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Should you be consuming caffeine

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Started: 8/7/2018 Category: Health
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Caffeine, Although being one of the most common beverages in the world and by far the most used drug, Should not be consumed by humans. Excessive use can lead to addiction (just like most drugs), Anxiety, Involuntary muscle movent, And even psychosis.
For practical reasons such as this, Caffeine should not be utilized by most individuals.


I disagree. Caffeine helps you get through the day and tires you when it's time to sleep. Yes, It does have the ability to become addictive, But doesn't something as innocent as chocolate have the power to become addictive too? It can lead to health problems but too much of anything can also. There are many things we consume often that is a type of drug. Saying that humans shouldn't consume caffeine is like saying we shouldn't consume alcohol, Painkillers, Or prescription drugs.

Due to these facts, Caffeine shouldn't be something we should consider dangerous or harmful.

Good luck on your next argument
Debate Round No. 1


I would argue that it is not best for humans to be consuming anything that is not naturally occurring in nature. To be more specific, I believe in the Paleo ideaology which believes that if humans weren't consuming certain things 15 thousand years ago, They shouldn't be consuming it today as our bodies have not yet effectively addapted to using these foods, Drugs, Or chemicals for energy. Just think of all of those people who can't consume milk because there bodies reject or cannot tolerate it.

Humans should not be consuming painkillers as painkillers are very hard on our bodies and inhibit our bodies natural ability to sense pain in response to an outside stimuli. Any drug that affects your brain chemicals should not be taken unless absolutely necessary. Thousands of people die every year as a result of accidents with prescription pain killers and prescribed medication.

Bringing attention back to caffeine, Caffeine I'll admit for most people is ok as in they will not be debilitated by it at least in the present. But that does not mean that caffeine is safe on our bodies long term health. The effects of caffeine on our bodies in the long term is unknown and therefore should be avoided.


I'd like to point out that 15 thousand years ago, People scarcely lived beyond half the age we can live to today. I'd also like to point out the fact that everything that exists at this moment on Earth has originated from something naturally occurring in nature. I agree to the fact that some of our bodies cannot tolerate certain substances, But most of these cases are not life threatening or extremely harmful.

Painkillers are 'absolutely necessary' during surgery. You say thousands of people die each year due to accidents with prescribed painkillers and medication, But think of the even bigger amount of people that live due to the medication. Painkillers would not be used in surgery if they weren't required and they also wouldn't be used as prescription if the person couldn't get by their day without them. Since society and the physical world around us is changing, We also need to change with it in order to survive. And if that means using drugs and painkillers, So be it.

I think if caffeine was going to be extremely harmful in the future, We'd know about it now. Besides, If I had the choice of having a few decades' worth of energetic mornings and good night's rest, Or the sure promise that my future is going to be without complication or worry, I'd choose the first option.

Good luck
Debate Round No. 2


Great inferences to bring up. For my final debate I will answer all of my opponents perceived flaws in my previous statements and why they are misinterpreted perceptions.

1) I will point out that the statistic that the average Paleolothic era human average age of death (some 30 years old) is a strong and common misperception and will provide a link to further explain the lofty statistic. Paleo era humans on average lived to be 72 years old excluding high infant and toddler mortality rates. For example, If an infant were to die at 6 months into its life, And a man were to live to be 80 years old, The average age of death for Paleo era humans would be 45 years old as they are averaged out making this a highly innacurate statistic due to the infant mortality rate being so high in that era. [1] https://paleoleap. Com/why-cavemen-didnt-die-young/

2) These overall accurate statistics actually provide information that low human life expectancy for humans was actually only something very recent. These low life expectancies likely started as a result of the agricultural revolution which occurred some 10, 000 years ago. [2] httpss://www. Google. Com/amp/s/amp. Businessinsider. Com/how-has-life-expectancy-changed-throughout-history-2015-6
Coincidentally this is the time that humans were ingesting copious amounts of unnatural foods and medicines from the farming and pharmaceutical industries because just like today, People had to have grains, Dairy, And unecessary unnatural medicines & drugs (medicines sometimes are needed by people and therefore this does not apply to everyone). Keep in mind that this means humans in civil societies had lower life expectancies than chimpanzees in the wild with all of the hostile forces of nature involved in a chimpanzees life.

3) Yes while it is true that most things on Earth are not man made or invented, That does not mean that it is safe to consume those items. Although poison ivy is "natural", Ingesting poison ivy, Posion oak, Or poison sumac could result in serious bodily injuryor death.

4) Some people do need medication for survivalistic interventions. This is definitely true. But that does not mean that you should be ingesting copious amounts of painkillers for say minor discomfort in your back.

5) In conclusion, With the unknown possibilities of what caffeine could do to the human condition in the long term, It is rational and sensical that you should not be consuming it. Diseases like Alzheimer's (one of the worst and most deteriative diseases known to mankind) could be a result of long term use of caffeine due to how caffeine interferes with your brains natural ability to utilize it's own chemicals. Additionally, With heart disease being the most common cause of death in the developed world, Caffeine may obviously play a role in heart disease as caffeine affects the natural rythm of the heart by increasing heart rate unnaturally.

Great debate, Hope to have plenty more like it with other members of debate. Org

[1]https://paleoleap. Com/why-cavemen-didnt-die-young/
[2]https://www. Google. Com/amp/s/amp. Businessinsider. Com/how-has-life-expectancy-changed-throughout-history-2015-6
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Leaning 3 years ago
I don't drink coffee myself. Though I have been considering drinking it or maybe tea in a year or two after I get done with my current job. You know for relaxation. I'd rather not drink it the way many others seem to for staying awake in the middle of the night or to wake up in the morning. I do drink soda quite a bit though I suppose.
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