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Soccer is a better sport than Hockey

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Started: 4/8/2014 Category: Sports
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I would first like to clarify the rules. Rule 1: There is 4 rounds, the first being the round that you can ONLY accept and define the rules of this debate . Rule 2: The last round is only for Rebuttals, and neither opponent can say ANY points in round 5.

I hope everything is clear.
Good Luck Darth. :)


Very well then Jacobie, your move.
Debate Round No. 1


I will start my first speech with two arguments on why the resolution "Soccer is a better sport than Hockey" must stand.

Argument #1: Longer Games

In a NHL, Olympic or almost every type of Hockey game the time frame is 60 minutes for a regulation game. Where as in MLS game or Premier League soccer game the time frame for playing is 90 minutes. This is good for two main reasons: first, this longer game makes it more enjoyable for the fans because the action is longer lasting with the game being a hour and a half. As a watcher of both sports, I can tell you that watching a 90 minute game is more enjoyable then watching 60 minutes of sports. Second, this longer game makes the soccer players have to play a lot more, which increases the stamina, toughness and knowing when to pace yourself a lot better for the player of soccer.

Argument #2: Hockey Players are weaker/ break times

I will again split this argument into groups, but this time three. First: Shifts. In hockey, a player is not out there for more than 1 minute 30 seconds at a time. They have to frequently shift, which shows weakness and low stamina. The average soccer player plays for 45 minutes straight, or until half time. What a shift! Second: Total play time. Some soccer players play a full 90 minutes where as the average defensive player in hockey plays around 25 minutes a game, and the average forward around 20 minutes. Thirdly: Intermissions. Adding to them not being able to play much at one time, they also have intermissions 3 times a game so they can rest. Soccer players only need one intermission, and that is after playing for 45 minutes.

I would like to say that I will submit my references in the final round and thank Darth Kirones for accepting this wonderful debate!!! :)


I will save my rebuttals for the last round

Argument #1: Many forms of Hockey

Hockey is a family of sports, meaning there are several forms of the game, making hockey a much-better suited game to everyone. Have disabilities in your legs but love hockey? Then play sledge hockey! Don't want to move around much but still play a version of hockey? Then play air hockey! Don't have a rink? Play field hockey! Too cold/hot to play hockey outdoors? Get a net in your basement,some hockey sticks and a ball, invite a friend over and GAME ON!!! There are many more types of Hockey then soccer, allowing everyone to pick their preferred version while soccer is just two nets and a ball.

Argument #2: HOCKEY FIGHTS!!!

Some people come to see hockey games and enjoy the sport, others want to see blood on the ice and some want both! The penalty is small (To be exact 5 minutes) and the punishment will be increased if serious injuries happen. Saying that these fights are dangerous is untrue most of the time and serious injuries are rare. Ice fights are viewed by many as a tradition, getting to the point that Ice fights are included and detailed in hockey themed games like the EA NHL series where the game allows the player to throw and block certain shots, eventually causing there to be a winner and a loser of a fight WITHOUT a simulation. The popularity of fights have even ushered in videos just about hockey fights, like this!

I could give more, but I got to do some chores
Thanks and I await your response!
Debate Round No. 2


I will NOT save my rebuttals for the end. I will Rebut my opponent's points now and give some more of my own:
My opponent said that you could "play air hockey". The resolution we are debating has to do with if soccer is better "sport" than hockey. Air hockey is not a sport, no mater how awesome it might be. Also, my opponent says an advantage for hockey is fighting. Beating someone senseless does not seem like a great thing to me, no matter how much the fans like it.

Take a look at this video where Kevin Westgarth of the Calgary Flames is fighting. He ends up getting a concussion:

Anyways, back to the points.

Argument #3: Popularity
Soccer has a way bigger popularity and viewing rate than hockey. Here is a quote from "715.1 million people watched the final match of the 2006 FIFA World Cup held in Germany". Now, let's take a look at the numbers for the Stanly Cup: there was a average of 4.91 million viewers of the 2009 Stanly Cup Playoffs final round per game. What's more, most amount of people watching a single NHL game was between Chicago-Montreal in 1971 was 12.4 million. 12.4 million people versus 71.5 million people. Thus, soccer is way more popular than Hockey, creating a much better business from ticket buying and merchandise purchasing.

