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Smash Bros New Characters

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Started: 2/21/2017 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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This is a debate to express one character you'd like to see in the next Super Smash Bros game. You can't argue for a character that already appeared in an official Smash Bros game, and you must come up with 4 Special moves (Up B, Neutral B, Side B, Down B), as well as a Final Smash; a super powerful attack you get by destroying a Smash Ball. Also, you should come up with a solid reason as to why that character should be in Smash Bros.

As an overview of the Smash Bros series (so unfamiliar people can know what we're talking about), Super Smash Bros is a unique fighting game franchise made by Nintendo where, instead of getting the enemy's HP to 0, you beat up the opponent, then send them flying offscreen.

The winner will be whoever the voters think has a better canditate for Smash Bros, preferably analyzing the characters' movesets and reasons to make judgement.

My character this time is Ridley from Metroid. Round 1 is acceptance, and saying your chosen character.


sunray would be my character she has four special moves A is sun ray that burns the opponent taking most of the life away B would be shine which would blind the other character so you could sneak attack them with X which is punch Y is to block the final smash will be Right Bumper which is burn blind and punch
Debate Round No. 1


... Who is Sunray? And obviously you've been playing too much Marvel vs Capcom, so get with the times. But I should at least show Ridley's page, since not everybody would know about him:

[Even though the first picture depicts him being green, Ridley is actually purple.)

Again, Smash Bros is about launching the opponent off the stage. I suggest Con watches this video: 's the in-game tutorial video in Smash Bros 4. (And for the controls, A is attack, B is special attack, X and Y is jump, L/R shields, ZL/ZR is grab. Left Analog Stick is move, Right Stick is Smash Attacks. D-Pad is taunt.)

Anyways, here's my move set for Ridley:

Neutral B; Fire Breath: Ridley breathes a continuous stream of fire forward, which goes about 4 character lengths. However, if you hold down the button for more than 1 second, the attack decreases in range and damage rather quickly. After 5 seconds of holding down B, no fire will even come out, and it takes 20 seconds to fully recharge. At most, this does 24% damage.

Side B; Soaring Rush: Ridley charges forward, covering half the distance of Final Destination, or roughly 5 character lengths. It goes at a decently fast pace, but it can be reacted to. If this does hit, it deals 14%, and decent knockback. If used in midair, Ridley will enter a free fall state where he can't do anything unless he lands on the ground, or gets hit. Using this move does not grant invincibility, so the opponent can hit you hard if they time it right.

Up B; Glide: Ridley goes into a flying mode (similar to Pit's Up B back in Brawl). He moves at a pretty good speed, and pressing the Shield button does an air dodge, where you avoid any attack in a span of around 0.75 seconds after pressing the button. This flying mode lasts for 5 seconds, and when it ends, Ridley goes into free fall until he gets hit or lands. Landing on the ground or grabbing a ledge can end this move early. This move is solely for getting back to the stage, and when it's active, you can't attack.

Down B; Tail Stab: Ridley thrusts his bladed tail forward, which goes roughly 4 character lengths. If an opponent gets hit by this, they get pulled towards Ridley. Well, more of launched in his direction. It doesn't launch the opponent too far, so at higher percents, this can lead into a combo, perhaps a grab and throw or a Smash attack (A + Direction). The attack does 10% damage, and after the move's done, Ridley will be vulnerable for a bit.

Final Smash; Meta Mode: Ridley becomes his Meta form from the Metroid Prime series. For 30 seconds, Ridley's attack power is 1.5x than normal, and he's also 1.5x as fast. He also hardly gets launched, so the best choice if you're against this is to run.

Reason for Ridley:

He's a highly requested character, but the main reason why Ridley got rejected as a character is his size. He's about 3 times the size of a normal human, perhaps a bit bigger. But you could scale him down just a bit, so he's a bit bigger than Bowser and Charizard is in Smash 4.

The majority of Ridley's attacks would be strong, but leave him vulnerable. His weight would be somewhere between Donkey Kong (2nd Heaviest fighter) and Charizard (I believe he's the 4th heaviest fighter in Smash 4). His size would make him an easy target to hit, which is another weakness. It would be an interesting take as a character, as Ridley would rely on careful offense rather than any usual "predicting your opponent's moves" strategy that 90% of competitive Smash players use.

There's what I've got for Ridley. I'll try to research this "Sunray" character, maybe she is a reasonable fighter.
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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by PowerPikachu21 2 years ago
Sunray refers to... An MLP fanmade character, a spell in Baldurs Gate, an Artstation user, and a user from EVE Online. I doubt any of those is what you meant. Lexieeeeee, is Sunray perhaps someone you created yourself solely for this? Or is it from something that already exists? (My google search was "Sunray character", in case you need to know)
Posted by JimShady 2 years ago
It says I can't except this cause I have an open debate with you from a long tome ago.
Posted by Mharman 2 years ago
Darn it! I was gonna go for Ridley!
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