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Should women have the right to choose abortions?

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Started: 12/20/2013 Category: Politics
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For centuries women have been known as mothers and been associated with the ability(and the pressure) to make new life. For many women these babies were an accident or forced upon them with no other option but to have them. Now there is an option, abortion and yet some people argue that they should not have this option.

My job as Pro will be to argue why women should be able to choose abortions.

Con's job will be to make a counter argument on why they should not.


First off let me start off by saying good luck.

Here is my main points:
Wemen who got sex with an significant other should know that there are risks involved.
A fetus is a living, human , bundle of cells.
Their specific genetic code they get when the egg is fertilized will NEVER be duplicated again.
Life is a wonder, why kill it?!

Wemen should not get rid of fetuses because they could turn out to be someone important that can save a lot of lives and you want to stop that?
Debate Round No. 1


The problem with your argument is this:
1".Wemen who got sex with an significant other should know that there are risks involved." There are many different circumstances in which the women could be impregnated. Not all women who are impregnated had the intention of having sex in the first place. For example if a young woman of 15 is walking down the street is attacked and raped by an unknown man and she becomes pregnant should she have to deal with raising the child of a man that raped her that she did not even know and did not want to have intercourse with.

2."Life is a wonder why kill it" for some women killing the fetus means saving their own life. While modern medicine has come a long way some women aren't ready for childbirth which is excruciatingly painful al;l for a child they may not have wanted in the first place. Every minute, at least one woman dies from complications related to pregnancy or childbirth " that means 287, 000 women a year. In addition, for every woman who dies in childbirth, around 20 more suffer injury, infection or disease " approximately 10 million women each year.

3. "Wemen should not get rid of fetuses because they could turn out to be someone important that can save a lot of lives and you want to stop that?" This can be argued in both ways, while that fetus may turn out to be the next Nelson Mandela they could also turn out to be the next Fidel Castro, Elizabeth Bathory, Adolf Hitler or Osama Bin Laden. Therefore exterminating the fetus could actually be doing the world a great justice.


Good job last round! Here our my rebuttals

Rebuttal 1:

Girls being rapped happens a lot less often than you think. ON this link, you will see that sexual assaults have actually been on a steady decline because of advanced security! This link also states that only 5% of wemen get rapped. The rapped woman can also give away the baby immediately after child birth to a family that really wants a baby!

Rebuttal 2:

Abortion can cause a lot more problems than early childbirth!

In this link, it states all the problems about abortions! It also states that wemen who get abortions are 45% more likely to die then wemen who chosen to carry their child full term. It also states after 2 abortions are 115% more likely to die and wemen after 3 abortions, it jumps to 192% more likely to die. It also state that abortion victims also have an increased risk with ovarian, cervical, and liver cancer! They also go visit the doctor more often mainly about psychological issues! Suicide rate in abortion victims dramatically increase and mental health dramatically DECLINES!

Rebuttal 3:
There is a 90% chance that the baby won't be evil and a 70% chance the baby will make something of themselves. This also comes to parenting and if the woman does not feel responsible enough she can give the baby to a couple who wants it and will raise it good.

Closing round statements:

Abortion is not the only option, you can give the baby away to a couple who wants it. Abortion also causes increase deaths and suicides, and causes many irreversible diseases and conditions. Abortion can cause mental health and physical health to drop. Overall, giving away the baby or just taking responsibility for your little baby is the only good option! That is why I think abortion should be outlawed!
Debate Round No. 2


1. While rape has decreased dramatically it still happens. Even if it happens less and less it still matters. Following the link you included it actually states that in 2000 5% of women in England and Wales have been victims of rape and in 2011 about 20% of women in America suffered rape or attempted rape sometime in their life. Still 4.2 Million Americans are victims of rape. About 1 rape every 2 minutes.

2.The information shown in this link is outdated. It was published November 23,1999 and uses a study from 1997, 16 years ago. Like all medical procedures abortions have come a long way in more than a decade. For example blood transfusions used to be a very high risk operation. Now it is a common procedure that usually goes without complications. But there are some risks like there are in abortions.

3. That means there is a 10% chance that that baby will be evil and a 30% chance of them not doing anything with their life. The woman may not want to have to go through the complications of a pregnancy or deal with the guilt of giving away her baby to strangers.

While abortion may not be the only option it still is an option. It may be the only reasonable option for a woman especially if they couldn't deal with the shame that may come with having that baby. Abortion has side effects, of course it does but so does pregnancy i.e. postpartum depression which can lead to suicide. From your profile it shows that you are a man therefore you have no right to say "Overall, giving away the baby or just taking responsibility for your little baby is the only good option!". It is a women's body and her life and she should be able to control it. Becoming a mother is a huge responsibility and being pregnant is a huge responsibility as well. No one else, not me , and especially not a man, should dictate that or cloud a woman's judgement in choosing. IT'S HER BODY, IT'S HER CHOICE.


I am here to say that abortion should be outlawed which I have proved for the following reasons.

1. Abortion can be harmful to the mom! A recent study has shown that a lot of health problems can occur in a woman that can accidental sterilization! Heavy bleeding and blood clots in the uterus may also occur!
As shown on the link, abortions are be dangerous and can br incomplete, causing the mother to have to go into surgery to get the baby removed!

2. There are better ways than abortions to get rid of the baby if you don't want it. You can give it to a couple who really wants a baby, you can also put him up for adoption. Why kill a innocent embryo when you can give the baby away and give it a shot a life.

3. An older study has shown that people who get a abortion are 45% more likely for death and suicide for 1 abortion, 114% after two abortions, and 192% after three or more abortions. My opponent argues this study is old and abortion has come a long way, but the human mind always stays the same. If there were no more abortions, it would be likely suicide rates would go down.

That's why I think abortions should be outlawed. There are safer, and more humane options than just killing the innocent embryo! At least give the baby a shot at life!
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by David_is_in_Vietnam 5 years ago
the question seeks to differentiate existentialist and essentialist view on what is life?

Getting rid of the fetus?

In everything i do .. I always think of the 2"R"s

Risk + Reward....
Posted by dawndawndawndawn 5 years ago
I, too, think that the question could be re-worded.

If the woman does not choose, who does - the man ( if you can find him),
the family ( if she has any), society ( as if they'd pay to raise the kid - MOST DO NOT)
Posted by dtaylor971 5 years ago
Don't talk like that here... We talk like each person is a fat j*ckass beside the people we know through the internet :P
Posted by SocietyChanger 5 years ago
Dear YYW,
Ironically, this is my first debate and the reason I chose this topic was because I have heard about it so much. I'm sorry if that makes you uncomfortable or disturbed but I think it would make for a interesting debate.
Posted by Ragnar 5 years ago
I suggest changing the resolution to "abortion is a right."

Otherwise you may be shot down, for someone pointing out that the pre-assumption made that abortion is a right, is false. In fact it's an elected operation, with an up front fee.

Right now I'm mildly tempted to troll this, by arguing they have a right to more than the single abortion which pro has proposed.
Posted by YYW 5 years ago
I would love it if people would just shut the fvck up about abortion...
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Reasons for voting decision: Same way every abortion debate goes. Ok, so here is my RFD: For conduct, this goes to con because he was the only one to thank or say good luck to anyone. As for spelling and grammar, this is Con's only fault. He misspelled women "wemen." So that goes to pro. As for convincing arguments, I have to say it goes to con because he better got the BOP, as pro never really made any arguments, just rebuttals. On the other hand, con did. The last category, reliable sources, also goes to con. Because he was the only one to even touch a source. Nothing left to say except good job to both debaters.