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Socialism or Communism can work well (I know their different, But it depends what you do)

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Started: 3/21/2019 Category: Miscellaneous
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Opponent should make their own arguments, And I would really appreciate it if they would. Also, Opponent would make their argument(s) first. Please clarify if we are either debating about Socialism or Communism, As they are a bit different. Good luck and your floor.


I accept. I will debate why Communism does not work.
Debate Round No. 1


I am interested in my opponent"s side of the debate. Therefore, I invite my opponent to state his/her arguments first.

Back to you.


Ok, Let's start out with a couple of reasons communism doesn't work.

1. You can't leave
In the USSR people weren"t allowed to leave the country. If someone left, The government would interrogate their whole family. If they returned, The person was jailed indefinitely.

2. Sharing is caring
Private property didn't exist. Any land was everyone"s land. For example, If someone owned a farm, Everyone owned that farm. Whatever was grown on that farm was taken and redistributed "equally. "

3. Nobody gets rich
Nobody could get rich. Everyone had to work pretty much the same jobs and earned the same amount of money. Pretty fair, Right? At least until someone realized that they could do the bare minimum and make as much as someone working their hardest. There weren"t any incentives to try hard either. No matter what you did, Your position wasn"t going to change.

4. We don't make decisions, The government does
Nobody got to choose the job they wanted; they were essentially just assigned a job wherever they were needed. Once again, There was no incentive to work hard.

5. Corruption
There was a ridiculously high amount of corruption. Bribes were required for even simple tasks to be completed. Parents could even bribe teachers to improve their kid"s grades.

6. No freedom
There was no freedom of religion, Mainly because there was no religion that was legal. There weren"t many other freedoms either.

7. Big brother is watching
There was a constant feeling of "Big Brother is Watching. " People that said anything against the government vanished mysteriously. If someone didn't like you, All they had to do was accuse you of hating the government.

Those are some of the main points.

Your floor :)
Debate Round No. 2


Your first point: You can't leave.

You've got your facts wrong. One could travel (whether for work, Or vacation or emigration) whenever they liked, Even though it was a bit difficult. However, The Cold War and WWII dominated much of USSR history. At wartime, It is completely normal for governments to not allow people to emigrate. All countries (America included) did this at some point. However, There were exceptions of leaving during wartime, And in that case not all your family could leave. However, This applies to most countries, No matter if they are Communist, Capitalist, Or neither.

Your second point: Sharing is caring.

I don't see your point here. You're saying that there is this farm here and everyone owns it. It is only natural for everyone to get their share.

Your third point: Nobody gets rich

This is a very big misconception of Communism. Due to popular beliefs, There have been many videos and documents talking about how everyone gets the same pay. But that is not true. It is completely untrue that everyone gets the same pay. I hate it when people say that, But don't read the actual laws of the Soviet Union. An average doctor in the Soviet Union makes four times the amount of money than Stalin himself!

Point 4: We don't make decisions, The government doe.

Are you sure there was no incentive to work hard? What is your proof? Most Soviets actually liked Communism against their previous government (which was before the revolution). The abolishment of the Soviet Union wasn't even by vote. They did a vote, Which ended up in about 70 something percent of people who wanted to keep Communism. However, The Soviet Union was abolished because of other reasons, Such as the danger of other countries. This goes to show that Communism did have a wide popularity.

Point 5: Corruption

There was corruption, Yes, But not that exxagerated amount of it that you say there was. Bribing was common in the time of the Soviet Union, Even in other Capitalist countries. An example, Before you ask it, Is in France, Where living conditions were bad after the Nazi invasion in WWII. Bribing others for things like better treatment in school and a boost of their children's grades in hopes of getting into a good university to make more income for their family was normal at the time.

Point 6: No freedom

Freedom of religion actually was guarenteed by the government. It was simply the fact that many weren't treated nicely and were exposed to the power of words. However, This is the similar case in other countries. Many people are made fun by others because of their religion.

Point 7: Big broher is watching.

This is a weak point. They could accuse you of hating the government, But they would have no proof or anything against you. Similarly, I could say right now that you killed 10 people and molested 3 of them before killing them and call the cops. Would they put you in jail? Probably not, Because I have no real proof or logic behind my accusation. Even if it were some government official doing it, They will still need proof.

Back to you bro
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Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
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Debate Round No. 5
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