others. I am this student's teacher and she was using to help her develop her argument skills, but not to try and defend positions by you or others that are so bitter sounding. You obviously are entrenched in your thinking on this topic. My student is still very young and does not have the need to be so critical.. She has done well defending her stance and I am closing this particular debate.
Debate Round No. 4


Nice meme.


I am closing this particular debate.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by DrKaboom44 2 years ago
First, not ALL women vote democrat. Most southerners that live around my area vote republican. I do agree that what happened in Australia was unfair, and feminist can be extremely ignorant and critical at times, but having views like yours are very one sided, are very barbaric ways to live.
Posted by Millsal974 2 years ago
While you have every right to your opinion, you do not have the right to push it on others. I am this student's teacher and she was using to help her develop her argument skills, but not to try and defend positions by you or others that are so bitter sounding. You obviously are entrenched in your thinking on this topic. My student is still very young and does not have the need to be so critical.. She has done well defending her stance and I am closing this particular debate.
Posted by Millsal974 2 years ago
Btw I'm doin this for class.
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