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Smoking is good for you, And I love it!

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Started: 10/2/2018 Category: People
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Despite all the misconceptions about smoking being bad and all the negativity about smoking, In fact smoking is good for you and I love smoking and blowing smoke in the non smokers faces as they give me their sour face in disgust. So let me provide you some real facts about benefits of smoking.

Smoking Alleviates Ulcerative Colitis, People who suffer from inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), Smoking seems to relieve their worst symptoms.

At a recent conference on IBD in San Francisco, IBD expert Stephen Hanauer speculated that everything from our diets to tylenol to colder climates might be to blame for the recent rise in IBD diagnoses, Especially in developed countries. But cigarette smoking, Which is largely a 20th Century phenomenon, Doesn"t gel with theories about IBD being a consequence of modern lifestyles, Because it can actually ward off ulcerative colitis.

A handful of small studies has shown that nicotine might be a useful therapy for ulcerative colitis

Protects Against Parkinson"s Disease, The more people smoke, The less likely they are to develop Parkinson"s disease. This inverse correlation was first observed in the 1960s, By epidemiologist Harold Kahn. When he analyzed the health insurance records of nearly 300, 000 veterans, Kahn noticed that smokers who had served in the US military between 1917 and 1940 were three-times less likely than non-smokers to have later died of Parkinson"s disease, In cases of Parkinson"s disease, Dopamine producing neurons in the midbrain degenerate and die. But nicotine appears to protect these neurons

Smoking also curbs weight loss, As nicotine suppresses appetite and smoking can be a great way to lose weight.

And finally lets not forget this country was founded on tobacco, It was the tobacco production in the 1600's that made America the country it is today.

So next time you see a smoker, Give him/her a nod not a sour face, And maybe I won't blow smoke in your face.

Go ahead let me know how cigarettes are not good for you


As soon as you specified what kind of substance was being smoked, I as well as most people knew where this is headed.
You're advocating for the claim that smoking is good for you, Implying that this activity is beneficial for everyone. Here are my points on why your argument is not viable and justifiable:

Your opening segment seems okay and solid. It is a possibility that there are many negative misconceptions associated with smoking cigarettes. Whether are true or not will be determined within this debate and we will both be the judges so I'd appreciate it if you don't troll. Your own testimonial on smoking is subjective and anecdotal. It is also not credible due to the fact that you are, Supposedly, A twelve-year-old kid and that your view on smoking may not be representative or the majority opinion within the smoking community. If you can give me a survey that supports your rhetoric that most smokers love smoking cigarettes and that it's good for them, Then it can be approved.

You have established the proven fact that cigarettes alleviate Ulcerative Colitis and that it is not a cause of conditions like Ulcerative Colitis. Superficially, This point effectively supports your claim that smoking cigs are a good way to improve your health. However, If we were to assess the number/efficacy of positive effects in comparison to the number/severity of negative effects in smoking cigarettes, We would conclude that the negatives outnumber and outweigh the positives by a lot.
Positive effects include but are not limited to: a false/deluded sense of stress relief and relaxation, Alleviation of IBDs, Low risk of obesity, Lowers risk of Parkinson's disease.
Negative effects include: lung cancer, Mouth cancer, Throat cancer, Milanosis, Tooth loss, Tooth decay, "Smoker's Face"(premature wrinkling and sallow coloration) birth defects, Stenosis, Periodontitis, Second-hand smoking, Addiction, Stress exacerbation, Increase risk of engaging in substance abuse, Etc.

Evidently, The cons to smoking completely overshadow the minute number of pros when it comes to smoking. Furthermore, There is a multitude of alternatives for cigarettes in regards to the list of positive effects of smoking. Substitutes such as taking a break/chewing gum/listening to music/meditation, Medication, Exercise/liposuction/eating healthy, Etc. Are all great ways to reap those benefits in contrast to smoking. And what's so great about these alternatives is that they don't come with the many dangers and lethal side effects that smoking cigarettes have.

While tobacco was the basis for the economy that our nation was built off from, It is not the representation of our nation's ethics or at least something that we shouldn't be proud of. Slavery was part of our economy for a while, But we shouldn't uphold that legacy. Besides, We can still use tobacco without putting it in cigs.
Debate Round No. 1


I would like to clarify my statement about smoking. There is too many taboos about cigarettes being very bad. I want people to realize that it's not that bad. If it was it would be illegal like cocaine and heroin. Smoking used to be a norm, You could smoke in a restaurant, A movie theater, An airplane, Mall, Pretty much anywhere, But today smoking has become stigmatized as being really bad.

