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Smoking Ban

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Started: 12/4/2015 Category: Health
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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First round for acceptance only. Looking forward to a challenging debate!


I accept this challenge. Good luck!
Debate Round No. 1


Smoking should be illegal in most public places. Not only does it kill those who smoke, it also endangers the lives of innocent people who have chosen not to smoke. An estimated 53,800 people die each year from secondhand smoking [1]. 2 out of 5 children are affected by secondhand smoke [1]. This needs to be fixed. It's manslaughter to smoke in a public place! People may have a right to smoke, but they do not have the right to cause others' deaths- and that's what smoking in public places and workplaces does.



I accept your debate. I will argue in the first round, and waive the last round.


I had a lot of debate topics like this one, one was with
tejretics of a debate of smoking ban. I was Pro on this topic, so in this debate, I get a new chance to debate on the other side of the topic. This is not that good for me, because I do not know this side well, but much good of an experience for me because I get to know more about smoking ban.

Next of all, I had a taxation of cigarettes increasing debate. I was Con on this debate also. I wish my opponent good luck, and let'shave a nice debate.


As I said, I never tried this side before, so please do not be sad or mad if I screw up. I will be talking about if we should ban the use of tobacco. BOP is equally shared, Pro has to prove why tobacco should be banned in the
US, when I say they should not ban tobaccouse, or the tobacco in the US. If I fill the BOP, I win. If my opponent does, he wins.

What is tobacco?

I know that it was a rule of Pro's that I accept the definitions,
however I know that most of our definitions will be similar.

Okay, what is tobacco?

Tobacco: a preparation of the nicotine-rich leaves of an American plant, which are cured by a process of drying and fermentation for smoking or chewing.

Okay, so the main argue of this debate is if we should ban tobacco, which is a plant which is not healthy, and you smoke. I will be arguing we should have tobacco, when my opponent will argue we should ban tobacco.


Okay, here comes to my first argument.

1. Economy

My first argument will be about the economy. The economy will become low if we ban smoking.

Smoking makes a lot of money if smoking. There are many tobacco farms. They get more than a million dollars a hour, and about 28 million dollars a day. That is a lot of money just for smoking. However, what happens if we ban this?

Okay, this is the chart. As you can see, if you ban smoking, the economy turns in that state. This is because the US earns a lot of money because of tobacco, in tobacco farms, and also everywhere else. They use this tobacco make cigarettes, people buy them, and the government earns the money. However, the bad thing is that if we ban smoking, there will be no money for smoking, no one buys it, and the government earns less money because of this. If we ban smoking, the economy will be at risk, and turns bad, so that is why we should not ban tobacco.

2. Liberty

Okay, this argument is about the right to choose, liberty.

Why the smokers are smoking? Because they want to. The government does not 'force' the citizens to smoke, it is the citizen's or person's choice. They can just quit smoking, however they aren't. They want to smoke because of some reasons. Why do we ban smoking to people who want to smoke? It is their decision, and we need to have the right to choose what we want to do. The people who smoke, all have the right to do this, because it is harming no one. Pro might say that there is a problem, so I will explain that in the next argument. Our point is that the smokers want to smoke, they are not forced. They need the right to choose what they want to do, and not always get controlled by other's decisions, or the government's decisions. This shows that we need liberty, and do what we want sometimes, and not always be int he government's hands. We can't ban anything that is not that good sometimes. We should not ban tobacco in the US.

3. My solution

This is not really, an argument, just my solution to fix this why we should not ban tobacco.

Solution: Pro might argue that smoking is bad for your health, and other's health in the environment. So there is a solution. Ban smoking in public places, however make more spaces for yes smoking. This does not approve the resolution in any way. The resolution says, "Tobacco use should be banned in the US." We do not ban tobacco use. We ban it in public places, so that there is no bad pollution in the environment from smoking. Another way is that make more private places or spaces to allow smoking. If we used this solution, why would anyone smoke outside if there is a smoking center right next to the place, and you pay money? This solution will increase lots of smoking in the environment, making smoking okay, and doing no damage to non-smokers.

4. Dependent

Defintinon of Dependent: needed something else for support.

This argument is about if we ban smoking, some people will be dependent of the government.

Who gets the tobacco? The farms will get tobacco. Who makes cigarettes? Companies do. What happens if we ban smoking? The people who make money by tobacco selling like the farms, have no jobs, the companies have no jobs because of the ban. The people will become dependent on the government. About 5 million people in the US work on the tobacco farms. These 5 million people will have no jobs, and will become dependent on the government.


We should not ban tobacco because it harms the economy. It also bans the people's right of liberty, and to choose what they want to do. I made a solution, and people will become dependent. These are my 4 main arguments. Thank you.


Debate Round No. 2


True, my resolution does not exactly suit the title of this debate; however, this is one of my first debates. Also, I know I'm wasting a round here, but... your "chart" is a blank white rectangle. I wouldn't call that reliable evidence.


Really? Was my chart is only white? When I see it, it is good. Also I have the sources were my chart was from, so just look at my sources.


Sorry for making my chart white. Just look at my sources. Pro had basically forfeited this round, or wasted it, so for that reason, vote for Pro. BOP is shared. I will be posting my rebuttals here, and restate my dropped arguments that my opponent needs to argue, or else they are dropped.


1. Pro only has one argument, and this is about secondhand smoke.

Okay, Pro's argument is clearly rebutted by my 3rd argument, about my counterplan. My counterplan states that we should have smoking zones, or smoking places to smoke. We ban people smoking in public places. This perfectly rebuts Pro's argument if we have smoking zones, because no one can go in or probably go in.


Okay, Pro dropped all my arguments, so extend.

Thank you. Back to Pro.
Debate Round No. 3


Lyssie forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by fire_wings 3 years ago
I got an argument fast because I already did a debate on this topic, both sides. I will refute your argument in the next round.
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