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Society has created mental illness.

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Started: 9/13/2018 Category: Society
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Mental illness was not created by society.
Even though mental illness cases have risen, It is wrong to say that society has created it. Serval illnesses can be seen that are made biologically through parents. Depression is caused by a fault or mess up in the brain. Society isn"t responsible for this being created when evidence exists that there is physically some sort of mess up in the brain. On the topic of Anorexia, Or any sort of eating disorder, It is definitely not made up by society. It is people"s choices whether they believe society and their perfect image or body weight.
Society may cause some mental disorders BUT do not CREATE them
Autism, ADHD, ADD, Ect. Are all mental illnesses people can develop or they are born with them. Society can CAUSE mental illnesses, Like depression and anorexia because of cyberbullying or societal pressure, But society did not create these illnesses that affects you. It makes no sense. Society should not eligible for peoples decision.


Use of phone use with social media has been linked to depression, Anxiety, Low self-esteem, Sleeping problems, Eating issues and increased suicide risks
Suicide rate has grown 25% since 1999 with part of the blame lies on social media
In the year 1999 the first real social media platform hit off. Blogs
Instagram makes young kids and teens feel self conscious about their bodys and how they look
Now that all these models are posting "perfect" pictures teens constantly compare themself to them
Some people feel triggered and get angry at other people over the internet
People constantly are being bullied over online websites which increases the suicide thought rate
A study by the lancet psychiatry shows that people who spend time on there phone at night not only get sleeping problems they also get mood problems and rate themself as less happy and more lonely
Debate Round No. 1


Even though society has created pictures of how people look, It's our choice whether we listen to it or not. Social media plays a big part in what we say and do, But its our own choice whether we want to fall into the trap of society opinions or make our own. Good health starts where we live, Where we work and learn, And where we play, And it's our choice whether the society we live in is effected in a good or bad way. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics 24. 6 million Australians have media platform, Facebook. It has been linked to mental health issues, Mainly suicide and depression. These only happens because of the way that people think. It is their choice as to what they think and say. The internet has made way for mental health problems, Yes, But society has just continued to talk about what has already been said. Mental illnesses go way back before the internet and social media, It isn"t something that has just been developed. Our views on society need to change.
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Posted by Block19 3 years ago
You mean how some people claim that modern lifestyles are the causes of cancer, And they point to the fact that there are so many new types of cancers being discovered every year, And they will point to the fact that there were little to no reports of people dying of cancer in the past. They completely ignore that fact that cancer is a relatively new discovery that we continue to find new types and detection methods the more we study it.
Posted by pakau11 3 years ago
don't you think the problem is not, That you have a problem with your brain but if the problem is affecting the way you live
research suggests that many of the individuals discover that they are autistic in their early 30's or mid 20's. Amounts to something. ?
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