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Single-gender Schools Are Better Than Coed

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Started: 5/9/2014 Category: Education
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Teachers often value female opinions more than male. It will help decrease discrimination against women. When girls see a female principal, and other female leadership positions they will feel responsibility and will realize that they can have leadership positions in life. In single-gender schools all opinions are equally valued. Students will be able to concentrate on their studies and not on who likes who and dating. It will lower the rates of unwanted teenage pregnancies. Grades will improve by at least 59% for boys and 19% for girls.


*Women are discriminated against

You said that women's opinions are valued more than men's. You then continue to say that women are discriminated against. These two statements are conflicting as you say men are discriminated, then you say women are, obviously both are in different and similar way's, but in this case men are the ones being discriminated against according to my understanding of your opinion.

*Females don't feel confident in themselves (Leadership positions)

In what ways do females feel as if they are not fit for leadership positions, and if they are, how are we supposed to fix this problem with single sex schools? When both genders are isolated from the other they get and unnatural feel for who is going to be in the leadership positions in the workplace.

*Equally valued opinions in schools

Obviously opinions will be valued equally as there is only one place for the opinion to come, and that is the inherent problem, people are discriminating on gender in schools, and making it so they cant because there is only one gender to listen too is not helping the problem, it is only running away from it. to fix this problem we need to let both genders know they are valued, and we need to have everyone's opinion listened to to by everyone else, regardless of gender.

*Concentrating on studies

There will always be gossip at schools, no matter what the school is, coed or single-sex, and this gossip is the problem, the other sex based gossip is not.

*Lowering teenage pregnancy rates

Of course the teenage pregnancy rate would be lower, there is no way for them to get pregnant, however lowering teenage pregnancy rates would be easier by having a thorough sex-ed. Having kids know the risks is better then for them to have no possibility of getting pregnant, not knowing how that stuff works, and then getting pregnant because of a misconception and poor sex-ed.

*Grade improvements

Where are your sources for this? How do you know that their grades will improve, and in what way will they?
Debate Round No. 1
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Posted by Christian_Debater 7 years ago
For some reason, when I pasted my RFD, it changed my quotations to question marks. My apologies for that.
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Vote Placed by Christian_Debater 7 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Conduct is a tie because there were no insults. Spelling and grammar is a tie because both arguments were practically error-free. As for the most convincing arguments, it definitely goes to Con. Con basically refuted every point Pro made. Also, Con pointed out how Pro never proved or cited her claims. Moreover, Con used logical arguments to further prove his point. For example, Con stated the following, ?When both genders are isolated from the other they get and unnatural feel for who is going to be in the leadership positions in the workplace.? (Round 1). As for most reliable sources, since no candidate cited anything, it is a tie. Victory for Con.

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