Argument #4: Inclusiveness Worldwide
Soccer can be played in so many countries, no matter the status. For Example, take the country Cameroon. They are not in the greatest situation for economy, yet still have one of the greatest National Teams in Africa. Soccer is also played in Canada and the USA, even though it might seem way to cold. Yet Hockey is only primarily played in North America and Europe. It is usually only in colder countries. Ever heard of a Hockey Team in warm Africa? At least I have not. Ever heard of a soccer team in cold Russia? Yes!

Argument #5: Easiness to Learn
Hockey takes a lot of skill and equipment to learn. First, you need a stick, a puck, skates and ice (if you are playing on ice, witch is the most common form of playing by far). Then, you need to learn how to skate, so you might take lessons. Lessons cost a lot of money. Then, you have to learn how to skate, shoot, and keep control of the puck at the same time! In soccer you need only shoes.
My opponent might say: you have to run and shoot and dribble in soccer at the same time too, BUT, running comes naturally where as skating you have to learn and take classes.

One more thing: Please take into account that in Debates you vote on a debater that has good points NOT the side you would personally take in a real life situation.



Sorry for the delay.

Argument #3: The scoring

The year is 2010 and the world cup is blazing off in South Africa. Come June 25th is a match between Honduras, two OK-level teams, and Honduras shoots TWICE in 90 minute, Switzerland shoots t the net five times. and whats the score? 0-0. In a hockey game the average amount of shots is 30 and yet the score is almost ALWAYS higher. What does this say about soccer? That the players are slacking? I think it says that the goalies of Hockey are trying harder as I see no beauty in a 0-0 game. Now. Jacobie1121 may say the goalies in soccer do work hard and that there are 0-0 games in Hockey as well. To answer the first rebuttal by repeating myself. SEVEN SHOTS TO 30. A goalie has to block 15 goals wearing tons of equipment but a soccer goalie has to block 2-5 goals with just a special goalie shirt and pants but yet the one who wears less and has to block less is the harder worker? No. Simply no. The second rebuttal would be that there are 0-0 games in Hockey as well. There are more shots in hockey, allowing there to be more opportunities for goals. Whether it's a close miss or an epic goal those shots are what brings us to our feet.

Argument #4: Hockey is a better team sport

In a hockey game the team is constantly changed around allowing for there to be more job opportunities and time to play while in soccer it's almost always always the same players. Because there are more skilled players in a lineup there is a greater chance of an exciting game because the talent changes quickly. Different players play with different styles which can be both bad and good. And we all love a good game-changer or game-destroyer!

Argument #5: Diving

I don't like to see others get hurt. But I HATE people who fake getting hurt for their own benefit. They are athletes. And being fair is a code that all athletes should follow. Why should reward those who fake? They get another player in trouble to give him/her a penalty or to get the person who was framed kicked out. Imagine you were a respectable player in soccer and someone pulled a dive claiming you tripped them. Would you say at least he did not get actually hurt? Or would you mention how unfair that is? The answer is obvious. I have no tolerance for cheaters whatsoever. I include a video about diving to see the sheer quantity of these fakers.

I'm ready for your response
Debate Round No. 3


I will again start by refuting my opponents points then giving some of my own.
My opponent desperately tried to think of ways he could stop a possible rebut that I might possibly say, yet failed to discern one thing. You know why there are less shots in soccer? Because defense plays way, way better, and has way more players so it is hard for an attacker to score in soccer. In Hockey there is only 2 defense that in some cases are complete flops. This is not to say that soccer defense players can not flop, they definitely can, BUT they have more players to back them up!
Also, my opponent stated that Hockey is more of a "Team Sport". Well, in soccer you have an average of 420 passes per game. How is that not a team sport? And, if you want more of a "Team Sport", saying that having more shifts and different players does not make it more of a team sport but instead just switches the player talent around. Also, if you wanted more of a team sport, wouldn't you want more of the team playing on the field/ice at the same sport?
One more thing: REFS CATCH THE FAKERS IN SOCCER. The players learn that this ridiculous. Yes, the players where faking it, but refs see through it, and give them penalties for "faking".

