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So where do we find LOVE?

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Started: 5/6/2018 Category: Religion
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Love is found in so many places, but where can you find it most?
I have put this out there because I can't debate myself upon this site so whoever considers addressing this topic with me is always a winner.


You can find Love on the cross where God in human flesh hung being tortured to death having done nothing wrong, desiring to to be the Father's Yeshua, the Hebrew word for salvation, and the Hebrew name for Jesus. He bought sinners at a great price, His holy and precious blood which covers all sins save for taking the Mark of the Beast, and blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. He desires for you to repent of past, present and future sins, confess Yeshua/ Jesus is God, Lord, Savior, a Messiah/Christ, and share with another sinner that you have been save by the Love of your life. Specify if you need me to prove something, and I will. His Love for you is absolute, turn to Him, please before it's too late. We are all one heartbeat away from death, are you ready? God is calling you to Yeshua/Jesus, or Salvation in any language. I hope I don't offend.
Debate Round No. 1


You find love and the truth within humility of ones, self and within empathy and sympathy for another.

For what you wish upon another you wish upon yourself and what you wish upon one's self you wish upon another. As a gift is a gift that is justly returned as a gift.

If you have found love then you have found our own existence creator whom I call Nature. For the nature of our own existence creator is unconditional love. For there is a place for all within the heavens of heaven. If you wish to understand a little more then have a look at us on this site it's for free.

Peace be with you as all praise and glory belong to Nature.


Yeshua has provided those things. Should I share my testimony?
Debate Round No. 2


We of us walk upon thin ice not on the water. So if you admit your sins here you have awakened a beast that needs to stay asleep.
For now as to say; To leave a situation alone so as to avoid worsening it. Oh, don't mention that fight they had months ago"let sleeping dogs lie!
This is no contest here this is the way of our own nature we are victims of one and other. It is that simple. It is a cruel existence is it not. Without LOVE of any sort is but 1's and 0's?

Your relationship with our creator is of a growing nature. A testimony as we all are. Will only leave us open to segregation as the sea breaks that thin ice we of us walk upon, we are but the little one that fell out of the boat that kept us safe, yes as safe as a little boat can be upon the raging seas.


Yeshua as God is Love. That is what He is made of. Love on the cross for all sinners that need God's Yeshua (Salvation).
Debate Round No. 3


Neil's Mother.

Neil was sick of people saying. "You are so lucky to live in such a fine house. They said it all the time. People got out of there cars to look at the house. Sometimes they took photographs of it.
Once a well-known artist asked if she could to paint the house. She came every day with here paints and sat and painted.
Neil lived with his Grandparents in this fine old house. Neil didn't know why everyone made such a fuss about this house. He would have been happy in the smallest house-with his mother.


Hi, Neil's Mom. I don't like that people judge a person without knowing them. I had people call me a satanist because I was thinking of changing my name to Sitara after sitar music. If I come off wrong, I'm sorry, I just love Yeshua, and this platform. Peace.
Debate Round No. 4


We find love, truth and liberty within humility, "us" we also find love truth and liberty within empathy and sympathy,
Now love is a coin and slot arrangement the coin has two sides and an edge of 360 degrees then there is the width and height.
So how do we measure unconditional love? within a depth of length or is it within the length of depth? How about both and its name is Nature.

For what is a judge of character Neils Father? For it was but a children's story no more no less than that.

The nature of a child is as unnatural as the nature of Nature is as unnatural as we are humane.

Peace be with us all as praise and glory belong to Nature. Amen.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by debatemoez 3 years ago
An excellent question. Love is in our lives already. What kind of love are you looking for is the better question.
Answer that, and you will know exactly where to look.
Posted by judaism 3 years ago
Yes, we are just a heartbeat away from death, but I feel as if this is some sort of scare tactic. So. . . if one can only be saved by Jesus' blood, what of those who don't have it, meaning, a Jew like me? Will I go to hell forever, even though I worshiped and loved, with all my heart, the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob?
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