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Showdown at DDO Corral

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Started: 4/7/2014 Category: Movies
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I challenge the users of DDO to a duel. A showdown, to go down in the history books. Jifpop09, and the daring challenger who wishes to take him in single combat.

Yes it's true, the great bandero and revolutionary, Doc Jifpop has robbed Airmax and Sons banking and finance. 14,000 DDO bucks richer, he has earned rare notoriety. Pursued by the greatest Lawmen ever to take reign in the Wild West, [insert challenger] has cornered Jif in DDO corral. Here, the two gunslingers will fight in what will go down in the books, as the greatest gunfight in DDO history.

Following the usual rules for the noble gunslinger, the two sides will do the following....

1. Post 3 actions a round.

2. Hold fire in the drawing phase (round 1).

3. Accept no help that does not involve ones own weapons.Besides that, rules don't exist. May the faster hand


Me:"After all these years, you're finally mine for the takin', but, like a civilized DDO cowboy i am, i will let you have your last words that it's draw time".

Jif:"F*CK YOU"!

Me: "well, ok then", draws out double revolvers, "DRAW!"
Debate Round No. 1


Action 1: Jifpop09, realizing he can not match Yomama's superior drawing hand, runs back to his old gatling gun, Rusty.

Yomama: Oh $hit, I'm going to die!!!!

Jifpop09: I tried being reasonable, I didn't like it....

Action 2: Fires Gatling gun [Video 2]

Action 3: Jifpop, now satisfied with his assumed killing of Yomama, saddles up and rides out of town.


Action 1: What jifpop didn't realise was that Yomama came prepared with a situation like this, as he was wearing a bullet proff vest!

Action 2: Yomam quickly turns rusty toward jifpop, and opened fire, when the horse fell over, jifpop fell over as well, breaking a leg in the process.

Action 3: Yomam quickly drew double .45 calibers and aimed straight at jifpop's head.

Jifpop: sh*t, you killed (enter name of horse)!

Yomama: always be prepared my friend.

Jifpop: you haven't seen the last of meee! I will return, and when i do, (BANG)

Jifpop falls dead to the ground.
Debate Round No. 2


Action 1: Jifpop09, right before he dies, pulls out his detonator. He pushes it, dropping the nuke on DDO Corral. [video 1]

Action 2: Jifpop09 wakes up 1000 years later, as it turns out, he is a cyborg robot king.

Action 3: Jifpop09 brings yomama to the shredder, grinding up his radiated body in a cotton gin


action 1: right before he hit the shredder, he pulled out his homemade pipe bomb, and shoves it in Jifpops robo d*ck

Action 2, the bomb explodes, causing oil to leak, and blowing up jif pop

Action3: Since he killed the king, yomama now rules the cybernetic wrld of DDO Corral, and had some of his body replaces with diamond, and as diamond is naturally invulnerable, yomama will never die, and Yomama rules for all eternity.

This was fun Jif, hope to do it again sometime.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Jifpop09 6 years ago
Imagination my friend
Posted by The_Scapegoat_bleats 6 years ago
What specific weapons are allowed?
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Vote Placed by travis18352 6 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: pro used videos which made the debate more intertaining. expecially the a10s gatling gun. con made one error in spelling at the end. this debate was entertaining

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