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Small talk

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Started: 7/14/2013 Category: Society
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I have never been one for "pointless chatter;" but you argue convincingly that it serves a substantial role in human interaction.

Of course, intellectual or meaningful discourse is impossible for every conversation that one is involved in as it involves argument construction (worthwhile debate require forethought, research and preparation), a whole lot of effort, and pre-fabricated logicality that impairs spontaneity

However, as an introvert who often lives a solitary life of the mind especially when accosted and trapped by uninspiring company [my instinct is to tune out], I would say that I feel my time and space being parasitized by those who want to "shoot into the wind." I cannot think effectively in the midst of the clatter of vacuous chatter, and cannot recoup time lost in inane chatter. Any thoughts on this great disadvantage?


I accept.
I myself exhibit symptoms of introvertism, but I have trained for years so that I can fake extrovertedness.

Sometimes, I think the other person can tell my smile's fake, but they don't mention it.

I myself am no fan of small talk, but it is nonetheless an important factor into the human condition!
Debate Round No. 1


The problem with faking extrovertism and the enjoyment of participating in small talk is that you are fabricating a lie which takes effort not to mention time you could invest in more enjoyable activities. Small talk is essentially a quid pro quo activity-you pay with your time and effort for social gain. Again whether the paid currency is worth it is a matter of personal values


The problem with faking extrovertism and the enjoyment of participating in small talk is that you are fabricating a lie which takes effort not to mention time you could invest in more enjoyable activities.
You're missing something: I'm 14-year-old. I have nothing to do! I usually spend my day surfing the Internet, just to do something. It is only when neccassary that I remove my firmly-planted bottom from off my bed and my hands from off the keys.

Faking social interaction quickens the pace of trivial events, and is sometimes fun. I have been doing it since 3rd Grade, and it is a reflex for me, as it is for most people. Most people don't realize that they're feigning happiness.

I'm sure you've noticed; the toothy-smile; the unblinking eyes; the cough-like laugh.

People participate in faking sociality without even noticing!
For added fun, tell whoever you're talk to that you regularly fake social interaction.
Watch as they step around as if on thin ice.

"W-well... You should open up."
"Don't you fake social interaction?"
"I think you do."

Person will now get defensive. You have skipped over small talk and now can initiate conversation on other subjects

"You're right. You don't fake it. What do you think of Obama?"

Note: This works best with someone you already know fairly well. The person also knows what you're doing. They're not stupid.

Also, you can also feign annoyance with people you don't know very well. Smile just a little too widely. They will avoid you, especially if you make your voice a tad higher. Say the most unfunny, random things.

These newer people will avoid you. You now have all the time alone you could want.

Now, there won't be as much of those pesky party-invitations.

Have fun.

Warning: You may come to regret your life and be unable to change.
Small talk is indeed just pandoring for social/monetary gain; I do not dispute this. However, it does get you social/monetary gain.

Humans are rather obsessed with socializing. This is the only way other people know to make friends.

"How're you?"
"You watch the game?"
"Like sports?"
"Watch TV."
"What show?"
"T-that's a cool show."
"Yeah. I like it."
"Can you believe her?"
"She doesn't deserve to live."
"No, she doesn't. It's the producers fault!"
That's all they know hoe to do in orde to make friends, and thus we will have to resort to such petty lengths to succeed socially.
Debate Round No. 2


jysting forfeited this round.


I think that my opponent has abandoned his account!
Debate Round No. 3
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Reasons for voting decision: Forfeit, with pro's basic argument not responded to (small talk is how humans make friends).

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