Anyways, back to the points!:
Point #6: Injuries
In any league of ice-hockey, there is many, many injuries, because of the physical play of hockey players. Concussions, broken bones, ribs injured and sprains are very often, which makes the game way more risky. These injuries come from the constant hitting and fighting in hockey, where as in soccer, if you check or rough anyone you are given a yellow or red card. Injuries in soccer are usually minor sprains. In hockey, big hits lead sometimes to a life-ending injury. In this next video, Lars Eller of the Montreal Canadians takes a really, really nasty hit (the video commentator is french but the point is still made):

Scary Right? THAT"S HOCKEY!

Point #7 Goalies

In Hockey, the Goalies are almost the size of the net, making it almost too easy for them to save a puck. They move rarely and have a very non-flexible job: SAVE THE PUCK. Where as in Soccer, as a Goalie, you have to dive for the ball, which takes skill, and in soccer, players kick the ball on spin so it is hard to read the play. Soccer goalies know this and have fine-tuned there skills to read plays. What's more, in soccer, the goalie has to boot the ball an incredible distance and they do it just fine. This goes to show that the Goalies in Soccer are way better.

Thanks for this awesome debate,
jacobie1121 :)


Lets get the points over with.

Argument #6: Faster

I'm going to be a bit hypocritical and break the rule that I set for myself that I will save my rebuttals for the end. The longest game of hockey would be longer then the longest game of soccer. Why you may ask? Hockey has unlimited Overtime Periods in the playoffs. Now, I know that totally contradicts my point, but I felt I needed to refute your first point right away.

Anyways, my point. Usually a Hockey game is 60 minutes long with two intermissions. Not only the game is faster but the player moves faster and the pace is faster due to the small area of play. The speed causes more action because the players can catch up quite quickly to the puck. They also may know that due to the limited time frame they need to put on a very fast but entertaining show. The word "Longer" and the word "Better" are NOT the same.

Argument #7: Promotion of Winter fitness

We can all agree. Hockey is a winter sport. Whether your a Canadian like me or from Scandinavia or Russia or any where cold you know that it's difficult to do exercises because of the winter. You can't go jogging. Soccer and Baseball are much more difficult to play but Hockey? All you need is some gear, a puck and friends and your ready to not only have snowy fun but much-needed exercise. The cold should never stop you from being healthy. In fact I would say Hockey promotes fitness year-round. There is field hockey in the spring and summer, In the fall you can play street hockey and I am sure there are many more types of hockey that can be played!

Now Jacobie, I can already here you typing "What about indoor soccer?' Well, do you get the full experience of the wind at your back? The sun shining on your face? Do you get that warm summer feeling in indoor soccer? Two letters: NO.

I'm looking forward to your rebuttal my friend!
Debate Round No. 4


I'll give you one thing. You are such a master at the profession of being a Hypocrite! Hey, at least you where honest. I will go and give at least one reason for 6 of my opponents points, on why they are flawed, including rebutting his rebuttal. :)

DARTH KIRONES SECOND POINT: HOCKEY FIGHTS!!!!! This seems very flawed. Yes, it might be exciting as a fan to watch, but you have to put yourself in the player's shoes. You are getting punched and shoved, until you get slammed to the ice by your opponent. You start to black out, but vaguely see some hands carrying you on a stretcher into the Locker Room. How the heck is situations like this "good"? Also, my opponent stated that they give bigger penalties if serious injuries occur. This is also false. They only give longer penalties if it is a hit that injures someone. In a Hockey fight, even if you knock someone unconscious, the penalty is still five minutes. As Darth Kirones says: "the penalty is small". Too small!