Well smoking is not bad for you, Don't let the anti smoking propaganda agencies fool you. Smoking is no worse than consuming alcohol, Which incidentally is very bad for your heart and liver. Also how many people drink and drive and cause deaths on the road. While with a cigarette you can still drive a car, Or do any other activity.

Unless you are smoking over 1 pack a day, Everyday, Smoking is not that much more harmful than other things in society. Why is it smoking is stigmatized as bad, But serving sugary sodas to children, With tons of corn syrup or fatty foods are not stigmatized the same way?

Smoking is a personal choice like gambling, Drinking, Doing drugs. And unlike other drugs it's is not illegal as per the Health department. If it was so bad, It would not be available for sale, Like cocaine and meth and heroin which are illegal and can only be purchased from a drug dealer.

Smoking does have it's benefits like

"Smoking may lower risk of knee replacement. . . .
"Smoking may lower risk of Parkinson's disease. . . .
"Smoking may lower risk of obesity. . . .
"Smoking may lower risk of death after some heart attacks. . . .
"Smoking may alleviate ulcerative colitis. . . .
"Smoking may reduce stress

Smoking is LEGAL as recognized by the health department, It's available for sale anywhere and is no worse than alcohol.

Therefore people need to get rid of this stigma that smoking is so bad. Until the 2000's smoking was a regular habit of society, Kids could buy them for their parents with a note from the convenience store, It was normal to have an ashtray beside your phone at work to talk on the phone and have a cigarette, Or go for dinner and have a nice cigarette after in the smoking section of the restaurant.

Smoking gets a bad rap and I want to void those misconceptions about cigarettes being bad. Smoking is a personal choice and it's not bad like the propaganda society tries to feed you. Smoking is good and there is nothing better than to light up a nice Camel cigarette after a long day at work to reduce stress and relax. No different than having a glass of bourbon after a long day at work.

Cigarette smoking is not bad, It has it's benefits.


This is off topic but I was wondering if you're excited for the new Michael Myers movie coming out.

It'd be imperative that you evidently confirm these taboos and misconceptions about smoking. Take any of the negative factosrs listed above and prove whether or not it is a common misconception or a scientific phenomenon.
"I want people to realize that it's not that bad". You just disproved your own argument by saying that smoking is bad, But not as bad as people think. Smoking, According to your statement, Is still bad, Therefore it is not good for you.
Certain substances and products that are bad are still legal, But not because it is good for you. The reason why the government has not outlawed smoking cigs is due to their past experience with another substance that is worse, If not equally bad, Than cigarettes. Alcohol. Due to complains about domestic violence and alcoholism induced by drinking, People, Particularly women, Launched the Temperance Movement which urged the government to make reforms on drinking alcohol. In 1919, The Prohibition Act(Eighteenth Amendment) was officially implemented into the US Constitution. Basically, It was an all out ban on any alcoholic beverages. However, The results didn't live up to the expectations of the activists and politicians. It actually undermined their cause. Criminal organizations seized control of alcohol. They sold and managed it in an underground network of bars and saloons. While the rate of alcohol consumption decreased in the beginning, It drastically increased once the mob made a foothold. There were no economic gains from the banning of alcohol. People started to turn to more dangerous substances like opium and cocaine. Smoking is still harmdul to the body, But the reason why we don't ban it is so that the government can oversee and regulate the production and selling of cigs and because people will be using it more.

The reason as to why smoking was socially and culturally acceptable back then is because modern science was not as adcanced as it is today. Over the years, Research and experiments have been conducted on smoking cigarettes; it has been concluded that smoking is bad. It's the same with pollution. People thought pollution was not a problem until the environmentalist movement showed up.
It is impossoble to abstain from smoking cigs incessantly. The amount of nicotine they put into it makes people hooked, As if their life depends on it. Its nicotine that decieves you into thinking that you love it. Nicotine causes your body to release dopamine, Which makes you feel relaxed and relieved. What happens when your source of smoking cigs is gone? You'd go into withdrawal and that is a terrible experience you could have avoided if you didn't smoke in the first place.
Sodas and junk foods are still condemened, But not as much as cigarettes because junk food can be consumed in moderation, While cigarettes shouldn't be touched at all, Especially for kids.
As stated before the cons outwiegh the pros and there are many alternatives to smoking that can give the same results which are better and risk free.
Debate Round No. 2


I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEW MICHAEL MYERS MOVIE! I'm going the first night it's out. I love all the Halloween movies except # 3

