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Social Democracy: A 200 years old democratic system to new kind of democracy

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Started: 10/16/2017 Category: Politics
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There is a new trend now in the world for the betterment of our democratic system. Some European countries have adopted social democratic system that has found a place in the hearts of the people. Better access to health care, education, social justice for all, minimal gap between rich and poor, better jail systems and rehabilitation centers, look after the vulnerable one the wretched one and the distressed etc. I know more works need to be done to polish this kind of democracy but for starters don't you think it is doing quiet well?


Democracy has had a long history (since the Greek city state of Athens) and taken many forms. Because democracy has lasted so long, it arguably one of most desired forms of government. However, pure democracy in itself is rarely achieved and, when achieved, quickly leads to oppression of the minority. Therefore many nations have combined democracy with an equally famous form of government - a Republic. While combining these two is a relatively new idea, the Democratic Republic has no doubt become a powerhouse for nations that choose to use it. Despite its flaws, I would argue that this form of government is the most perfect form of government we have achieved in terms of justice,freedom, equality, progression and prosperity.
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