He fails to see two things when saying that goalies in Hockey try harder than goalies in soccer. Just because you do not face as much shots in Soccer does NOT mean, at all, that you are trying less hard. Yes, there was less shots, but, the goalie made all the saves, didn't he? IF the soccer goalie faced more shots, it would have been a more accurate comparison because the soccer Goalie in that game did not have to work very hard to block less shots. That definitely does not mean that if there was more shots he would not have to work very hard though. Another thing. Because there is a lot less defence it is way easier to get shots on net in Hockey, then in Soccer, where there is more defensive players.

DARTH KIRONES FOURTH POINT: Hockey is a better team sport
Just because there is a shift in people on the ice does not make it more of a "team sport". It just means that you have different players on the ice. How does that make it more of a "team sport"? And the limit for NHL hockey is 23 players per Club, where as in Premier League Soccer, there is a limit of 25 players at a time. Seems to me there are more "job opportunities", as my opponent puts it, in soccer.

So my opponent says that he doesn't like people getting hurt. Ok, one more Hypocritical thing. He is cheating for Hockey right? Hockey is one of the most physical and highest contact sport. Well look at this: "The highest rates of injury occur in sports that involve contact and collisions"- University of Rochester sports statistics. My opponent might say that hockey players have more protection to prevent them from bug hits. This helps, but not enough. Players are still injured daily from big hits in Hockey.

This point is flawed for one major reason. My opponent stated that "The word "Longer" and the word "Better" are NOT the same" If you where a true loyal fan to a soccer or Hockey team, like many sports fanatics are, "Longer" and "Better" might very well mean the same because fans would love to see there favourite team for longer. This makes going to soccer games more enjoyable.

DARTH KIRONES SEVENTH POINT: Promotion of Winter Fitness
My opponent states that you don't get the full experience of soccer indoors because you don't have the "sun shining on your face." Soccer does not need the perfect breeze and the amazing sunlight to be able to play. Also, if you wanted to emphasize that Hockey is such a winter sport, then why would you say: "Just play indoors!" That ruins your whole first point! If you want Hockey to be a winter sport, then you play outside, utilizing the ice.

DARTH KIRONES REBUTTAL: Yes, hockey has unlimited overtime periods, but those very rarely go over 1 extra period, or 20 minutes extra time, and is ONLY IN THE PLAYOFFS!




Alright. Time to blow these 10,000 characters off the roof

"Longer Games"

In your rebuttal you said that for some fans that longer is better. Well how about this: For some fans shorter=better. To further my argument here is a short definition by

Definition of the word "Longer" #5: requiring a considerable time to relate, read, etc.: a long story.
Definition of the word "Better" #1: of superior quality or excellence: a better coat; a better speech.

The two words are NOT the same. Literally and Not-Literally. And to finish this off. I will repeat myself. THE LONGEST GAME OFF HOCKEY IS LONGER THEN THE LONGEST GAME OF SOCCER. Your rebuttal supported my statement. Hockey games CAN be longer then soccer games. Period

"Hockey Players are weaker/Break times"

Your point supports my argument that Hockey is a better team sport. This constant shift allows others to change the tide of the game allowing for a more rich and exciting game of hockey. It is not a sign of weakness but rather to give everyone a chance and to keep the bench from not over-crowding. You also did not mention how hard the soccer players work. You can be playing soccer for 45 minutes but work very lightly. Just because your playing for longer does not mean you are working hard.


Being popular has it's drawbacks as well. Look at Brazil as an example. If they lose the FIFA world cup later this year then I can almost guarantee there will be a riot.

Just because a sport is popular does not mean it's good. In fact I don't think you made an argument about how being more popular makes hockey better. Only in business is soccer better. But I think the topic was that "Soccer is a BETTER sport than Hockey" Not "Soccer is a better BUSINESS then Hockey"

"Inclusiveness Worldwide"

Have you ever heard of the AHF? The full name is the African Hockey Federation. Saying that there is less inclusiveness in Hockey is untrue. And like I wrote before. There are MANY types of Hockey. In Africa, they play field hockey. The topic is about all hockey and all soccer. Due to the many types of Hockey it (Soccer) is almost as included amongst the world.