Like you mentioned science has shown that cigarettes can be bad BUT so is everything else. Too much of anything will eventually kill you. There was a kid last year who drank 12 Nestle ice teas a day for 6 months and completely destroyed his kidneys because of an active ingredient in the tea that crystallized in his kidneys. Now the kid is 22 and will be on dialysis for the rest of his life. Eating too much bacon can cause heart disease. Eating too much of one item can cause stomach cancers. Moderation to anything is the key. And tobacco is the same. If you are smoking less than 6 cigarettes a day it will hardly do anything in your body. I told my doctor I smoke 4 cigarettes a day and he just shrugged his shoulders. It is ironic how many doctors and nurses say cigarettes are bad, Yet if you look in the smoking areas just on the outside of hospital properties they are all smoking. I see doctors smoke all the time, You would think they would have the most knowledge on the subject of tobacco consumption.

Smoking can only be bad if you chain smoke over a pack a day, Otherwise having a cigarette, Your body gets rid of the toxins within 2 hours of smoking. We have toxins in Coca Cola, Like sulphuric acid, Citric acid sodium citrate which are very harmful to the body in mass quantities yet nobody is complaining about Coca Cola.

Cigarettes are no worse than alcohol, And are way better than meth, Heroin fentanyl, Ecstasy and cocaine.

The key to cigarettes as in anything else is moderation. Cigarettes are not bad, And I have pointed out some benefits. I believe all the negative info on cigarettes is just media fear mongering.

Cigarettes will never go away just like alcohol, People enjoy it and some may frown but in the end it's a personal choice.

mic drop


I'm gonna have to point out that you still haven't given sources or support on:
The number of people who think smoking is good, And that they love it.
Certain statements about smoking dcibs that are misconceptions and are not scientific phenomenon.

You also haven't addressed my point on the issue of nicontine and how it affects a person's health and overall lifestyle.

First you argued that smoking is bad, But good. Now you are arguing that everything is bad unless it is consumed or used at modearte levels. This is false. We cannot use this logic to judge the safety of waht we put into our bodies. There are materials out there that are good, But can be bad if we use them over the limit. And then there are materials taht are innatley bad, Like cigarettes. If there is no distinction, Then there shouldn't be a problem for a kid to go to a liquor store to buy some alcohol or for a person to go in an alley and get crack. But it IS a problem and there IS line drawn between good and bad things.

Smoking cigarettes is the leading cause of preventable disease.
There are more than 16 million Americans who are living with a disease caused by smoking.
Smoking is a known cause for not erectile disfunction.
Smoking causes 480, 000 deaths (13, 000 per day) every year in the U. S. , 6 million worldwide.

Keep it fresh, Yo. Fresh Empire
mike drap
Debate Round No. 3
29 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 21 through 29 records.
Posted by FanboyMctroll 3 years ago
Or guys, How about I keep smoking because I LOVE IT!

People always suggest alternatives or quitting

But what if I really enjoy it?

That's like if you like watching TV and people kept giving you suggestions to stop watching TV, Would you stop?
Posted by Nartnod7875 3 years ago
Or just chew gum, Man.
Posted by zhaod1 3 years ago
If you can't get rid of the smoking habit, Then try vaping. It's a much better alternative.
Posted by FanboyMctroll 3 years ago
I do go outside all the time for a smoke LOL, I don't smoke indoors.

Everyone needs something to unwind with. People go to bars for drinks, I smoke. I enjoy it and it relaxes me. When I'm really stressed and I'm nicking, There is nothing like going outside for a nice smoke. Calms me right down and I'm able to continue working.

Smoke breaks are essential to an employees well being, It gets them out of the office, And gives them a shot of nicotine to sooth their arteries. It's like a coffee addict who needs that caffeine to start their day

Incidentally coffee was invented by people who wanted to stay up longer and smoke fvcking more!
Posted by Nartnod7875 3 years ago
Have you tried going out to get some fresh air? Have you bothered to take a rest? Cmon, There so many ways for you to escape the eceryday problems of life rather than smoking.
Posted by FanboyMctroll 3 years ago
everyone needs some escape, I don't drink, I don't gamble, I don't do drugs, The only thing I do is smoke
Posted by Masterful 3 years ago
Yeah I've smoked a little in the past, It's disgusting. I'd smoke like 5 on a night out, In the morning I'd cough up black tar. After seeing that, I'd rather roll up some mud and smoke that, Because it'd be a lot less gross.
Posted by FanboyMctroll 3 years ago
sorry should have clarified it better, Smoking CIGARETTES
Posted by zhaod1 3 years ago
Are you talking about smoking cigarettes, Smoking weed, Or vaping?
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