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Social media does more harm than good

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Started: 10/12/2016 Category: People
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I believe that social media does more harm than good for our society. It is supposedly makes us more connect; however, I argue that it actually is making us more anti-social.


I would like to debate that social media does not do more harm than good.

Thank you and good luck
Debate Round No. 1


I believe that social media has created a more superficial way to keep us all connected. Sure we keep in touch with old friends, but it is very limited. It's often times just scrolling through pointless news feeds. It becomes such an addiction that it distracts us from real life. It causes us to not pay attention to the real life interactions around us. I'd also like to argue that it causes an increase of false information being spread and it can also increase cyber bullying.


I will be arguing that social media does NOT do more harm than good. Not necessarily to prove that it does more good however there are some interesting points that will help my case.


Social media has helped the growth of small businesses. Social media is used to drive targeted traffic, boost the site’s SEO, and learn from its consumers through data collection (1). Here’s a look at the social media often used for small business owners:


These sites act as a social calendar that allow a person to visually see upcoming events for people hundreds of miles away. More birthdays are remembered, more grandmas are poked, and more social events begin to take place such as parties or game night.


Many social media sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook have helped people get a job. In some cases, having a good online reputation can mean great opportunity. Being well adapted to the newest technology and ways of communicating can help advance their career as well as the people who decide to hire them. In fact, 9% of small businesses believe that a social media expert would be the most helpful for their business (3).

Refuting spread of misinformation

It does not increase the spread of misinformation (per person), actually quite the opposite. More information has been spread since the home computer was invented and the world wide web ensued. Propaganda has been used for over a century to tell lies and persuade the people, the difference today is that now people have the option to fact check (4). On Facebook for instance an individual has the choice of following a web page that has no scientific support or following someone who just rants and raves.

Refuting that cyber bullying is a cause for social media to do more harm than good

It’s hard to refute that social media has caused the spread of cyber bullying, however this also has reduced the amount of physical bullying. The bullying isn’t necessarily more common; it has just shifted to the computer. Many social media sites have taken extreme measures to reduce and hopefully eliminate cyber bullying (5). Social media doesn’t want people to leave their website from cases of cyber bullying; it would result in a loss of profits. In other words, social media has helped reduce physical violence.





Debate Round No. 2


I think you bring up some very valid arguments. I definitely agree that social media has helped small businesses. However, I'd like to refute your refute about the spread of misinformation. You state that you can fact check, but that doesn't mean that people utilize this ability. With social media virtually everywhere. One can look through their facebook feed while waiting in line or just to pass a few moments of time. They will see an interesting article especially the click baits that lure people in with interesting titles. They then don't proceed to check the valitity of the information. Some people even go to the extent of readign the title of the article and not reading the full article. The titles themselves can be misleading in order to catch the readers eye. You also get the telephone effect, where something may start off true but as a story is reposted and shared, people can often twist it by even just a little.
This article ( talks about how quickly false information is spread on social media.

I'd also like to expand on my original argument that it causes society to become more antisocial. Almost everytime I go out in public or to a restraunt, I notice groups of people together physically but they are starting down at their phone, rather than interacting with the real world. They feel the need to constantly be updated or updating. For example, at concerts you've got people holding up their phones to take videos of the concert to upload later rather than just enjoying the concert. They aren't focused on living in the present but rather focused on what they are doing to "get the likes".
It also makes us less social because we have turned our primary communication into texting and texting is far different than a conversation in real life. Texting is just communication through words but communication involves much more such as body language and tone. Social media kills the humanistic aspect of communication. Sure you can signify laughter with an lol, but the feeling and interaction is so much different with a real laugh.


Change can be a scary thing, most people that didn’t grow up with smart phones will of course tell you how much better their time was. The communication hasn’t gone away though, it has just shifted. Also the spread of misinformation has not gotten worse, if anything it has just shifted.

Misinformation was spread through rumors and newspaper before, and you wouldn’t have the option but to believe it. If you see something on Facebook and you are unsure if it is true or not, then look it up. People that lie and continue to lie will be fought and eventually discredited, it just takes time. The link you provided actually proves my point. Since the information was a hoax, you now know that it isn’t thanks to the link you provided and your eagerness to look into it.

Look at this picture (6).

See the resemblance from one hundred years ago to today?

