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Smoking should be banned

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Started: 10/3/2016 Category: Health
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Welcome to this debate! I assume that smoking is very harmful for people's health and the best way to get rid of this destructive habit is to make it illegal so that people would have to stop smoking in order not to have problems with law.


Hullo. I am not really against banning smoking, but this is the only debate that I have a position on, so I am doing this.

I think smoking shouldn't be banned because smoking is a choice. A choice that a man (or woman) is allowed to make because this is a free country. If you have problems with smoking, maybe you should also support the ban of guns. Guns kill more than smoking. And what about cars? Car accidents kill around three thousand two hundred people per day, which in a year is about 1.3 million people. Then should be ban driving? No. Because all of these things are essential to our lives, and the risk of death caused by it is nearly non-existence ( Except guns ). Smoking is too. People can inhale second-hand smoke every day. But unless you live with smokers who smoke 10 packs a day, then I think you should be fine. Plus buildings are allowed to prohibit smoking.
Debate Round No. 1


Well, guns are prohibited in the majority of countries already, where only police has permission to have them. I agree that cars and many other types of vehicles can cause death of many people. However, the invention of cars made our lives significantly easier and, if a person uses it carefully, it will never bring any harm. So their advantages for daily routine, economy, people's interactions, mankind in general are incontestable. The same cannot be said about smoking, which does not benefit to society at all, just making more and more people people addicted to it. Millions of people died because of cancer caused by smoking or, to be precise, their addiction to smoking and the lack of willpower to get rid of it. This everything could have been prevented if the smoking have been banned and people wouldn't have an opportunity to ruin their health themselves.
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Posted by BackCommander 2 years ago
Not at all a healthy way to take care of the smoking issue. All you'll have done is made everyday citizens into criminals. You'd also be opening up an entirely new criminal market for a product that is not at all hard to get your hands on, putting more money into the pockets of criminal organizations rather than the government. Terrible idea, wouldn't work at all.
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