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Socialism will make a come back

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Started: 12/16/2018 Category: Politics
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I know it doesnt look good for any sort of big government statist governmental or economic structure. . However. . Things go in cycle in history. . And it think the world ecomomy and global order is headed for a crash. . And I know the first time out Socialism did not do so good, How good did you do on your first date? Your first attempt at swimming or driving a car. . We are evolving and that means growing pains, Remember them? It time for round 2


As ever: The reality of the human condition versus the unreality of socialist dreamers.

Yes: Socialism is a wonderful theory.

But the trouble is: We are a society of vastly differing individuals. Different in thought, Different in ability and different in aspiration.

We also live in a World that is united under the worship of one God: Money.

(Best not to forget that given the rise in technological communication we are now more than ever a Global Society).

A society that is fundamentally driven by money and separatism will always have a tendency to become selfish and hierarchical. Which will always inevitably lead to the collapse of socialism. Or to be more accurate, Will always inevitably prevent true socialism from ever getting of the ground.

Comparing socialism with individualism is a poor analogy.
And how long does Pro need for society to evolve for their socialist utopia to become workable?
Debate Round No. 1


billsands forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


We live in an ever chaging world, Everything is changing technology womens rights, Atittude towards race and gender, 200 years ago democracy, Or representive government was considered a nice idea that would never work. . leaders we were reminded we ordained by god. . Times change. . Call my insane. . But i say socialism is worth another try, It wasnt all as bad as the propoganda says and we learned from our mistakes. . If at first you don't succeed try try again


I think you will find that democracy has been with us for approximately 2500 years.

True Socialism is non-hierarchical and non hierarchy is the antithesis of human nature. That is why so called socialist systems have always descended into either, Despotic chaos or ironically naturally reverted back to a democratic type system.

There will always be those that will lead and there will always be those that will be led. Consequently there will always be some level of disparity in the distribution of wealth and resources.

Ultimately, Fair social governance relies on the integrity of the people.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Sonofcharl 3 years ago

The trouble is: All societies are run by capitalists or pseudo- capitalists.

How will a true socialist ever be able to afford to run for President of the U. S. A?
Posted by Denizenkate 3 years ago
Democratic Socialism, Such as practiced in several Western countries, Is not incompatible with capitalism. Yes, Money pretty much runs the world, And lately the rich get richer, The poor get poorer, And the middle class is disappearing. If that trend continues, We will soon be reduced back to feudalism, With the 1% as the nobility, Upper corporate management as minor nobility, Small business owners as the merchant class, And the rest of us as serfs.

Democratic Socialism has a chance to reverse this trend, Not to the detriment of the rich, But simply to the benefit of the vast middle. Capitalism isn't evil, It's necessary. But it is also necessary to regulate its excesses. Taxing those who make money isn't evil, Either. If you make a lot of money on the backs of workers, Shouldn't you be obligated to do your part to maintain the wellbeing of those workers? If you don't, If the working class becomes so poor that they can no longer afford your goods or services, How will you continue to make all that money?

Democratic Socialism assumes that we are all equal, That we work together as a society, And that we take care of our own. I think it's worth a try here in America.
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