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Social Media is terrible for young teens even adult's self esteem

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Started: 5/2/2018 Category: Society
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Greetings, today I want to debate about a personal topic that relates to me considering that I am a person who has been social media a lot and recently has been not going as much.

Social Media is a great way to socialize and coummicate, and to see what everyone is upto, that includes family and friends.
But looking up to these beautiful instagram models, and edited (facetuned) photos and rather make you feel worse about yourself, since it makes one compare themseleves to others. People on instagram or any media post the highlights of their day, to show everyone how "amazing" their life is. Nobody would post the bad days, that makes teen that is seeing that re-think how they see their life. Since teens are seeing images of faked perfect life, they tend to compare their life and be sad that they are not swimming with turtles in school. Furthermore, social media is time consuming because you post pictures and wait for likes, and if you do not get enough likes compared to some girl in your school, you feel more insecure. All of these factors is toxic for the brain and can cause anxeity, social problems ( Since nowadays most people contact through social media, people do not know how to talk to people in real life without being awkward), having social media also causes you to become more self concious and tend to care more about what others have to say about you, since you become relied on likes.


Greetings Opponent,
I believe that Social Media is a good tool for the majority of teens and young adults, and the minimal disadvantages to most media systems are far outweighed by the positives. You can see what friends you haven't seen in a while are up to, socialize with your friends and share things about your life. The platform doesn't show you things that make you sad or insecure, you look them up. And Social Media doesn't make you insecure, it only reveals you already were. As a teen who has had been using social media for years, and took a experimental three month break to see what my life would be like without it, I can tell you it does not cause extra or new insecurity, and such arguments are (in my experience) completely unfounded.
Debate Round No. 1


Social Media is indeed a good platform for people to communicate, however they are many studies done on how social media is rather a system of gossiping over people's burden. Nowadays on media is focused on negative things since now sadly that is how teens are taught to live. People get views over other people's "beef", since that is now entertaining. Society is taught to hate over love, to the point telling someone that you love them is harder to say than telling someone you hate them. For example rice gum a formal you tuber that is popular "roasting people". Millions of users are seeing his post since they are entertained by hate. In some cases, people would post selfies, or opinions and get bashed over it. Online any internet trolls can say anything, and comment anything on anyone's picture. Furthermore, having those options can cause anyone to post negative comments and can definitely harm someone's self esteem. Especially for teens, they are at a time where they are influenced easily, and following big following stars like Kylie Jenner, Sommeray, Kim and etc, most of their posts are about half naked pictures, and Botox face, skinny nose. And for normal person seeing those images constantly trying to fit in to society, you tend to lose yourself, trying to fit into society. Although you can try to not try to see those images, but it is on popular page. Moreover, following your friends on Instagram, you feel left out, when he went out with his friends, but not invited you. It is the little things that is affecting your self. Nowadays everyone is on their phone, because without it people feel awkward. Now social media affected mostly everyone to the point when they are hanging out with their friends, they should be able to talk face to face, but they rather on their phones, and now that is a serious issue. They are low percent of people that are not affected by this, but majority of the population are addicted to Social Media that they can not "survive" without their phones. When people get likes on their social media photo, people get adrenaline and dopamine, which is an hormone that makes you feel happy. Dopamine hormone functions as a neurotransmitter, which is a part of a brain that is linked to nervous system. And when the dopamine rush wears off, people crave it more causing them to be addicted to likes, which is an serious issue in today's society.
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by FanboyMctroll 3 years ago
I totally agree with you, that is why it's better not to use social media, socialize with real friends, hang out, do what makes you happy and not worry about having 1000 followers on line that you have no clue about because they are complete strangers, who cares about what people post on-line

Live your life and enjoy it, don't be comparing yourself to the socially awkward crowd on line who half the time post BS to inflate their ego.

Social media is a waste of time, get away from the screen and live your life.

I'm only on here because I'm bored, stuck at work, but as soon as I leave work, I'm completely off the grid, my friends are in the real world not the pretend friends on the Internet
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