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Should you buy your own Cellphone instead of others buying it for you

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Started: 8/23/2018 Category: People
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Kids who get everything bought for them turn into spoiled little B@#$^'s their constantly on "their" phones but when told to go outside and pull some weeds out of the garden or put in some elbow grease they go and do it but take so long that in 5 hours they haven't even got dirt on their hands


Thank you for giving me the opportunity to debate this topic. Children are irrelevant to this thesis. The question is "Should you buy your own phone instead of someone buying it for you? " Children do not have adequate financial resources to buy their own phone, Thus, This thesis does not apply to them in any way. Whether a phone makes a child obnoxious or not is subject to another topic. Children rely on adults to buy things they need and want because there is no way they can get it themselves.
The thesis is a question of choice. Children automatically have their phones and electronics bought for them since they do not have the ability to get it themselves. You need money to buy a phone and you must work to get money. Since children cannot work they cannot buy a phone themselves. A parent must decide whether the child is responsible enough or not. If the latter is the answer, The child will have no phone at all (It is not bought by them and can only be bought for them).
People buy phones for others for a magnitude of reasons. Whether it is a birthday, Anniversary or other special occasion or it is bought as a reward for achievement(s), Phones make exceptionally wonderful presents. Phones can be bought simply to show gratitude. If an adult son buys a phone for his elderly mother, Who hypothetically cannot afford a phone, Is he doing her a disservice? What if a child needs a phone to call his/her parents in the case of an emergency at school or anywhere else. How can they work their way through difficult or potentially dangerous situations such as these? Phones are tools, A bad worker always blames his tools. The problem is not the buying of the phone, It is the irresponsibly of the person using the phone. While buying your phone does allow you to customize the phone and pick one to suit you, There are situations where you may not be able to get one or where someone decides to buy one for you. In this case, You can accept the gift with a smile, Describe to the person what phone you may like (if they give you that option) and be happy with what you have. It is extremely nice of a person to buy you a phone and sometimes it is necessary and a sign of human compassion. People buying phones for loved ones is not uncommon and is almost always a sign of affection. I strongly assert that someone buying a phone for you is a sign of human social connection and is far more heartwarming than buying the phone yourself.
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Posted by Perspectivist 3 years ago
There are many kids who can take responsibility even with a phone. The phone has no influence, It is how they are raised that determines how lazy they will be.
Posted by 32doni32nido32 3 years ago
In no way am I trying to sound snobby or bratty; sorry if it comes across like that. I just want a relationship with my parents to be built on love and trust, Not annoyance and nagging.
Posted by 32doni32nido32 3 years ago
For the most part, My parents made me save up most of my money if I wanted to get a cell phone; any impulse buying (which was usually for shampoo because I'm an abnormal human) was completely gone. Yay willpower, Right? When that one broke, They bought me a new one which I have to this day. And I'm perfectly fine with pulling weeds out of the garden. I may not enjoy it, But I can listen to music while doing it and think of the end result. But that's just one example out of many others.
The only thing I usually do end up complaining about is if the only thing my parents talk to me about is to do something. I'm usually pretty patient with this for a few days, But when all it comes down to is orders, Well, How are you supposed to enjoy any time with them when they DO want to do something enjoyable? I usually end up staying in my room doing music and art, So that gives them a chance to talk to me about anything OTHER than chores. But they are the ones who are put in a position to have to start the conversation rather than me starting it for them; it shows whether they genuinely care or not.
But, Of course, The only one who actually takes any interest is my mom, And I'm presuming that's the case for most people.

I'm not lazy because I have a phone, I simply just don't want a relationship built on orders. I'm not on my phone that much anyway.
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