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Single sex schools

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Started: 1/25/2017 Category: Education
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Now days, fall in love at an early age become mainstream among schools. Puppy love is affect students grades a lot. Some kids do not enjoy the company of the opposite. Other kids can"t recognize what thing they can do and what things they can"t in their age. So I think single sex school can prevent them from puppy love and anything that opposite sex will hurt them.


Teenagers in high school are sometimes mature enough to control their actions.And they have the right to control their own feeling and emotion and decide to like or dislike somebody. In addition, homosexuality is a problem among single sex schools. In some case, students have a normal sexual orientation before they go to single sex schools, but they later become homosexuality because of the environment and the atmosphere in single sex schools.
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They may mature in physical but still not mature in mind. They have the right to decidel their own thing, but they can't handle the things going. We have a lot of examples that students did the things without thinking comprehensive first and regreted soon, such as be pregnant and then be dismissed from school. I think the boys know boys well, and girls know girls well, so they won't have any misunderstand. In my idea, homoerotism are not very common and it not based the environment they lived, it depend on their nature instincts.
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Posted by Liyujie 2 years ago
I agreed with the contender, because even children are in the single sex school they could also falls in love with somebody. The single sex school can not stop it. In addition, it is not always bad for earlier love.
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