"Easiness to Learn"

Wow. You say that Hockey Players are weak but you then say that they need to learn a whole bunch of skills? That must mean either Hockey Players are NOT weak or that Hockey IS easy to learn or both. I'm pretty sure that the difficulty makes Hockey Games funner and more interesting. I want to see a game where the players have to compete to win. I want to see the players think about a strategy. No sport should be easy, and if Soccer is as easy as you say it is, then I don't want to watch it.


Think Injuries in Hockey are bad? Think again. Check these injuries out. Some of the injuries in this link were career-enders. I'm not saying that injuries do not happen in Hockey, I'm just saying that Soccer injuries match Hockey injuries.

I see no other reason to continue.


There are two reasons why you are wrong. First of all, Hockey pucks are small. Soccer balls are big. A goalie in soccer has a better chance of seeing the ball then the goalie in hockey seeing the puck. Second reason is the speed of the objects. A hockey puck may go 100 mph while a soccer ball goes only 20 mph. If you had a giant net in hockey like you do in soccer there would be many, many more goals and there would be no challenge to score causing there to be a more boring game. The size of the net does not make the goalies worse.

One more thing. You forgot the amount of gear that the goalies in hockey wear. 20 pounds of big sweaty gear and you can only crouch. I think that takes alot of skill to keep all of that weigh on your body.

Now to refute some of my opponents rebuttals

Jacobie1121's rebuttal #1:

Huh. You must have mistaken Hockey fights with Hockey violence. One is semi-banned and one is bad. I think Hockey fights are alright because they almost always occur because the defender in the fight cheated before. So you have to ask yourself: Is it bad sportsmanship to defend your team?

Jacobie1121's rebuttal #2:

Is it easier to get goals in Hockey? It's a smaller playing area, smaller net, bigger goalie with padding and trained professionals. In soccer you have a bigger playing area, bigger net, smaller goalie with NO padding and a few trained professionals. Plus in hockey the players are faster so it would be easier to take the puck and go and defend the goal. Scoring in hockey is not a piece of cake that's for sure!

Jacobie1121's rebuttal #3:

How many of those 25 soccer players get on the field? In hockey ALL players on a team have to contribute. This is how Hockey is more of a team sport. Just because there are more overall players does not mean that they all contribute. But in Hockey every player is critical.

Jacobie1121's rebuttal #4:

I don't like people getting hurt. I NEVER said I want people to get hurt in Hockey fights. NEVER. My second argument is available for viewing. I never once say "I like people getting hurt" I do MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) in my spare time. Do like it because I want to hurt people or because I like the sport? Also I do NOT care if the diver gets caught or not. The fact that a professional sportsman would attempt such a thing just shocks me and ruins entire games for me.

Jacobie1121's rebuttal #5:

Please go up for my answer as I already wrote it in my first rebuttal.

Jacobie1121's rebuttal #6:

Does it not require the perfect breeze and sun to play/ How about those open-roofed stadiums which must soccer games take place. What if it rains? What is it snows? Because there are so many types of Hockey out there you can play it year round but you can only play soccer a few times a year.

Resources used;

Thanks for all the viewers voters and most of all to Jacobie1121

Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by DarthKirones 7 years ago
Ha ha! So true!
Posted by AFec1000 7 years ago
This picture means so much, and we all know its true. Thats why Hockey is better than soccer :)
Posted by dynamicduodebaters 7 years ago
If you are able"PLEASE VOTE
Posted by jacobie1121 7 years ago
yes, though if you would like you can also debate us seperatly with our old accounts!
Posted by DarthKirones 7 years ago
Two debaters, one account.
Posted by jacobie1121 7 years ago
jacobie1121 and DarthKirones are joining forces! New account: dynamicduodebaters
Posted by Joshianere 7 years ago
A great debate indeed. As a professional debater, I really enjoyed this.
I must give a slight edge to jacobie, for his attention to proper debate form, and his compelling arguments.
Posted by jacobie1121 7 years ago
Thanks for everyone reading it
Posted by DarthKirones 7 years ago
it was a hard debate.
I had trouble coming up with points at one point.
Posted by jacobie1121 7 years ago
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