People are characterized by being either extroverted or introverted but more importantly people are also characterized by being approachable. I myself tend to be very approachable, not exactly sure why but people will start conversations with me all the time. If you yourself want more social interactions around you then smile and give the people around you the feeling that you are willing to engage in a conversation.

Take a look at the difference between the two in the picture below (7).

Would you rather talk to the person on the left or the right? The one on the left seems to resemble a mug-shot look while the one on the right seems to be very approachable.

This could explain why you are having issues with finding people wanting to talk more. You could be giving off ‘bad vibes’ or you could be in a place where introverts are very common, either way social media has not lessened the amount that we talk to each other.

The last point of emphasis is that social media helps people find their significant other. My girlfriend and I met through social media and we couldn’t be happier today. She worked at a smoothie place and wasn’t very approachable, she gave off the idea that she already had a boyfriend. However, because she and I met online and I knew she was single we could get to know each other and start a relationship.

Now let me ask you, would the world be a better place if smart phones and social media didn’t exist at all?
Debate Round No. 3


I wouldn't go to the extreme in saying that the world would be a better place if smart phones and social media didn't exist at all. I do agree that there are plenty of benefits to social media; however, I am stating that it is doing society more harm than good.

You talk about how newspapers caused a disconnection between people before. But that doesn't mean that social media makes it anymore better. It's the concept that two wrongs don't make it right.

You talk about people being extroverted vs introverted. Sure people can have welcoming faces and you can tell a lot how approachable someone is by body language and facial expressions. However, I argue that it is harder to tell if someone is approachable when their face is glued to their phone. When you mention that if you want more social interactions give them the feeling you are willing to engage in conversation, I believe that means that people have to be willing to put down their pieces of technology and engage in the real world.

Congratulations with you and your significant other! You two were able to use social media as an aid as a form of communications you were able engage. But often times, social media becomes the only form of communication for a lot of relationships. I argue that these types of relationships are not genuine. It is hard to distinguish whether these relationships that are soley in the social media realm are meaningful. I think it does take the ability to have interactions beyond just social media in order for a relationship to be genuine between two people.

I have enjoyed arguing with you and you have brought up some valid points. I think depending on ones point of view that there are unlimited pros and cons for social media. After this debate, I don't think that social media should be removed completely but it should be redefined on how its used. I think because it is making our society more antisocial in the real world and more social in the cyber community, we need to be less engrossed in it. I think we should use it as a tool to encourage more face to face interactions. Your example of how you met your significant other is a great example of it being used as tool. The issue is that our society doesn't use social media for just that and I think that is why social media is doing us more harm than good.


I would first like to thank my opponent for debating me with no bad feelings or harsh words! Thank you!

In conclusion social media does NOT do more harm than good, here's why:
Reason #1 it helps prompte young and small businesses.
Reason #2 social media allows people to connect to people from far away and also start new relationships.
Reason #3 social media can be a stepping stone to advance ones career and find like-minded individuals.

Social media doesn't spread misinformation anymore than misinformation was spread 100 years ago. People who are not curious and open minded will believe what they want regardless of what they are told. If someone says something, or you see someone post information you believe is wrong then look it up. You'll get better at researching over time and help further prevent the spread of misinformation. Just don't be afraid to make mistakes!

People are also just as antisocial today as they were in the past. People that are antisocial are that way because it's a part of who they are, nothing wrong with it. Social media has not changed these people or harmed them.

Emily, would you accept a friend request if I sent one?
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by tytheguy 2 years ago
Maybe you should try instigating more convos then. I talk to people all the time. The people who use social media are already anti-social. They say things online because they are afraid to say it in person. It's a personality thing more than anything else.
Posted by Solo9thWarrior 2 years ago
social media is a fantastic medium, it should not however replace our way of having eye-to-eye (in person) contact with one another, it shouldn't be some revolutionary tool to turn down our way of communicating with one another whether that be at break-rooms, classrooms, coffee shops, or wherever. Almost everyday I'm seeing more and more ppl of all ages looking down to their Smartphone, instead of striking up convos or having common decency and saying hello, good morning, how is your day going? etc. See where I am going with this?
Posted by tytheguy 2 years ago
I think people just need to learn self-control. I am a firm believer in the 'gray-zone' or gray area. It's about finding the right amount.
Posted by thethingis 2 years ago
I'm gearing towards the negative answer. I just wish people don't get to hooked on it and still have their personality instead of relying on a ' Like " button
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