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Should you circumcise your child?

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Started: 7/13/2017 Category: Health
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Circumcision is absolutely cruel and barbaric. Allow me to address the common defenses to this unreasonable practice before presenting my own reasons.
1. "It's hygenic"
The foreskin is a natural part of your body that you have evolved to have over thousands of years. what makes it "dirty" or deserving of being amputated off of you? It's not hard to clean under the foreskin and before puberty, you shouldn't have to. Sure it makes it a tiny bit easier if you circumcise your child, but as Adam conover put it- Would you cut your butt cheeks off to make it easier to clear your butt?
2. "you don't need it anyways"
Yes you do. the foreskin experiences pleasure too, like the penis, and also protects the penis from harm and desensitization. In comparison, the lips of vulva are partially there to protect the vagina, clitoris, etc from harm, and we certainly don't feel the need to cut that off just so ladies can clean their vulvas. The foreskin also lubricates the penis when it's aroused to help make intercourse smoother. Removing it removes some of the pleasure of having sex and why would we want to take that away from someone?
3. "It prevents the spread of HIV"
Yeah and cutting people's hands off prevents the possibility of them shooting guns. but is it worth it? cirmcumcising your child only minorly reduces the risk and it's far practical and effective for the person to wear a condom, and then we don't have to cut anything off, see?
4. "The ladies prefer a circumcised penis"
I cannot emphasize enough how impractical this argument is! Why should women be grossed out by a natural healthy uncircumcised penis?! That's how it's supposed to be! We created the standard that a penis should be circumcised and just like cosmetic surgery on the labia, it's all about vanity and totally excessive. If guys liked girls that didn't have fingers, should you cut your baby girl's fingers off? No? then why is this okay?
5. "It's what God wants"
First of all, no one should have any say it performing surgery on your body but you, even God. It's your body. Second of all, if we consider that man was supposedly made in God's image, then even God himself has an uncirmcumcised penis. Why would he want you to snip yours? it just doesn't add up. Let's not forget this is a tradition in the bible, which is very very very outdated. And so is circumcision, incredibly outdated and old fashioned and has no place in a world of modern medicine. It's like eating tree bark instead of taking an aspirin because it was a "tradition" back in the day. Still doesn't justify it.
Now for the arguments FOR leaving your junk intact.
1. It's the way you were born.
it's the way your body has evolved to be. You shouldn't mess with that!
2. A baby can't consent, and it's HIS body.
would you pierce your baby's nose? No? Why not? Because it's their face. similarly that baby is a human being and has a right to their own body.
3. It can cause infections and even death.
This is a subject not often addressed but it's true! It happens more than you think too, even in the cleanest and safest environments, circumcision can go wrong resulting in infections and even death, not to mention the possible loss of the penis
4. It can cause a man to think his natural body is dirty
It encourage the unreasonably negative outlook that a man's body that he is born with is wrong and ought to be changed in such ways.


I accept your debate. First let me say I am a circumcised male. Also.....out of simple curiosity may i ask your gender, and if you have been circumcised? I understand if you don't want to say, i just think that information may add to the debate.

Next, i would also ask for no "ad hominem" attacks, out of simple respect for the debate. Additionally i would appreciate a source for any future post, that backs up any claims or arguments you make.

Due to how you structured the debate i will simply argue the points you have made already.

As I'm looking at your counter arguments I'm having some problems. First you don't actually disprove anything. You began by providing counter arguments to the following....

1.) It's hygienic
3.)It prevents the spread of HIV

The problem is though.... all of these things are true. You actually admit all of these things are true. It IS hygienic. And it DOES prevent the spread of HIV. You actually agree both of these statements. You failed to provide a sufficient counter argument, but instead shifted the focus on to other facts. You say condoms are more effective at stopping HIV. So what? Circumcision is still pretty effective. Why not use both?

2.) You don't need it anyways
You DON'T need it. I don't know what else to say here. You say things such as it effects sensitivity and lubrication. But you have not provided any source for your claims, and i haven't found any serious studies that back up your claims.

4.) The ladies prefer a circumcised penis
I've never heard this argument before, and I've never experienced this in my life.

5.) It's what God wants
This argument is fine, but doesn't prove anything. It does not disprove circumcision is a necessity

Now moving on to your actual arguments

1.) "It's the way you were born."
We are also born with an appendix. However you can live a normal life without one If fact if your appendix burst it can even kill you. To simply say "It's the way you were born" is meaningless, because it doesn't actually address it's use. Just because we were born with it, doesn't necessarily prove we need it, or even that we SHOULD have it.

2.) "A baby can't consent it's his body"
You make a good point here. But we are talking about a medical procedure. We shouldn't ignore a beneficial surgery because the baby can't speak. Truly we could have an entire other debate from this, on Human rights, and what you can or can't do to your child. But for now i don't want to get too off topic, and will simply leave it at this.

3.) It can cause infections and even deaths
Again i would like a source if it "happens more than you think too". I would like some numbers and links to sources please. I can't really dispute a claim that isn't backed by numbers. For instance, while yes i am positive it happens, i believe the benefits still outweigh the risks.

4.) "It can cause a man to think his natural body is dirty"
This is meaningless to me. Your argument is just as vein as "The ladies prefer a circumcised penis". Again we are talking about a medical procedure. Not to mention I've never met a Man in my life who felt this way.

I would encourage you to look at my source [2]. The simple fact is there are many benefits to circumcision. Interestingly the American Academy of pediatrics claim that Circumcision benefits outweigh the risks.These benefits include decreased risk of cancer, decreased risk of urinary tract problems, easier hygiene (already mentioned), and decreased risk of penile problems. Personally i believe that if the American Academy of Pediatrics says the benefits outweigh the risks.... then who are we to say otherwise?

All in all i don't feel as if any of your arguments were very strong, to be completely honest. (I don't wish to sound rude). However i just didn't get any sources from you, and many of your arguments just simply aren't important, or not true.

Anyways, thank you for reading this, and i look forward to round 2.

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Posted by nivac817 2 years ago
Anyways .... i guess I'll accept since no one else seems to be interested.
Posted by nivac817 2 years ago
I mean....... i have a few problems with how this debate is structured. First off you pretty much just concluded the entire debate in your first argument. You usually just make an opening statement, but instead you just gave all your arguments and counter arguments immediately. There are three more rounds to go.... how do you expect to win this when now you have nothing else to say for the next 3 rounds.

Also i didn't see a single source. These are all just your opinion. And given that your name is "Audrey" your opinion doesn't seem to be based off of experience.
Posted by FanboyMctroll 2 years ago
What if you are Jewish? You must have it done
Posted by shneeba 2 years ago
don't plan on accepting this debate because you pose valid points that I can't really contend, but there are a couple things you really have to consider in this. Circumcised penis's are so popular within our society that not having it circumcised is abnormal. And yes the fact the every woman I have very met does prefer it that way is something to consider. If women prefer it that way, that inevitably will lead men to wish they have had their penis circumcised. I am much happier in life that I don't have to deal with an uncircumcised penis and having my lady friends not enjoy their experience with myself as much
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