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Society Creates Mental Illness

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Started: 9/10/2018 Category: Health
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Society has created mental illnesses due the constant expectation and reminder of what people should look like, How people should act and how much money people should have. This problem has developed over the years and will keep changing and progressing, Studies show that not only girls but also young boys ranging from young ages such as 8 to 17 fall victim to this issue. People are always trying to look a certain way or act a certain way and they fall further away from their true selves. People are so caught up in the way they want to look like, That they forget who they are, This creates feelings of isolation or the feeling of "not being good enough". This shows how easily society can manipulate a person into thinking a certain, Therefore closing off their mindset to new ideas, And how society can plant a small seed of negativity, That will blossom over time into something more serious, Such as depression, Anxiety, Eating disorders or self-inflicted harm. Over the years, A "norm or "default" was created, People are constantly being judged and expected to fit into these expectations if you don"t fit in, You are considered "not normal" or "different". Everyone is expected to be beautiful or happy, But if there is something different, Then they"re considered "broken" or that there's something wrong with them. Society has created and caused so many mental illnesses onto the world, People are falling further and further from themselves to fit into the expectation of society.


Society has not created mental illness. In today’s world, It is often thought that society is one of the main factors that cause mental illness, And this statement can be true, To an extent. Despite many people suffering from disorders such as anorexia and anxiety, Caused by bullying and pressure, Many more people suffer from illnesses related to genetics and exist from birth. Disorders such as ADHD, ADD and autism are all present from birth for those who suffer from them, And are in no way affected by outside pressures. Even schizophrenia, Depression and bipolar disorder can all be traced to the same genetic variation which causes them. Mental illness has always existed, Which is evident as it has been seen since biblical and primitive times.
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Society creates expectations that many people can"t fit. Everyone is born a certain way, No one is made "perfect" no one is made "smart" or "beautiful". Many people, From their births, Are already critiqued on how they are "supposed" to look. This is especially true in Korea and in many Asian countries where the ideas of "beauty" are one of the main factors that people in those countries live by. Children of various ages are forced and indoctrinated to act the "right" way, Young people already feel the need to consider surgeries to make themselves look better to make themselves feel better. Society creates a sense that "If you don"t look the way I want you to look, No one is going to accept you. " People are relying on plastic surgeries and injections to make them fit into society, Sure it might make the person receiving plastic surgery or injections happy and feel accepted, But the draw further form themselves as a unique individual. So many people are stuck with the feeling of not being good enough, Society pressures people into filling the high standards of "beauty" and "perfection", This causes more people for fall victim to self-loathe, Body shame, Depression, Anxiety, Eating disorders and many other mental and physical illnesses that may have a long-run effect on them.
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