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Skyrim is the greatest RPG ever made

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Started: 12/20/2013 Category: Games
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I would like to prove that one of the most acclaimed games ever The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim is truly the best RPG ever made. I will be arguing various game mechanics DLC and story telling that truly make Skyrim great.


Let me first start out by saying that Skyrim is one of the worst games I have played and here is why!

1. You can get stuck on one part very easily.
I played for an hour, and got stuck in the cave level, and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't beat it.

2. Red Dead Redemption is far superior!
A cowboy skyrim, but with better free roam and zombie DLC! You can also play poker and liars dice.

3. The weapons are the worst!
All you can choose basically is an axe, sword, shield, or bow and arrow. and don't forget your useless club!

To sum it up, Red Dead Redemption is a far superior RPG than Skyrim. Heck, any game is superior to Skyrim!
Debate Round No. 1


1. One of the greatest parts about Skyrim is it does not require you to do a specific dungeon or go from point A to point B. If you ever can't beat a certain area you can always try a whole new quest line and come back to the original dungeon when you feel you are ready.

2. Red Dead Redemption simply does not allow nearly as much freedom and certainly not as much character creation and customization as Skyrim. In Red Dead Redemption you are pretty much struck to a main story line where as in Skyrim you can be whatever you want to be. If you want to be a thief then you can complete the thieves guild quest and become a master thief, if you want to be a noble warrior you can join the companions in Whiterun and eventually become the harbinger.

3. First of all there are dozens of different differantions of weapon is in Skyrim, and your "useless club" is called a mace. You also forgot to mention magic which can give you the power to incinerate your foes and then raise them from the dead to fight for you.


Cooldudebro forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Since my opponent forfeited the last round I suspect he either agrees with me or has forgot about this debate


I am sorry! I have been busy! I can refute your previous arguments.

1. When I played skyrim, it took at least 20 minutes for me to reach a city. When I reached the city, i could not find my objective! The map is flawed and it does take a long time to get where you want to go.

2. In Red Dead Redemption has an online play that lets you change characters, roam around, hunt, become a fugitive and fight the cops, and get into gang shoot outs. Story mode has additional games such as five fingers and arm wrestling. Their is also a dlc that lets you play poker, liars dice, and undead overrun, which is like nazi zombies. Skyrim has not come out with an online game yet.


As shown in the link, these weapons that have differations, are all different versions the weapons I posted before. Magic can also be found in diablo 3 which is a story RPG that lets you roam free later on.

I have negated the pro's previous statements.

I have also proven that skyrim is not the best RPG because of many reasons! There are too many RPG's to accurratly name skyrim the best RPG.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by ThatRepublicanGuy 6 years ago
Assassins Creed is superior
Posted by JustAnotherGuy 6 years ago
Although Skyrim is a great game, I do believe that their are greater RPGs out there.
Posted by IndriMaster 6 years ago
Skyrim is definitely not the best RPG, but it's a really good game.
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Reasons for voting decision: spelling was better on pro as was the argument, i love skyrim and its the best RPG ever sources went to con as he provided one and pro didnt

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