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Small dogs are better than big dogs

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Started: 4/3/2018 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Small dogs are so much better than big dogs! Here are the reasons:

1. Small dogs are cute and cuddly

2. You can pick up and cuddle with small dogs but you can't comfortably pick up big dogs

3. Small dogs don't do as much damage as big dogs before they are trained

4. Small dogs are not as stinky to be honest haha

5. Small dogs are easier to wash


I'd like to start by countering your arguments

1. Not all small dogs are cute, I've seen many ugly small dogs. Also, the idea of cute and cuddly is very subjective and therefore irrelevant. The standard of appearance is different depending on individuals.

2. The ease of picking up a dog doesn't determine how good the dog is. You provide no justification for this as a determining factor; it's not important.

3. The damage caused by a dog is not necessarily determined by its size but is more accurately determined by its the temperament, or personality. A dog's personality is not determined by it's size. Your statement is not true.

4. Dogs are often stinky because they eat poop and lick themselves or they roll in poop, but according to my experience of breeding both small and large dogs, they both eat and roll in poop.

Dogs and humans have lived together for a long time (60,000 years ago). Walk in the forest, walk in the mud, walked over the city. We learned to live a clean life. It has become a natural and familiar task for us.

But dogs are different, so their naturalness is different from ours. Dogs originally lived in forests and fields, and some still do today. It's natural for them. According to animal scientists, their favorite smell is the smell of mud and poop. For dogs, the smell of mud and poop is like peppermint. They think it is clean!

So the standards of clean and smelling pleasant is not shared by dogs.

Now my main argument for large dogs being better is that large dogs are more useful.
As you know, police dogs and military dogs are all large dogs. Seeing eye dogs for blind people are also large dogs. Farm dogs used for herding sheep are large. St. Bernard dogs were used for locating people trapped in snow; they are large.

A large dog can also save your life. Let's suppose that your house is on fire and you can't escape. Your loyal large dog can save your life by pulling you out, but a small dog won't be able to do a thing expect bark.

Of course, there are many reasons we breed dogs. But a dogs usefulness and it's ability to save us is also one of the most important reason we raise dogs.

For these reasons, large dogs are better than small dogs.
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Posted by mosc 3 years ago
Small dogs are easier to suffocate.
Posted by Nd2400 3 years ago
You right on some of your reasons. But not all.
Big dogs could protect you and your property. And they are better to play with. You can play football with them and basketball and what ever big boy games. LoL
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